Booster 3

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Booster 3
Booster 3
  • Booster 3
JapaneseBooster 3
Set information
TypeBooster Pack
Part of seriesCore Booster
Number of cards40
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • July 5, 1999

Booster 3

Booster 3 is a Japanese Core Booster in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game that was released on July 5, 1999. This set was sold only in Carddass vending machines.

Like other cards printed early on in the game, the cards have no printed set numbers, and lack the distinctive Eye of Anubis Hologram in the lower right-hand corner of each card.

Of the 40 cards in Booster 3, all but 13—"Doriado", "Golgoil", "Kappa Avenger", "LaMoon", "Leo Wizard", "Lisark", "Living Vase", "Minomushi Warrior", "Mon Larvas", "Muse-A", "Tatsunootoshigo", "Yashinoki", and "Yormungarde"—have since been printed in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.


Booster 3 contains 40 cards. Rarities are distributed as follows:

The set also contains six non-playable FAQ Cards.

Previously featured cards[edit]


29 Booster 3 cards have since been reprinted in Japan: six cards in EX Starter Box and EX-R Starter Box, 24 cards in Booster R2, 14 cards in Booster Chronicle, and four cards in other sets later.

EX Starter Box and EX-R Starter Box
"Ancient Telescope", "Castle Walls", "Great White", "Mystic Clown", "Reinforcements", "Reverse Trap", "Ultimate Offering"
Booster R2
"Ancient Telescope", "Beautiful Headhuntress", "Castle Walls", "Cyber Soldier of Darkworld", "Great White", "Hercules Beetle", "Hourglass of Courage", "Kwagar Hercules", "Kuwagata α", Leo Wizard", "Lisark", "Minomushi Warrior", "Patrol Robo", "Reinforcements", "Reverse Trap", "Sonic Maid", "Spirit of the Books", "Takuhee", "Tatsunootoshigo", "The Judgement Hand, "Tiger Axe", "Warrior of Tradition", "Wodan the Resident of the Forest", "Ultimate Offering"
Booster Chronicle
"Beautiful Headhuntress", "Cyber Soldier of Darkworld", "Hercules Beetle", "Hourglass of Courage", "Kwagar Hercules", "Kuwagata α", "Patrol Robo", "Sonic Maid" "Spirit of the Books", "Takuhee", "The Judgement Hand", "Tiger Axe", "Warrior of Tradition", "Wodan the Resident of the Forest"
"Doriado", "Muse-A", "Rhaimundos of the Red Sword", "Vermillion Sparrow"
Never reprinted in Japanese
"Dark Artist", "Golgoil", "Kappa Avenger", "LaMoon", "Living Vase", "Mon Larvas", "Skullbird", "Temple of Skulls", "That Which Feeds on Life", "Yashinoki", "Yormungarde"



Booster 3
Unlimited Edition galleries
English nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
"Hercules Beetle"「ヘラクレス・ビートル」CommonNormal Monster
"Great White"「グレート・ホワイト」CommonNormal Monster
"Tiger Axe"「タイガー・アックス」CommonNormal Monster
"That Which Feeds on Life"いのちしょくするものCommonNormal Monster
"Spirit of the Books"ほんせいれい ホーク・ビショップ」CommonNormal Monster
"LaMoon"「ラムーン」CommonNormal Monster
"Temple of Skulls"髑髏ドクロいんCommonNormal Monster
"Rhaimundos of the Red Sword"あかけんのライムンドス」CommonNormal Monster
"Lisark"「サファイヤ・リサーク」CommonNormal Monster
"The Judgment Hand"「ジャジメント・ザ・ハンド」CommonNormal Monster
"Doriado"「ドリアード」CommonNormal Monster
"Beautiful Headhuntress"ざんしゅじょCommonNormal Monster
"Wodan the Resident of the Forest"もりじゅうにん ウダン」CommonEffect Monster
"Yashinoki"「ヤシのCommonNormal Monster
"Mystic Clown"「バーサーカー」CommonNormal Monster
"Dark Artist"闇の芸術家ダーク・アーティストCommonEffect Monster
"Cyber Soldier of Darkworld"かいかいへいCommonNormal Monster
"Sonic Maid"オトCommonNormal Monster
"Tatsunootoshigo"「シーホース」CommonNormal Monster
"Golgoil"「ゴルゴイル」CommonNormal Monster
"Kappa Avenger"ふくしゅうのカッパ」CommonNormal Monster
"Minomushi Warrior"いわせんCommonNormal Monster
"Vermillion Sparrow"ざくCommonFusion Monster
"Kuwagata α"「クワガタ・アルファ」CommonNormal Monster
"Skullbird"「デス・バード」CommonFusion Monster
"Kwagar Hercules"「クワガー・ヘラクレス」CommonFusion Monster
"Yormungarde"「ヨルムンガルド」CommonNormal Monster
"Leo Wizard"「レオ・ウィザード」CommonNormal Monster
"Patrol Robo"「パトロール・ロボ」CommonEffect Monster
"Takuhee"「タクヒ」CommonNormal Monster
"Mon Larvas"「モン・ラーバス」CommonNormal Monster
"Living Vase"いのちあるびんCommonNormal Monster
"Muse-A"「ミューズのてん使CommonNormal Monster
"Hourglass of Courage"ゆうすなけいRareEffect Monster
"Warrior of Tradition"せんじょうしにしょうぞくCommonFusion Monster
"Ancient Telescope"だいとおがねCommonNormal Spell
"Reverse Trap"「あまのじゃくののろい」RareNormal Trap
"Reinforcements"えんぐんRareNormal Trap
"Castle Walls"じょうへきRareNormal Trap
"Ultimate Offering"だいしょうRareContinuous Trap