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Katsuya Jonouchi
Katsuya Jonouchi
  • Katsuya Jonouchi
  • Joey
  • Katsuya Jyounouchi[1]
  • Joey Wheeler
  • Tomoya Jonouchi (original Shonen Jump Japanese print
城之内 友也
RōmajiJōnouchi Katsuya
BirthJanuary 25[2][3]
Age16 (Duel 42)
  • 1.78 m <br />5.84 ft <br />70.079 in <br />178 cm[2][3]
  • Male
Blood type
Favorite foodcurry and rice[2][3]
  • Education
SchoolDomino High School
  • Gamer
  • Duelist
DuelsList of Duels
Other gamesList of games
Tournament Position
Duelist Kingdom Top 2
Battle City Top 4
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel 0011: "The Puzzle of the Gods"
Jonouchi, Katsuya

Katsuya Jonouchi (城之内じょうのうち克也かつや Jōnouchi Katsuya), known as Joey Wheeler in the English version of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. This is the original depiction of Katsuya Jonouchi, known as Joey Wheeler in most English media, as created by Kazuki Takahashi.

Jonouchi is the best friend of Yugi Mutou and Hiroto Honda. He suffered a poor upbringing with his parents divorcing and him living with his alcoholic father, while his sister Shizuka lived with their mother. Jonouchi used to be a thug and even hung out with Hirutani's gang for a while. After becoming friends with Yugi he became more righteous and would do anything to protect his friends or innocent people being taken advantage of.

Jonouchi starts out as a weak player after taking-up Duel Monsters, but becomes more powerful as he learns from Yugi and Dark Yugi and fights to protect people he loves.



Early life[edit]

Young Shizuka and Jonouchi

Jonouchi used to live with his sister, Shizuka and would walk all around town with her.[4] They were separated when Jonouchi was 10, at the time of their parents divorce. Shizuka was brought by their mother while Jonouchi lived with their father.[5]

Jonouchi became a street thug and hung out in Hirutani's gang for periods of time while he was in middle school. He often got into fights and developed great fighting skills. He also hung out with Hiroto Honda.[6]

Jonouchi lived in poverty, due to his father's gambling addictions and alcoholism. Jonouchi went to great lengths to repay his father's debts, such as working at multiple jobs. He was the "lone paperboy" in middle school,[7] meaning that he was one of the few students that were permitted to work while going to school.

School arc[edit]


Jonouchi at the start of the manga

Jonouchi along with Honda used to bully Yugi at school. Jonouchi was annoyed at how Yugi would let himself get pushed around and claimed his bullying was teaching Yugi how to be a man and even offered Yugi to punch him back, although Yugi hates violence. After he and Honda swiped the box containing the pieces of the Millennium Puzzle, Jonouchi was told off by Anzu and left the room, but managed to secretly take a piece of the puzzle beforehand.[8]

In the hallway, Jonouchi said he was sickened by how Yugi was obsessing over a puzzle and how Anzu had called them bullies. They then bumped into Ushio, who asked what they were saying about bullying. Jonouchi tried telling Ushio to stay out of it, but was restrained by Honda and insisted it was nothing. After explained how influential and powerful Ushio was, Jonouchi vowed to get back at Ushio. He then showed Honda the piece of the puzzle he had taken and threw it into the school pool.[8]

Ushio beat-up Jonouchi and Honda for Yugi.

The next day, Ushio beat-up Honda and Jonouchi under the suspicion that they were bullying Yugi. Yugi tried to stop Ushio, saying they were teaching him how to be a man, not bullying him. That resulted in Yugi also being beaten-up. Jonouchi was inspired by how Yugi had tried to help him and came to care for Yugi. Later that day, he retrieved the piece of the puzzle from the pool and gave it to Yugi's grandfather, to give to Yugi. The next day at school, Jonouchi answered Yugi's riddle, "something you can show, but can't see", saying that it's friendship and he is Yugi's friend.[8]


When Jonouchi saw a ZTV van outside their school, he began to spread rumors about there being a star at their school. He suspected that they were disguised as a student and planned on unmasking them to make a fortune. However Yugi was skeptical of there being a star, so Jonouchi left him to find that star by himself. Later he spotted Yugi being beaten by Fujita. He quickly broke up the fight and found out that it was a staged bullying scene for a documentary, Caught on Camera: School Violence. When he confronted the director, the director reminded him that he was being filmed, so Jonouchi was reluctant to attack. However the director attacked Jonouchi when he told the cameramen to stop filming.[9]

Later having looked into it, Jonouchi admitted that there was no star at the school, which Yugi was surprised he hadn't given up on until now. Jonouchi instead vowed to become the star of the school himself. He noticed something was bothering Yugi, who hadn't told him he was being forced to sell tickets to Sozoji's concert. Yugi insisted that he was fine. Jonouchi and Honda then proceeded to lift up Anzu's skirt using a t-square, earning him a punch in the face.[10]

Prisoner 777[edit]

Jonouchi discovers Anzu is working in Burger World.

Jonouchi noticed how Anzu was acting odd, after avoiding walking home with them a few days and discouraging them from going to from Burger World. He initially assumed that she was dating older men for pay. He and Yugi secretly following her home after school to find out what she was really doing. They were surprised to see her enter Burger World and greet them at the door, in a waitress uniform. Anzu was intimidated, as after school jobs were against the school rules, and worried that Jonouchi, being a loud mouth would tell everyone. Anzu told the boys that she was saving money to go to New York to study dancing and Jonouchi promised not to tell anyone. Anzu got held hostage by an escaped prisoner. Jonouchi was unable to assist as the customers had to lie on the floor and couldn't see that Dark Yugi was rescuing her, as he was positioned by behind an obese man.[11]


Jonouchi told Yugi that he was down on his luck, claiming to have gotten hit once in a fight against four punks. He attended a service hosted by the alleged psychic Kokurano in the hopes of curing his bad luck. Seeing that it was mostly girls at the service, he pretended Anzu dragged him there, when he was the one who insisted on her and Yugi coming. Kokurano simply told Jonouchi that he was having bad luck and didn't offer him any advice.[12]


When coming up with ideas for their classes fundraiser in the school festival, Jonouchi suggested that they put on a cabaret, staring the girls from their class, which was immediately rejected. The class decided on a Carnival Games booth. Jonouchi worked on making the barrel for the life size version of Bluebeard's Attack and planned on teasing whoever was to play the role of Bluebeard. However since Jonouchi was the right size for the barrel and Yugi had specifically made the head to fit Jonouchi, Anzu gave Jonouchi the role. When Goro Inogashira attempted to steal the class' spot, Jonouchi tried to fight him, but got stuck in the barrel and was easily knocked back by Goro. On the day of the festival, Jonouchi played Bluebeard and Anzu thought he had fun.[13]

Ms. Chono[edit]

Jonouchi asks Yugi to help Honda deal with his crush.

Honda fell for their fellow classmate, Miho Nosaka and despite Honda's objections, Jonouchi enlisted Yugi to help them find a gift for Miho. Yugi took them to his family's game shop where they get a love jigsaw puzzle. Together they hid the gift in Miho's desk. However Miho didn't find it until Ms. Chono performed a desk check. Chono started to assemble the puzzle and read its message out to the class. She intended to punish the sender, but Yugi, Jonouchi and Honda all claimed responsibility. Dark Yugi turned the jigsaw into a Shadow Game, Dark Puzzle, so that Ms. Chono felt the pain she inflicted on others by working on the puzzle. This caused her ugly make up free face to be exposed, causing her to flee the classroom, without punishing Honda and his friends. Afterwards Honda asked Miho out directly, but she declined. Jonouchi then offered to buy him a hamburger to cheer him up.[14]

Junky Scorpion owner[edit]

Jonouchi steps into the Air Muscle thinking there is a scorpion inside.

Having had his eyes on a pair of Air Muscle shoes for a long time, Jonouchi took Honda and Yugi to the Junky Scorpion shop, to buy a pair. The owner refused to sell Jonouchi the shoes unless he puts his foot inside one of the shoes, while there was a scorpion inside. Jonouchi did it and found out that there really was no scorpion inside; it had just been a test and the owner sold him the shoes for half price. Shortly after leaving the shop, Jonouchi, Yugi and Honda were ambushed by a group of thugs, who stole the shoes. The three boys tracked down the thugs afterwards. Jonouchi and Honda beat them up and learned that the store owner paid them to get back the shoes. By the time Jonouchi and Honda returned to the shop, Yugi already had gotten the shoes back and the owner was being rushed to the hospital for scorpion stings. Unaware that he changed to Dark Yugi and defeated the owner in coin in sneaker, Yugi returned the shoes to Jonouchi, with a hole in one, which Jonouchi considered a battle scar.[15]


Jonouchi took up Duel Monsters, having been introduced by Sugoroku and Yugi at their shop, where Sugoroku showed them his rare card, the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Jonouchi made plans to play Duel Monsters at school the next day with Yugi, just before Seto Kaiba arrived. Learning that Kaiba plays Duel Monsters, Jonouchi invited him to join them, but Kaiba ridiculed his cards and told him to come back after collecting at least 10,000. The next day at school Jonouchi was defeated by Yugi and asked him for a rematch, unintentionally distracting Yugi from approaching Kaiba, who just stole the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" card.[16]

Hirutani's gang[edit]

Jonouchi back in Hirutani's gang.

Hirutani blackmailed Jonouchi into rejoining his gang by threatening to beat-up Jonouchi's classmates if he didn't. This caused Jonouchi to be away from home for two days without leave and consequently missed a day of school. Honda became suspicious when he noticed Jonouchi was absent, as he couldn't recall Jonouchi ever missing school beforehand. Jonouchi and the gang were spotted mugging someone outside the American Club, prompting Yugi to rush over and plea with Jonouchi to leave the gang. Jonouchi denied knowing Yugi and didn't react when one of the gangsters punched Yugi. Later at J'z, Jonouchi attacked the gangster for hitting Yugi earlier. Hirutani then orders the rest of the gang to seize Jonouchi and take him to the torture chamber. At the chamber, Jonouchi had his hands tied above his head and was beaten by the gang. They electrocuted him with stun guns to the point where he couldn't speak. Hirutani orders the gang to continue to shock him, despite concerns that it could kill him. Dark Yugi arrived, stopped the gang and defeated them in Landmine Search Network, saving Jonouchi.[6][17]


Yugi invited Jonouchi, Anzu and Honda to the Egypt Unearthed exhibition at the Domino City Museum. Jonouchi was worried about getting cursed, since they found a mummy. He also became worried that Yugi might be cursed when Anzu asked didn't Yugi's grandfather say that the archaeologists who uncovered the Millennium Puzzle died mysterious deaths. One the day of the exhibition Jonouchi told Yugi off for wearing his school uniform on the weekend and was shown around by Professor Yoshimori.[18]

Jonouchi helping support Anzu during the Trial of the Mind.

When news broke of Curator Kanekura's death, Jonouchi, Anzu, Yugi and Sugoroku visited Professor Yoshimori at the university to comfort him. However Shadi, seeking to test Yugi, had possessed Yoshimori by redecorating his soul room. Yoshimori acted strange and began choking Jonouchi, while Jonouchi's friends tried pulling him off.[19] Anzu freed Jonouchi by walloping Yoshimori in the head with a globe.[20]

Jonouchi distracted the zombie Yoshimori from the others, by having him chase him around the building. Among Jonouchi's efforts to snap the professor back to normal, he punched him the face, knocking out more of his teeth[20] and sprayed him with a fire extinguisher. Eventually, Yoshimori pushed him out a third floor window. Jonouchi managed to get onto a ledge and spotted Anzu, who was being used in the Trial of the Mind Shadow Game, standing motionless on a board hanging over the edge up above him.[21] He climbed up to rescue her, but was followed by the professor. Still hassled by the professor, Jonouchi held onto Anzu's board as its supporting rope began to break.[22] Seeing Yugi's friends work together and trusting each other, caused Shadi's ushebti to break, letting his Millennium Key, slide down a rope to Anzu, returning her to normal.[23]

The illusion of Jonouchi, created by Shadi.

Jonouchi and Dark Yugi helped Anzu to safety and Dark Yugi told Jonouchi to touch the key off the professor to return him to normal. He complied, but also noticed Yugi was acting different. After seeing everyone was okay, Jonouchi told Shadi he was unwelcome here. After Shadi left, Anzu asked Jonouchi if Yugi seemed different to him, but after they approach Yugi, he had turned back his normal self. When Yoshimori noticed some of his teeth were missing, Jonouchi tried blaming Anzu.[23]

During the previous Shadow Game, Dark Yugi faced an illusion of Jonouchi created by Shadi. They were to play the Game of Death, where each player was to try and force their opponent to walk over the edge and fall to their death. The illusion displayed the traits Jonouchi had when he was bully. Dark Yugi refused to take his turns, as it was possible he was facing the real Jonouchi, possessed by Shadi. Dark Yugi's trust in Jonouchi, caused the illusion to disappear, rather than force him off the edge.[22]

Digital Pets[edit]

When Digital Pets became popular, Jonouchi purchased |one, which his friends mocked how ugly it had become. When he connected it with Yugi's pet, U2, to exchange data, Jonouchi's pet proved to be a bully as a kicked U2, but they became friends shortly afterwards. Their classmate, Kujirada had a hidden character pet, which Jonouchi tittered at for being uglier than his. The next day at school, Jonouchi left his pet unattended, during which Kujirada fed it to his own pet. As Kujirirada tried feeding more pets to his own, it was defeated by U2, who had become stronger due to its data transfer with Jonouchi's pet.[24]


Jonouchi was introduced to the American comic Zombire by Tomoya Hanasaki. He, Yugi, Anzu and Honda were all invited to Hanasaki's house to see his Zombire collection afterwards. Among their antics, Jonouchi got a fright when Hanasaki's father entered wearing a Zombire mask and assembled a figure not knowing Hanasaki had wanted to keep in its box unopened. As they left Hanasaki forgave Jonouchi for assembling the figure, which he now thought was better assembled, and Hanasaki's father begged them to stay friends with Hanasaki. After assuring him that they would, Jonouchi told him that Hanasaki wasn't as fragile as his father thought.[25]

Street Fighter[edit]

Jonouchi went with Yugi to the arcade hoping to beat "KAI" in at least one of the national high scores. He heard from other kids at the arcade, that the "KAI" high scores belonged to Seto Kaiba and that there was a rumor Kaiba was working on building the ultimate game. Jonouchi failed to beat Kaiba's score on a racing game and after watching Yugi play Virtual VS for a while went to buy a coffee and a cola for himself and Yugi. However when he returned, he found Yugi had been beaten-up and his Millennium Puzzle was stolen.[26]

Jonouchi tracked down the thief, Street Fighter who offered to give back the puzzle, if Jonouchi could beat him in a fighting game, Game of Death. The rules involved each player holding a knife in their mouth that would stick into their throat if punched in the face. Jonouchi asked that his opponent not use a knife, as he didn't want to hold back punching him in the face. Jonouchi fought with his hands in his pockets and found it difficult to dodge his opponent's punches in the alley. He told his opponent that he had promises in each of his pockets. He revealed one of the promises was Yugi's cola, which he sprayed in his opponent's eyes after it had been shaken, and that the other was the promise to "clobber" him and punched his opponent in the jaw. Jonouchi then took back the Puzzle to give to Yugi.[26]


Prior events[edit]

Jonouchi poisoned, while playing Russian Roulette Dinner

Shortly afterward their encounter with Street Fighter, a limousine pulled up beside Yugi and Jonouchi and chauffeur explained that Seto Kaiba requested to see Yugi at his mansion. Yugi and Jonouchi both got inside the limousine and Jonouchi was surprised to hear that Kaiba was president of KaibaCorp. When it was discovered that Kaiba was unable to see them, Mokuba Kaiba asked the butler to prepare the "special course" meal for them. Yugi and Jonouchi were disappointed to find that it consisted of childish meals and Mokuba suggested that they make a game out of it by spinning the turntable and eating the meal that stopped before them. Mokuba lied when Jonouchi asked if the food was poisoned. Mokuba cheated by using a hidden switch in a syrup bottle, to make Jonouchi eat a poisoned meal. Yugi turned into Dark Yugi and defeated Mokuba winning the antidote to save Jonouchi.[27]

Jonouchi and Yugi stayed the night at Kaiba's mansion and were greeted by Kaiba the next morning. Jonouchi initially got mad over what Mokuba did, but Kaiba brought them to the grand opening of his Kaiba Land theme park as special guests. They and many other children were given free access to all the attractions, leading Jonouchi to believe he had misjudged Kaiba. However Kaiba showed them a special show, where he Dueled and defeated Sugoroku Mutou.[28] After which, he forced Yugi to take part in Death-T, the theme park of death, before releasing Sugoroku from the simulation capable of driving humans insane. Jonouchi insisted on accompanying Yugi in Death-T, as did Honda who was babysitting his nephew, Johji, in the audience.[29]

Death T-1[edit]

Jonouchi's sneak attack in Death T-1

In the first stage, Death T-1, they bumped into Anzu, who to their surprise was working there. She told them the rules of the stage; how they were to face three others in a shootout game. Unbeknownst to them, Kaiba had hired professional hitmen, Johnny Gayle, Bob McGuire and "name unknown", as their opponents.[29] Jonouchi couldn't bear Honda's plan of staying put, waiting for the other team, so he leapt up on the walls of the arena and took out Gayle by kicking him in the face. Honda called the team to retreat after finding their guns had no effect on their opponents, while their opponents were armed with lethal guns. Jonouchi suggested another one of his sneak attacks, but Honda and Johji dealt with the situation after finding Anzu's gun hadn't been rigged.[30]

Death T-2[edit]

Jonouchi after fainting on the Electric Chair Ride.

Jonouchi's bravery vanished as they entered the Horror Zone for Death T-2. The first part of the stage consisted of the Electric Chair Ride, during which, Jonouchi, Yugi, Honda, Anzu and Kaiba's butler, who was orchestrating the ride, were strapped to electric chairs that shock their sitter if they screamed. Jonouchi advised his friends not to make a sound, but they yelled back that he was most likely to scream. The participants were subjected to various terrors during the ride. These caused Jonouchi to faint, preventing him from screaming. The gang were saved as Johji caused the butler to scream and consequently electrocute himself.[31]

After the ride, the gang entered the Murderer's Mansion and the doors locked behind them. Jonouchi's attempt to pick the lock was mocked by Johji, as there was no use going back the way they came. The gang were had to put their hands through holes, where they got locked below a large guillotine. Yugi managed to solve the necessary riddle to save them.[32]

Jonouchi faces the Chopman.

After the guillotine substage, Johji got kidnapped by the Chopman. Since Johji had saved them in the Electric Chair Ride, Jonouchi faced the Chopman to make it up to him. Under Kaiba's death threat, Johji handcuffed Jonouchi to the Chopman. The two had to fight to the death inside a small chamber with weapons hanging from the ceiling. Jonouchi was no match for the Chopman's strength, but after the Chopman's chainsaw got stuck in a pillar. While the Chopman tried to free his chainsaw, Jonouchi looked for something to pick the lock on the handcuff. Yugi pointed him to a candlestick and then briefed him in on a plan to defeat the Chopman. Jonouchi picked open his end of the handcuffs with the candlestick holder. By the time the Chopman freed his chainsaw, Jonouchi had attached his end of the handcuffs the door and left the candle hang loosely off it. Before noticing this, the Chopman gave the chain a tug ripping out the door, allowing Jonouchi escape. The candle hit the oil covered floor, setting the Chopman on fire.[33]

Death T-3[edit]

For Death T-3, Jonouchi and his friends were locked in an empty room. While waiting for something to happen, Jonouchi talked about how his life had changed a lot lately. Anzu drew a symbol of friendship on her, Jonouchi, Yugi and Honda's hands and explained that if they wound up taking separate paths in life, they should remember this symbol and they'll remember being friends. Yugi broke down and cried that if it wasn't for him, they wouldn't be in the mess they were in. Outraged, Jonouchi grabbed Yugi by the collar, demanding that he never say that again, as they were a team. The stage began and large blocks started falling from the ceiling. Having studied dance, Anzu could follow the rhythms the blocks were falling at and guided the group away the blocks about to fall. After the room filled up, the gang were able to escape through a hole high up on one of the walls. While the everyone else made it through, Honda got stuck and told the others to go on. A block sealed the gap they escaped through preventing them going back to Honda.[34]

Death T-4[edit]

Jonouchi and Anzu knowingly see Dark Yugi for the first time.

Upset over what happened to Honda, Yugi admitted to Anzu and Jonouchi that he thought there was another Yugi inside him. He'd been afraid to tell them, as he feared they might leave him if they knew. Jonouchi promised that even if that's true, he'd always be friends with Yugi. Jonouchi and Anzu, knowingly saw Dark Yugi for the first time as, Yugi switched to him, before facing Mokuba in Capsule Monster Chess in Death T-4.[35]

Death T-5[edit]

Dark Yugi imagines Jonouchi, Honda and Anzu are with him.

Jonouchi and Anzu were held at gunpoint by Saruwatari and another KaibaCorp guard during Death T-4.[36] After Dark Yugi won, they were escorted to watch him in Death T-5, where he faced Kaiba in Duel Monsters. Before Yugi and Kaiba's Duel began, Jonouchi swiped Saruwatari's phone and called Tomoya Hanasaki, who was at the hospital, to check up on Sugoroku.[37] During the Duel, Dark Yugi imagined Jonouchi, Anzu and Honda were with him before drawing his last card. When he won, the guards still had Jonouchi and Anzu at gunpoint, but Honda, who had been saved by Mokuba, appeared and helped Jonouchi fight the guards off. One of the guards managed to get back on his feet and hold his gun to Jonouchi's head. However Mokuba told him to stop down and explained that he saved them because he owed Yugi a favor.[38]

As they left Kaiba Land, Jonouchi got word from Hanasaki who said Sugoroku's surgery was a success. After realizing that Dark Yugi had switched back to Yugi, Jonouchi was about to ask him a question, but then decided not to.[38]

Post Death-T[edit]


Jonouchi discovers Tsuruoka is bald.

Jonouchi, Honda and Yugi played the Achievement Test Bingo Game when the results of their achievement tests were posted. Jonouchi lost having not got any lines on his card and had to buy three hamburgers for Yugi and two for Honda. The guidance councilor, Tsuruoka, spotted them making a game of the test results and pointed out how they scored among the lowest of the four hundred who took the test. He confiscated Yugi's Lovely Two love compatibility tester and threatened to break it while calling the three of them "unskilled slackers". However Dark Yugi emerged and claimed they had skills Tsuruoka could never match. This resulted in Tsuruoka imposing a game, Find the Keyring! where he hid the Lovely Two and gave them one hour to find it or be expelled. Jonouchi and Honda fetched some digging equipment in case Tsuruoka had buried the device, but Dark Yugi deduced he had hidden it inside. Eventually Dark Yugi discovered the device was somewhere on Tsuruoka's body and used Anzu's Lovely Two to get Yugi's to make a reaction noise proving it was there. Jonouchi and Honda pounced on Tsuruoka and discovered he was wearing a wig and his device inside it.[39]

The Get the Million Game[edit]

Jonouchi sent in an entry form to participate in ZTV's The Get the Million Game. He decorated his form with rainbow colors to make it stand out. The studio did a background check on him and found that his father was an unemployed alcoholic, whose gambling debts Jonouchi was working to pay off. The producer thought Jonouchi's sob story and struggle would be perfect to boost ratings and he was selected to appear on the show. Jonouchi succeeded in the first two stages of the game, Darts of Fortune and The Electric Helmet. The final stage The Wheel of Fate had been rigged to lose, but Dark Yugi had discovered this and played Red Paint Lottery, which prevented the game from being fixed. Jonouchi succeeded and won the million yen. However the studio went bankrupt before Jonouchi cashed the check.[7]

Monster Fighter[edit]

Jonouchi faces Yugi in a game of Monster Fighter.

Jonouchi purchased a Monster Fighter figure; "Killer Emaada" at Kame Game and used it in a a game against Yugi, which he lost. The two of them brought their fighters to school the next day, where Jonouchi lost another game to Yugi and got plenty of other students interested in the game. After Yugi's fighter got stolen by Koji Nagumo, he borrowed Jonouchi's "Killer Emaada", which Dark Yugi used to defeat Nagumo in a rematch.[40][41]

Dragon Cards[edit]

Imori brought the Dragon Cards, while they were sealed, to Kame Game to ask Sugoroku for information about them. He allowed Jonouchi to open the seal, but Jonouchi was stopped by Sugoroku, who explained that breaking the seal would cause yin and yang to clash and create a warped power. This freaked Jonouchi out. A few days later he realized something was wrong with Yugi, who had received a ransom note from Imori, but Yugi insisted everything was okay.[42]

Hirutani's gang[edit]

Jonouchi purchased a Yovega Fireboy yo-yo brought it to school school. The other students mocked him for trying to show off by giving walk the dog a new name. Determined to impress them, he tried his "loop the loop" trick, causing everyone to run for cover. Nezumi was unimpressed and told him he never wanted to see a yo-yo again after he had been mugged by a yo-yo-wielding gang. Disgusted by the misuse of yo-yos, Jonouchi agreed to help get revenge on the gang. Nezumi led Jonouchi and Yugi to the location he said he got mugged, which they recognized as Hirutani's torture chamber". After entering they were surrounded by Hirutani's gang, who tried getting Jonouchi to rejoin them, as Hirutani's number 2. Jonouchi refused, but Nezumi who had set them up, helped the gangsters capture Yugi and hang him from a hook by his Millennium Puzzle rope. Jonouchi pushed his way through the gang taking numerous blows from their yo-yos and helped Yugi down.[43]

Jonouchi catches the gangsters' yo-yos with the Millennium Puzzle.

Hirutani gave Jonouchi a last chance to join him, before ordering the gang to kill him and Yugi. While the gangsters swung their yo-yos at them, Jonouchi borrowed Yugi's Millennium Puzzle and swung it around, catching the yo-yos on its rope. He then took all the yo-yos and attached them to the hook, causing the gangsters to be hung by their fingers.[44]

Hirutani throws glass in Jonouchi's eyes.

Yugi switched to Dark Yugi to help fight off the rest of the gang. Dark Yugi led the remaining gangsters onto a rooftop and Jonouchi separated Hirutani from them. The two engaged in a fight, where Jonouchi punched out two of Hirutani's teeth. Hirutani broke some glass and threw at Jonouchi, causing some to go in his eyes. Hirutani punched Jonouchi around while he was temporarily unable to see and prepared to stab him with a shard of glass. However Jonouchi heard Hirutani step on some broken glass and determined his location. He swung a punch at Hirutani, knocking him off the roof and leaving him hang on by one hand. Jonouchi then took out his yo-yo and used walk the dog to hit Hirutani's hand, causing him to fall. Jonouchi met up with Dark Yugi who had disposed of the other gangsters and apologized for getting him dragged into his problems, but Dark Yugi insisted that Jonouchi's problems were his problems too.[44]

Monster World[edit]

Jonouchi gets to know Ryo Bakura.

When Ryo Bakura transferred to Domino High School, he sat next to Jonouchi and the two quickly got along. During the lunch break, Jonouchi introduced Bakura to Yugi, Anzu and Honda and the four of them agreed to play the tabletop role-playing game Monster World the next day. A group of girls then came over and told Jonouchi not to be hogging Bakura and pulled Bakura away for a guide of the school. After school, Jonouchi, Yugi, Anzu and Honda caught up with Bakura to ask where they'd play Monster World, but Bakura said that it was better they don't play at all, since the last few people who played games with him all wound up in comas.[45]

Bakura didn't come to school the next day, so Jonouchi, Yugi, Anzu and Honda went to his apartment to cheer him up and prove that his old friends ending up in comas was just a coincidence, by playing Monster World. They met Dark Bakura at the door and mistook him for Ryo Bakura.[45] Dark Bakura went over the rules of Monster World and created their character miniatures after giving them forms to fill out. Jonouchi's character, "Joey" was a human warrior. He, Yugi, Anzu and Honda played the adventurers, while Dark Bakura played the Dark Master.[46]

Jonouchi gets absorbed in the game.

Not knowing anything about their enemy or the world the game was set in, the adventurers went to the village for information. Jonouchi got enthusiastically involved in the game as he pushed the barman into telling them how Zorc had taken over the land and infested it with his monsters. Honda noted how the game brought out the worst in Jonouchi, as he demanded the barman give them gold so they could help him. The barman directed them to another villager, who could tell them the safest path to Zorc Castle. Jonouchi and Honda roared out laughing at how the villager looked like Mr. Karita, the gym teacher, not knowing it was really him, trapped in a miniature. Karita gave them directions and advised them to stay out of the forest.[46]

Outside the village there was a 30% chance of an enemy monster encounter. Dark Bakura rolled a 02 on a pair of ten-sided dice. Since this was less then 30, an enemy Level 3 Goblin appeared. Jonouchi rolled the dice to determine the strength of his attack. Dark Bakura calculated he would need 40 or lower to slay the goblin and Jonouchi rolled a 13, easily killing it.[46]

The adventurers encountered a stranger lying unconscious in their path. Unbeknownst to them it was Zorc in disguise. Jonouchi got his character to poke the stranger with his sword, waking them up. The stranger told them that he had a holy sword, capable of defeating Zorc, stolen from him after he was attacked in the forest and begged for their help. Jonouchi thought it was worth going against Karita's safety advise for the sword and after some discussion the adventurers agreed to help the stranger.[47]

Inside the forest there was a 80% encounter rate and the adventurers were quickly faced with five monsters. Jonouchi rolled an 82, causing his character to fall on his face when he tried attacking. Honda, Yugi and Anzu defeated the monsters and tamed Pokii into joining their party.[47]

Jonouchi, trapped in his miniature

The stranger revealed that he was Zorc and changed form. Dark Bakura rolled a 00, causing Zorc to trap Anzu in her miniature.[47] Angry over this, Jonouchi rolled to attack Zorc, not realizing it wasn't his turn. He rolled a fumble, 99, causing his soul to also be sealed in his miniature. Honda and Yugi were sealed in their miniatures too shortly afterwards, leaving Dark Yugi to roll for all four of them.[48]

Dark Yugi caused Honda to blow off Zorc's hand. Zorc retreated afterwards, while his hand mutated into two more monsters. Using the double hit technique, Dark Yugi rolled a super critical 00 for Jonouchi, allowing him to slash the eyeball monster in two. The double hit was banned for both players after Dark Yugi used it again to get Yugi to tame Pao.[49]

At Zorc Castle, the adventurers inspected a strange pedestal inside a tower, causing them to get caught in a trap. The spiked ceiling dropped onto their heads and it was estimated that they would have three turns before the miniatures broke under its pressure. While trying to figure the required dice roll to complete the roof's supporting tower, Yugi and Jonouchi were attacked by Zorc lowering their HP. Dark Yugi managed to make the right roll and due to the adventurers' high speed scores, they escaped just before Zorc attacked again. Jonouchi's figure was left with two holes in his head due to the spikes.[50]

Jonouchi stabs out Zorc's eye.

Having caught Zorc off guard, the adventurers won initiative and began attacking Zorc. Channeling their anger into the dice, Dark Yugi made powerful rolls as they attacked Zorc, but due to the difference in levels, Zorc wasn't injured too badly. Using brainwashed dice, Dark Bakura rolled a 00 for Zorc's attack. However Ryo Bakura had been able to take control of Dark Bakura's left hand, since his avatar's hand had been blown off, and used it to recalculate the damage so the adventurers each survived with 1 HP remaining. Dark Yugi rolled a 05 for Jonouchi, allowing him to stab and gouge out Zorc's left eye.[51] Dark Yugi got Anzu to heal the party afterwards.[52]

With his control of the left hand, Bakura rolled a 99 with the brainwashed dice, causing Zorc's next attack to backfire. Dark Bakura then impaled the left hand on one of the castle towers, causing the adventures to suspect Dark Bakura was not the same Bakura they knew. Yugi used his beast tamer training hand to pull the White Wizard Bakura, the avatar of Ryo Bakura, out of Zorc's wounded left arm. Bakura joined the adventurers and helped them fight Zorc.[52]

Jonouchi cuts Last Zorc in two.

After taking significant damage, Zorc transformed into Last Zorc and attacked the party, but they were shielded by Bakura's magic, leaving them with some HP. Pokii and Yugi were able to take advantage of Last Zorc's weak point being exposed to inflict serious damage and Jonouchi cut Last Zorc in two afterwards.[53]

Last Zorc was still alive and Dark Bakura threatened to have it self-destruct and kill the adventurers. He and Dark Yugi rolled for initiative, tying at 00 each. However with part of his soul sealed in the brainwashed dice, Bakura was able to shatter Dark Bakura's dice, allowing the adventurers to move and kill Zorc.[54]

With Dark Bakura defeated Jonouchi, his friends and everyone else Dark Bakura sealed in miniatures returned to their bodies. Bakura made a diorama of the adventurers as a symbol of their friendship when they fought together.[54] Kemo

Duelist Kingdom[edit]

Prior events[edit]

Jonouchi duels Anzu.

Jonouchi built-up his Duel Monsters Deck to contain nothing but the strongest Monster Cards he could get. However this caused him to lose several Duels, including one to Anzu. Frustrated, he asked Yugi to help him become better. Yugi pointed out the problem with using just Monster Cards and invited him and Anzu to come to his house to watch the finals of the Duel Monsters tournament. After the finals, Yugi put on a videotape he received in the mail. The tape contained what appeared to be a pre-recording of Maximillion J. Pegasus, who challenged Yugi to a Duel.[55] Dark Yugi got help from Jonouchi, Anzu and Sugoroku in testing his theory that Pegasus was using subliminal messaging.[56] He witnessed Dark Yugi losing and Sugoroku getting sucked into the videotape by the power of Pegasus' Millennium Eye.[57]

The next day at school, Jonouchi explained to Bakura what happened to Sugoroku. he also tried cheering-up Dark Yugi. After school, he received a videotape, which he feared could also have been from Pegasus. He, Anzu and Honda went to Yugi's house to watch it, as Jonouchi didn't have an 8 mm player of his own. Before playing the tape, Yugi showed Jonouchi the invitation package for Pegasus' Duelist Kingdom tournament he'd received. However the tape contained a greeting from Shizuka. Afterwards Jonouchi told his friends how he and Shizuka had lived apart since their parents split up and that Shizuka was close to losing her eyesight. Jonouchi wept about how he couldn't help her, but Dark Yugi split his Star Chips for the Duelist Kingdom with Jonouchi. He said that Jonouchi could enter to win the prize money to pay for the surgery to save Shizuka, while the Yugis entered to save Sugoroku. Dark Yugi and Jonouchi spent the next week training for the tournament.[5] During this time Yugi gave Jonouchi the cards "Baby Dragon" and "Time Wizard".[58] According to Jonouchi they dueled 187 times over this period, with Yugi winning every time.[59]

Jonouchi tries to recover the "Exodia" cards.

Yugi and Jonouchi, accompanied by Anzu, Honda and Bakura went to Domino Pier to get on the boat to the kingdom. Here Jonouchi met Mai Kujaku and unsuccessfully tried to impress her by saying he was friends with "the famous Yugi". He was unimpressed to find that he had to sleep in the common room on the ship, but took the chance to try and trade with the other participants. When Haga threw Yugi's "Exodia" cards overboard, Jonouchi dived into the water, but only managed to retrieve two of them.[60]

Dark Yugi and Haga[edit]

When they arrived Duelist Kingdom the next day, Jonouchi briefly had a cold. Once the tournament began, he and his friends followed Haga into a forest, and supported Dark Yugi as he dueled Haga to get revenge.[61] Jonouchi's advice to burn down the forest if necessary to defeat "Cocoon of Evolution" gave Dark Yugi the idea to use "Burning Land" to rid it of its Field Power Bonus.[62] After Haga was defeated, Jonouchi took his Duel Glove.[63]


Jonouchi went out into the grass plains and promised to show Shizuka scenery like it some day. He was advised by Dark Yugi to be careful when choosing the location of his Duel. Jonouchi thought he would be safe in the plains, which should strengthen his Warrior and Beast-Warrior-Type monsters. Mai then came over to their group. Expecting her to challenge Dark Yugi, they were surprised to hear she wanted to Duel Jonouchi. She explained that it was a better strategy to crush weak Duelists and earn Star Chips before dueling Dark Yugi. Anzu tried talking Jonouchi out of accepting, but Dark Yugi told him to do his best and Jonouchi did not want to be remembered as a coward, so he accepted the Duel and they bet 1 Star Chip each. Jonouchi asked Mai why she entered the tournament and thought her desire to have the prize money for excessive self interests was a weak reason. When asked himself, he said he was fighting to save a life.[63]

Jonouchi Duels Mai.

Mai began using her Aroma Tactics to catch Jonouchi off guard and strengthened her "Harpy Lady" with accessory Spell Cards. When Mai mocked Anzu's talk of how hearing friends' feelings could make a Duelist stronger, Dark Yugi reminded Jonouchi of the "something you can show, but can't see" riddle. Thinking the answer "friendship" was not going to save him this time, Jonouchi thought he was not smart enough to figure out what Dark Yugi was trying to tell him. Thinking he would let Shizuka down, he closed his eyes to imagine what blindness was like. Without concentrating on what he could see, Jonouchi noticed the smell of various perfumes and realized Mai had marked her cards with perfume to see what they were without looking; one could "show the cards", but could not "see the smell". No longer put off by Mai's trick, Jonouchi was able to concentrate. Although Mai said he still could not beat her in a hundred years. Jonouchi used "Time Wizard" to weaken Mai's "Harpy Lady" monsters and age "Baby Dragon" into "Thousand Dragon", who destroyed the Harpies and defeated Mai. After the Duel, Jonouchi told Mai that there was one thing that does not change after a thousand years and it is "something you can show, but can't see".[58]

Dark Yugi and Kajiki[edit]

Kajiki shares his food with Bakura, Honda, Jonouchi, Anzu and Dark Yugi.

Jonouchi and his friends soon realized they did not have any food for the rest of the day. Jonouchi annoyed Anzu, remarking that as a girl, she should have thought ahead and made lunch. He was not keen about eating mushrooms Honda's Survival Book deemed safe, but quickly smelled Ryota Kajiki's unattended fish being cooked. Jonouchi compared stealing the food to taking Star Chips and deemed it all part of the game of life. Kajiki spotted them and seemed angry at first, but eventually shared his fish with them. However he challenged Dark Yugi to a Duel afterwards and revealed the food has been bait to lure Duelists to the ocean terrain, which suited his Deck. Jonouchi and the others supported Dark Yugi during the Duel.[64]

Dark Yugi and Mokuba[edit]

Jonouchi spotted Saruwatari forcefully restraining a boy, who was to be eliminated for running out of Star Chips. The boy claimed the Star Chips were stolen and Jonouchi offered to catch the thief to save him from being eliminated. He added last second that he'd take half the Star Chips as payment. Shortly after Jonouchi and his friends began searching, they saw that the boy had been put on a boat leaving the kingdom and they were confronted by the thief, who turned out to be Mokuba.[65] Mokuba unsuccessfully tried to steal Dark Yugi's Star Chips and told the group about Pegasus plan to take over KaibaCorp, where it was necessary for Pegasus to defeat Yugi in a Duel.[66]

Dark Yugi and the ventriloquist[edit]

Jonouchi watched Dark Yugi Duel and defeat the Ventriloquist of the Dead, during which time Saruwatari secretly took Mokuba back to Pegasus Castle without any of them noticing.[67]


Jonouchi duels Ryuzaki.

Jonouchi had trouble finding opponents as they were afraid to be near Dark Yugi in fear of being challenged by him. Mai was annoyed that she lost to Jonouchi. Thinking it would be shallow to challenge him to a rematch, she arranged for Dinosaur Ryuzaki to Duel him, and planned to defeat Ryuzaki afterwards effectively outranking both Duelists. Jonouchi accepted the Duel and requested that Dark Yugi didn't help him. Each played wagered 2 Star Chips.[68]

Jonouchi planned on using the same combo he beat Mai with, but Ryuzaki destroyed "Baby Dragon" before Jonouchi got to age it with "Time Wizard".[68] Jonouchi got overpowered by Ryuzaki's Dinosaurs at first and didn't know how to use "Time Wizard" without "Baby Dragon". He took advantage of Dinosaurs weakness to fire-based attacks with the "Flame Swordsman"[69] to defeat a number of Ryuzaki's monsters before being overpowered by the "Red-Eyes Black Dragon". Ryuzaki imposed an ante, where he bet "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" and Jonouchi bet "Time Wizard". Jonouchi took the gamble and played "Time Wizard", whose effect was a random chance "Self-Destruct" or "Time Magic". The "Time Magic" effect activated and fossilized Ryuzaki's monsters. Mai inadvertently cheered when Jonouchi won.[70]


As it got dark, Jonouchi and his friends found a space in the woods to spend the night and grew hungry once again. Jonouchi was about to eat a mushroom, despite Yugi, Honda and Bakura'a attempt to restrain him. He stopped when Mai arrived with food. Having overheard Jonouchi cry that he wanted food not Star Chips, she joked about trading him a small piece of food for a Star Chip. Mai suggested a ceasefire. She shared her food with the others and got the boys to do the cooking. While they ate, she made it clear that they could be friends that night, but would be enemies the next day. Jonouchi and the other boys slept outside, while Anzu and Mai used the tent.[71]

Jonouchi, Honda and Bakura were woken up during the night. Jonouchi learned Mai had lost all her Star Chips to the Player Killer of Darkness and refused to take them back after Dark Yugi won them back. Jonouchi proposed that he take the Star Chips instead, causing Mai to angrily demand them back, which he happily did. He said she could still throw them away, but suggested not letting her pride throw them and her dream of dueling Yugi away.[72]


Jonouchi Duels Kaiba using Duel Disks.

Jonouchi's next three attempts to fall asleep were disturbed by Honda thinking a vine was a snake, Bakura finding the Millennium Ring reacting to the Millennium Eye and Kaiba landing his helicopter on the island. Still angry over Death-T, Jonouchi tried picking a fight with Kaiba. Kaiba offered to have a Duel using his new Duel Disk technology, which used an altered set of rules.[73]

Jonouchi Summoned an array of monsters all of which got destroyed by Kaiba's "Battle Ox" or its upgrade, "Rabid Horseman". Eventually Jonouchi Summoned "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", which defeated the horseman, only for Kaiba to defeat it with "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and win the Duel.[74] Kaiba continued to mock Jonouchi after winning. Anzu tried telling Kaiba off and Bakura was about to tell him about Jonouchi fighting for Shizuka, but Jonouchi told him not to tell Kaiba. Before leaving Kaiba told them about a Duel Pegasus had with Bandit Keith, in which Pegasus demonstrated his Mind Scan ability.[75]

That night, Jonouchi was tormented in his dreams by his loss to Kaiba.[76]


Jonouchi, forced to Duels Kozuka.

The next morning, Jonouchi got a bit worried by Yugi's deduction that today's opponents would be even stronger, but insisted he would take down whoever stood in his way. Jonouchi left the group while he urinated. He was ambushed afterwards by Bandit Keith's lackeys who dragged him into the hidden Crypt part of the island, where he was to Duel Ghost Kozuka.[76] Jonouchi fainted at first, but was woken up as one of others punched him. Jonouchi instinctively seized him and prepared to fight back, but stopped on seeing skulls everywhere. He got creeped out as Kozuka told him he was in the crypt and surrounded by ghosts. Terrified, Jonouchi accepted the Duel and the wager of his four Star Chips. Not wanting Kaiba to be right about him being afraid to ever Duel again, he outruled running.[77]

Kozuka reluctantly Summoned non-Zombie-Type monsters under Keith's orders, which Jonouchi easily defeated. However Kozuka then used "Call of the Haunted" to revive his three monsters as Zombies, which were powered up by the Graveyard terrain.[77] Whenever he defeated these Zombies, they came back even stronger. His attempt to get rid of them with "Time Wizard" backfired as it self-destructed when the "Time Roulette" stopped on a skull. Kozuka further powered up the Zombies with "Pumpking the King of Ghosts"[78], but Jonouchi defeated it with "Red-Eyes Black Dragon". Kozuka's remaining Zombies were stronger than "Red-Eyes" and "Stop Defense" prevented him shielding his Life Points by putting monsters in Defense Mode. Jonouchi Summoned "Kung Fu Fighter Ultimator" and used "Shield and Sword" to swap all monsters' ATK and DEF. Since the Zombies were only able to instinctively attack, they had 0 DEF, which became their ATK, allowing "Kung Fu Fighter Ultimator" to easily defeat one and drop Kozuka's Life Points to 0.[79]

Dark Yugi, Anzu, Honda and Bakura found Jonouchi just after the Duel and congratulated him on his win. Jonouchi called back Keith as he was leaving and asked him to play fair next time if he's a true Duelist. Keith laughed and said that card games are about outwitting your opponent. He suggested that Jonouchi stop pretending to be a nice guy and then prizes would come his way, like the various Decks filled with rare cards under his jacket.[80]

Before Jonouchi and his friends got to leave the underground, Keith had his companions push a boulder in front of the exit, trapping them inside. Before the gap was fully closed, Jonouchi yelled at Keith that he was going to beat him.[80]

Meikyû Brothers[edit]

Searching for a way out of the underground, Jonouchi and his friends passed through a maze, which led them to the Labyrinth Duel Arena. Here they met the Player Killers, the Meikyû Brothers, who told them they needed to pass through one of the doors behind them to exit. To find the right door, they needed to defeat them in a Duel so Jonouchi and Dark Yugi joined-up for a Team Labyrinth Duel against the brothers. Jonouchi bet 2 Star Chips and Dark Yugi bet 4.[80]

The Meikyû Brothers used "Labyrinth Wall" to turn the field into a maze. Each turn, monsters could move through the maze by a number of squares equal to their Level. After the Duel Dark Yugi and Jonouchi had to choose one of the two doors. One of which led to the exit, while the other led to doom. To give them a hint, the brothers said that one of them would only tell the truth and the other would only lie. Each claimed that the door they guarded was correct and offered to answer one question from each of Dark Yugi and Jonouchi. Jonouchi remembered a similar riddle, in which a man met a villager at a crossroad between Honest Town and Liar Town. The man wanted to go to Honest Town and was allowed to ask one question. The solution was for him to ask to the villager to take him to his town. In either case, he would be taken to Honest Town. Jonouchi asked the Meikyû Brothers which door they were guarding and both of them pointed to Meikyû the Younger's door, implying Meikyû the Elder was the liar. However Dark Yugi was cautious since both had said "one of us always tells the truth and one of us always lies", whereas as a pure liar and pure truthful man could not both say that.[81]

Jonouchi and Dark Yugi face the Meikyû Brothers in a Labyrinth Duel.

Learning that "Wall Shadow" could attack monsters anywhere in the maze, Jonouchi played "Axe Raider" at a distance from the entrance and comboed it with "Kunai with Chain" on Dark Yugi's turn to ensnare "Wall Shadow" when it tried attacking "Celtic Guardian".[81] Dark Yugi and Jonouchi tried keeping their monsters together, but the brothers used "Magical Labyrinth" to rearrange the walls, splitting up the group. Jonouchi inadvertently got "Axe Raider" to step on a "Jirai Gumo" trap, killing "Axe Raider" and leaving "Flame Swordsman" faced with "Jirai Gumo" and "Labyrinth Tank", but Dark Yugi used "Dark Magician" and "Mystic Box" to destroy those two monsters.[82] The brothers tried using "Dungeon Worm" to dispose of Dark Yugi and Jonouchi's monsters. However Jonouchi equipped "Flame Swordsman" with "Salamandra", allowing it to send an attack into the wormhole and destroy "Dungeon Worm".[83]

Eventually the brothers managed to bring out "Gate Guardian"[83], whose components "Suijin", "Kazejin" and "Sanga of the Thunder" could attack monsters anywhere in the labyrinth and block attacks directed at each other. When Jonouchi tried attacking "Kazejin" with "Flame Swordsman", "Suijin" blocked and created a flood, which destroyed "Flame Swordsman". Dark Yugi used the water it left to carry the lightning attack from "Summoned Skull" to "Suijin" and used "Spellbinding Circle" to stop "Kazejin" defending. Jonouchi Summoned "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", which Dark Yugi fused with "Summoned Skull" into "Black Skull Dragon".[84] The labyrinth could not be only be crossed by flight, nor could "Black Skull Dragon" fit into the narrow corridors, leaving it immobile. Jonouchi used "Copycat" to mimic the brothers' "Ryoku", halving their Life Points to strengthen "Black Skull Dragon" and Dark Yugi used "Shift" to switch its location with "Dark Magician". "Black Skull Dragon" then attacked and destroyed "Gate Guardian", defeating the brothers[85] and earning Jonouchi and Dark Yugi enough Star Chips to enter Pegasus Castle.[86]

With the correct door still left to choose, Jonouchi's head hurt trying to figure it out. He helped the others search the chamber for clues. Dark Yugi was confident that the brothers would say whichever door they choose was wrong, so he tricked them into thinking he had chosen one door for long enough for them to say it was the wrong door, before revealing he had actually chosen the other.[86] This allowed the group the leave the underground and emerge just outside Pegasus Castle.[87]

Dark Yugi and Kaiba[edit]

Kaiba blocked Jonouchi, Dark Yugi and their friends from entering the castle. Jonouchi threatened to beat-up Kaiba if he didn't move, but was restrained by Honda and Bakura. Noticing that Jonouchi had earned 10 Star Chips, Kaiba said that he promoted him from a loser to a horse bone (from a loser to a deadbeat in the English version). Dark Yugi wound-up accepting a Duel with Kaiba using Duel Disks, with five Star Chips on the line, while Jonouchi and the others watched.[88] Jonouchi accused Kaiba of fighting dirty when he threatened to kill himself if he lost, though became very shocked when Bakura suggested it was not a bluff, and was a tactic which led to Kaiba's victory.[89] After Anzu told Kaiba that he had been the weak one in the Duel, Jonouchi told him not to forget it was Yugi who saved him. However, Kaiba stormed out of their ideologies, Jonouchi expresses his utter disgust at Kaiba and angrily chucked the Duel Disk back to him.[90]

Jonouchi tries giving Yugi his Star Chips.

With no time to lose, Dark Yugi and Jonouchi set out to find more Duelists to earn Star Chips. However Saruwatari pointed out that a boat containing the remaining Duelists had left and claimed that there were already four qualified finalists; Keith, Jonouchi and a third who had left to collect the fourth. Jonouchi tried giving Yugi five of his Star Chips, but Yugi was unwilling to take them. They were then interrupted by Mai, who had collected sixteen Star Chips and offered to give Yugi six in return for him winning back hers earlier.[90] Yugi refused to accept and explained that Dark Yugi would do the same. Jonouchi told Yugi not to feel inferior to Dark Yugi and to think about he wanted himself. Jonouchi said that if a real Duelist only cares about their pride, he does not want to be like that. Duelists like that were show-offs, whereas he would crawl through the mud if it meant protecting someone precious to him, he claimed and professed that he is Katsuya Jonouchi before he is a Duelist. Eventually, Yugi took Mai's Star Chips and Jonouchi said that if Dark Yugi had a problem with it, Yugi was to bring him out, so he could kick his butt.[91]

With 10 Star Chips each, Yugi, Jonouchi and Mai entered the castle. Saruwatari tried stopping Anzu, Honda and Bakura entering, but Jonouchi got fed up with him and punched him in the head, knocking him out.[91]

Prior to the finals[edit]

Inside the castle, Jonouchi saw Bandit Keith and began to threaten him for trapping them in the cave. However Keith quietened him as he pointed to a Duel between Kaiba and Pegasus about to start.[91] Although Jonouchi wanted both of them to lose, Pegasus losing would ruin the tournament, so he hoped to see Kaiba lose. He was surprised to hear Yugi shouting advice to Kaiba before the Duel.[92] Jonouchi and the others watched Pegasus defeat Kaiba and seal his soul in a "Soul Prison" card as a Penalty Game.[93]

The finalists were told that they would need the cards "The Honor of the King's Right" and "Left" to advance any further. Having not been invited, Jonouchi had neither of those cards, but Dark Yugi gave him the "Right Hand" card, which was required for the prize money.[93]

Jonouchi startles Keith as he talks in his sleep.

The finalists and friends were then taken to the dining room for a dinner party. Here they were surprised to see a portrait of Shadi, after which[93] Jonouchi helped explain his and his friends last encounter with Shadi to Bakura. As they ate their soup, Jonouchi was unenthusiastic about Honda's desire for Dark Yugi to save the Kaiba's and stated that they got what they deserved, but Honda compared Kaiba fighting for Mokuba to Jonouchi fighting for Shizuka. Jonouchi was disgusted to find a Millennium Eye replica in his soup. Each finalist received an eye containing a letter which determined their opponents for the finals; In Jonouchi's case, Keith.[94]

That night Keith who had neither of the "Honor" cards snuck into Jonouchi's room to steal his. Yugi who heard Jonouchi talking in his sleep also came into the room and spotted Keith. Jonouchi was woken up as he heard Keith attacking Yugi and managed to fight him off. Keith left without the others noticing he had taken the card and Jonouchi assumed he had just stumbled into the wrong room.[95]

Dark Yugi and Mai[edit]

Jonouchi and Anzu supported Dark Yugi during his Duel with Mai.[96] During the Duel, Mai put the "something you can show, but can't see" riddle before Dark Yugi. Jonouchi pointed out that he had asked Mai when they Dueled and asked if she even knew the answer herself. Mai replied that she came up with her own answer and Jonouchi offered to answer on Dark Yugi's behalf, saying that the answer is "friendship". However Mai said he was incorrect and her answer wasn't such a cliché. She thought to herself that Jonouchi was the one who taught her the answer, so he should know. As Mai proceeded to overpower Dark Yugi, Jonouchi started to thing that he had been lucky when he beat Mai before. Mai disagreed and asked Jonouchi if he knew why he had gotten so for in the tournament. Jonouchi credited it to his friends, saying there was no other way a bad player like himself could have gotten that far. Mai said he was right; he knew and accepted his weakness and worked to overcome it. As she elaborated, Dark Yugi realized how he had been fighting wrong[97] and was able to defeat Mai.[98]


Keith annoyed Jonouchi by putting his feet on the table before their Duel and asked if Jonouchi would lick the bottom of his boot in exchange for him forfeiting. Jonouchi was unable to find his "The Honor of the King's Right" and was given five minutes to produce it before he would be disqualified. Jonouchi ran around to look for the card and dropped to his knees in defeat after four minutes. Mai spotted him weeping and told him to save his tears for if he loses. She handed him her qualification card, which she no longer needed and said that Jonouchi shouldn't give up on his wishes. Jonouchi tried asking why she did this for him, but she reminded him he had no time. As he ran back to the Duel room, Mai thought to herself "You idiot.. it's because we're friends!".[99]

Jonouchi Duels Keith.

Keith's Machine-Type monsters immunity to magical attacks was an obstacle for Jonouchi. He thought he had an opening when Keith played "Zoa", but Keith transformed it into a Machine with "Metalmorph" when Jonouchi attacked it. Jonouchi still overcame Keith's "Metalzoa" and "Stop Defense" combo with "Chasm of Spikes".[100] He took out Keith's remaining Machines with "Garoozis" and "Kunai with Chain". Keith then took out Jonouchi's monsters with the "Russian Roulette" effect of "Barrel Dragon". Jonouchi tried fighting a gamble with a gamble and used the "Time Roulette" effect of "Time Wizard".[101] He succeeded in ageing both monsters, but Keith used "Time Machine" to revert "Barrel Dragon" to its earlier state, causing it to defeat "Thousand Dragon". Jonouchi eventually beat "Barrel Dragon" by using "Copycat" to duplicate "Metalmorph" transforming "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" into "Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon".[102] Keith powered-up his "Slot Machine" with "7 Completed" cards he had hidden in his sleeve and attempted to destroy "Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon" with "Blast Sphere", but Jonouchi used "Dragon Nails" to make it too strong to be affected. "Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon" and "Slot Machine" each stood at 3400 ATK, but Keith used "Pillager" to take Jonouchi's "Shield and Sword", swapping the monsters' ATK and DEF, making "Slot Machine" stronger. However Jonouchi used "Graverobber" on "Time Machine", reverting "Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon" to its unswapped ATK and DEF, causing it to defeat "Slot Machine" and Jonouchi to win.[103]

Dark Yugi and Pegasus[edit]

Anzu thought that Jonouchi and Dark Yugi would have to Duel in the final. However Dark Yugi said it was unnecessary and they would only end up exposing more of their tactics to Pegasus. Jonouchi was alright with skipping the Duel and letting Dark Yugi face Pegasus as Dark Yugi was the only person he knew capable of defeating Pegasus. Although he was still unsure if it was okay for him to weigh Dark Yugi down with his baggage, by leaving Dark Yugi Duel for him. On the contrary, Dark Yugi claimed that he would win because he was fighting for Jonouchi, like how Jonouchi won because he was fighting for Shizuka. Jonouchi handed "The Honor of the King's Right" to Dark Yugi so he could claim both prizes when he defeats Pegasus. Pegasus also deemed a Duel between the two of them pointless.[104]

Bakura, Jonouchi, Yugi, Anzu and Honda block Pegasus' Mind Scan.

Jonouchi, Anzu, Honda and Bakura watched and supported Dark Yugi in his Duel against Pegasus. They were surprised to hear that Yugi would have his soul sealed in a card if he lost and that he accepted the Duel knowing that.[105] During the Duel Jonouchi got annoyed by Pegasus' use of the Millennium Eye to read Yugi's mind, but was confident the Millennium Puzzle would overpower it.[106] This was confirmed when the Yugis used the Mind Shuffle strategy.[107] When Pegasus changed the nature of the Duel to a Shadow Game, Yugi quickly became over exhausted leaving Dark Yugi fight by himself. Anzu explained to Jonouchi that Yugi's soul hadn't died as Yugi had told her before that one Yugi cannot live without the other. Jonouchi feared that this could mean Dark Yugi is on the verge of dying. When Pegasus tried reading Dark Yugi's mind again, an apparition of Bakura, Jonouchi, Yugi, Anzu and Honda blocked his view.[108] With this Dark Yugi was able to defeat Pegasus.[109]

Jonouchi tried describing how he felt during the Duel, but his friends spoke before he got the chance and said everything he was about to say. Dark Yugi then got Pegasus to tell them the story of how he received the Millennium Eye.[110] Afterwards, Jonouchi wondered why Dark Yugi didn't give Pegasus a Penalty Game. Anzu suspected it was because he would only be proving what Pegasus said about the Millennium Items possessing an evil intelligence was true if he did so.[59]


Mokuba woke up shortly after Pegasus returned his soul to his body. He, Jonouchi and Jonouchi's friends went outside the castle, to find Kaiba. While they waited, Jonouchi suggested that Kaiba's soul might have been summoned to Heaven, causing Anzu to snap at him. Jonouchi got a bit teary-eyed when he saw the Kaiba's reunited and thought he just couldn't hate them.[59]

Jonouchi received the prize money from Dark Yugi and asked if it was really okay if he took it. Dark Yugi replied that it was as he thought Jonouchi was the real champion of the kingdom. Jonouchi still insisted that he owed Dark Yugi big time. Dark Yugi said that he can owe him until the day he beats him, prompting Anzu to ask what Jonouchi's record against the Yugis' was, to which he replied that he had 0 wins and 187 loses starting from the one week earlier.[59]

With no boats leaving the island, Kaiba gave Jonouchi and his friends a lift back to Japan in his helicopter as payment for saving him and Mokuba.[59]

Dungeon Dice Monsters[edit]

With the money from Duelist Kingdom, Jonouchi was able to pay for Shizuka's operation and the doctors predicted that her vision would be fully restored.[111]

Jonouchi and Ryuji Otogi playing four aces.

At school, Jonouchi got jealous of the new student, Ryuji Otogi, as he impressing some girls with dice tricks. He boasted to Ryuji about his success in Duelist Kingdom. Ryuji acted impressed and offered to play a game with Jonouchi. Ryuji placed a die under a cup and bet Jonouchi that he could move the dice without touching the cup. The loser of the bet was to do whatever the winner told them to do for the next week. Ryuji claimed that the die had moved, causing Jonouchi to lift the cup to check, allowing Ryuji to grab the die from under it.[111] Feeling he'd been cheated, Jonouchi challenged Ryuji to another game. Ryuji imposed a game of four aces. Disillusioned that he had a 1/2 chance of winning, rather than a 1/3, Jonouchi accepted and lost twice, increasing the length of time he would have to do as Ryuji said. Ryuji ordered Jonouchi to be his dog and fired dice at his face when he was disobedient. Angered, Yugi switched to Dark Yugi and challenged Ryuji to four aces, with the rules modified to give each player a 1/2 chance of winning. Dark Yugi won both games, granting Jonouchi his freedom.[112]

Jonouchi rescues Yugi from the fire.

The next day,[111] Jonouchi met up with his friends at the grand opening of the Black Clown. He purchased some Dungeon Dice Monsters Booster Packs and unbeknownst to him, Yugi got forced into a game of Dungeon Dice Monsters with Ryuji.[113] Jonouchi, Anzu and Sugoroku didn't find Yugi back at Kame Game and when Honda reported that Dark Bakura went to the Black Clown, they suspected something was up.[114] When they got back to the Black Crown, they found the security guards unconscious and saw Bakura and Ryuji outside a room that had just caught fire while Yugi and Mr. Clown were inside.[115] Jonouchi and Honda kicked down the door and found Yugi trying to re-solve the Millennium Puzzle, while its chain was pinned to a table. Yugi refused to leave Dark Yugi behind. Unable to get Yugi to let go of the puzzle, Jonouchi used the Devil's Board Game as a lever to remove the pin and then carried Yugi out.[116]

Battle City[edit]

Prior events[edit]

Jonouchi heard of the Battle City tournament from Yugi and was annoyed that Kaiba had not invited him. He worried about losing his "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" when Yugi told him about the ante rule, but also saw it as an opportunity to get more rare cards.[117]

Shizuka's operation had been a success, but she was reluctant to remove the bandage from here eyes. One of the reasons Jonouchi decided to enter the tournament was to show his courage in order to give Shizuka the courage to remove her bandages.[118]

Exodia Rare Hunter[edit]

Jonouchi loses to the Rare Hunter.

Jonouchi went with Yugi, Honda and Anzu to the RPG Hobby Trading Cards shop to pick up a Duel Disk afterwards. Kaiba assigned Jonouchi a weak Duelist rating of two out of eight stars, making him ineligible for a free Duel Disk. However the salesman noticed Jonouchi had a "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" and said there was a mistake and Jonouchi actually had 5 Stars, entitling him to a Duel Disk. After Jonouchi left, the salesman phoned the Rare Hunters to notify them of Jonouchi's rare card.[117]

Jonouchi went over to Kame Game for a while to get Yugi's opinion on his new Deck. As he went home, he was approached by three Rare Hunter Ghouls. Disliking the organization he accepted a Duel with one of them hoping to take them down. Jonouchi seemed to be winning for the first few turns. However his opponent had three copies of each "Exodia" component in his Deck[117], which were marked with invisible ink[119] and managed to gather the five pieces, granting him automatic victory.[117] The Rare Hunters proceeded to attack Jonouchi and take his "Red-Eyes Black Dragon".[120]

Jonouchi declines Dark Yugi's offer to take back "Red-Eyes Black Dragon".

The tournament began the next day and Jonouchi quickly found the "Exodia" Rare Hunter outside Coffee Prart. Dark Yugi spotted Jonouchi confronting him and challenged the Rare Hunter to a Duel when he heard about what happened.[120] Jonouchi tried warning him about the Rare Hunter's Deck strategy, but Dark Yugi refused to let himself have an unfair advantage.[119] Jonouchi watched Dark Yugi defeat the Hunter and afterwards saw the Hunter being controlled by the leader of the Ghouls, Marik Ishtar,[121] who told them that he had entered the tournament to collect the Egyptian God cards.[122]

Dark Yugi won back "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" through the ante rule, but Jonouchi refused to take it back without earning it first. With a Puzzle Card, a 40 card Deck and "Time Wizard" as his rare card, he was still able to participate in the tournament. He vowed to become a true Duelist and asked Dark Yugi if he would Duel him if he did well in the tournament.[122]


Using "Roulette Spider", Jonouchi challenges Roba to prove he has ESP.

Jonouchi spotted Dinosaur Ryuzaki being defeated by Esper Roba. As Roba looked his next opponent, Ryuzaki warned Jonouchi that he would not be able to defeat Roba as he was said to have ESP and was capable of predicting opponents' strategies. However Jonouchi refused to pass up on any opponent and challenged Roba to a Duel.[122] They waged a Puzzle Card each and Jonouchi's "Time Wizard" for Roba's "Jinzo". Ryuzaki demanded to know what happened to the "Red-Eyes Black Dragon". Jonouchi replied that someone stole it because he screwed-up and although he got it back, his "rival" was holding onto it for him.[123]

Jonouchi thought that Roba used ESP to destroy his "Giltia the D. Knight" before realizing he had forgotten about the Super Expert Rules and a sacrifice had been required to play that card.[123] Roba could tell what cards Jonouchi had, because he had his brothers spying on his hand.[124] Jonouchi realized something was up when Roba incorrectly predicted Jonouchi's "Skull Dice" was "Graceful Dice". Jonouchi was able to use this error to his advantage in the Duel. He also figured that Roba had someone spying on him, because to an onlooker the portion of "Skull Dice" that was visible made it look like "Graceful Dice".[123] Roba stopped relying on his brothers from that point and Summoned "Jinzo".[124] Jonouchi used "Roulette Spider" on "Jinzo" and challenged Roba to use his alleged ESP tell the roulette when to stop such that it would attack make "Jinzo" attack Jonouchi. However he made it attack his own "Reflect Bounder", causing both monsters to be destroyed. This left Roba open for a direct attack, allowing Jonouchi to defeat him with "Baby Dragon".[125]

Roba broke down after the Duel and asked if everyone else enjoyed looking down on him. Jonouchi told him that nobody there thought he was a loser and that he shouldn't be so hard on himself. After his brothers appeared, Roba admitted Jonouchi was right and handed him "Jinzo" and a Puzzle Card.[126]


Jonouchi catches the thief.

Jonouchi went to the Beef Buster for lunch, where his Duel Disk kept hitting off the customer next to him as he ate. He refused to take it off when the customer complained, but the staff who had given him complimentary pickles told him not to bother the other customers. When he took it off, a boy working for Insector Haga swiped it and inserted the card "Parasite Paracide" into his Deck as he ran away with it. Jonouchi managed to catch the boy and met up with Anzu, Bakura and Sugoroku as he did so. The boy lied that he had only tried to steal the Duel Disk temporarily so he could win his own Duel Disk back from someone who had stolen it. Jonouchi offered to help the boy, who left to get the person who stole his Duel Disk. While the others asked Jonouchi if he could trust this boy, he said to have faith and told them about how he was fighting to give Shizuka courage. Haga, who wanted to beat Jonouchi to coax Yugi into a Duel appeared as Jonouchi's opponent.[118] They wagered two Puzzle Cards and their rare card.[127]

Jonouchi and Haga's Duel.

Jonouchi drew the "Parasite Paracide" during the Duel, which infected his monsters making them Insect-Type[127] and ineligible as Sacrifices. As other consequences, he couldn't attack when Haga had "Insect Barrier" in play and his monsters strengthened Haga's "Insect Queen". Jonouchi was able to get at Haga's Life Points by using "Magic Arm Shield" to make "Insect Queen" attack her own egg[128] and attacking another egg with "Gearfried the Iron Knight" who was immune to the parasite. Finally Jonouchi used "Graverobber" on Haga's "Insecticide" to kill "Insect Queen" and attacked him directly with "Gearfried".

The rare card that Jonouchi took was "Insect Queen".[129] Afterwards Bakura pointed out that both cards Jonouchi won through the ante rule, "Jinzo" and "Insect Queen", were weird and scary. Jonouchi thought he was being insulted at first, but Bakura said he loved grotesque cards and wished he had them in his Deck. Jonouchi was surprised Bakura had a Deck and was afraid on hearing it was an Occult Deck.[130]


Jonouchi used the Duelist Search Sensor in his Duel Disk to locate a Duelist at Domino City Aquarium. Bakura got separated from the group as Jonouchi, Anzu and Sugoroku ran there. Unbeknownst to the others Marik Ishtar had a Rare Hunter watching them. Ryota Kajiki turned out to be the Duelist. He laughed at Jonouchi thinking he stood a chance against his Sea Deck, but accepted the challenge. Jonouchi bet two Puzzle Cards, along with "Jinzo" and "Insect Queen" and Kajiki bet two Puzzle Cards, along with "Leviathan" and "Fortress Whale". The others at the aquarium were waiting to see a killer whale show and thought the Duel must be an opening act.[130]

Jonouchi Duels Kajiki.

Jonouchi forget to take the "Parasite Paracide" out of his Deck and it infected his monsters again, until Kajiki destroyed it with "Torrential Tribute".[130] Kajiki was initially disappointed by Jonouchi's poor moves and said he found it disrespectful to the opponent if a player does not give their all. Jonouchi began to put up a better fight from then on.[131] Kajiki's "Umi" prevented monsters incapable of swimming from attacking. However Jonouchi fused "Alligator Sword" into "Alligator Sword Dragon" allowing it to fly across the water and attack Kajiki. Kajiki used "Tornado Wall" to block further attacks. Kajiki used his Sea Stealth strategy to hide his monsters in the water and also Summoned "Fortress Whale".[132] He used his hidden monster, "Legendary Fisherman" to beat Jonouchi's monsters, allowing "Fortress Whale" to attack directly. Jonouchi used "Magic Arm Shield" to expose "Legendary Fisherman" and make "Fortress Whale" attack it. Jonouchi used "Kunai with Chain" to allow "Panther Warrior" to swing across the water onto "Fortress Whale"[133]. He equipped "Panther Warrior" with "Lightning Blade", striking his sword embedded in "Fortress Whale" with lightning, killing it and causing it to fall into the water, electrocuting Kajiki's other monsters. Kajiki used "Return of the Doomed" to bring back a monster which hid in the water. Jonouchi used "Giant Trunade" to remove "Umi" and was surprised to see that he brought back "Legendary Fisherman" rather than "Fortress Whale". "Panther Warrior" attacked and destroyed "Legendary Fisherman", winning the Duel for Jonouchi.[134]

Jonouchi questioned Kajiki's decision to revive "Legendary Fisherman" rather than the stronger "Fortress Whale". Kajiki insisted it didn't matter, but Jonouchi refused to accept a victory when his opponent threw the game. Kajiki explained that "Legendary Fisherman" was his trump card, which he always fights alongside because of its resemblance to his father and he couldn't leave it in his Graveyard. Kajiki thought he was being silly, but Jonouchi said he would have done the same thing. Kajiki tried giving Jonouchi "Legendary Fisherman" instead of "Leviathan" as it was his most valuable card. At first Jonouchi couldn't accept because of its sentimental value, but Kajiki assured him that if his father would think he was putting too much faith in a card and that his father will always fight by his side even without the card.[135]

Possessed by Marik[edit]

Marik befriends Jonouchi and Anzu, through his alter ego, "Namu".

Jonouchi was about to use his Puzzle Cards to find the location of the finals, but he, Anzu and Sugoroku were interrupted by the sight of Bakura wounded and being helped walk by Marik. Marik lied that his name was "Namu" and he had found Bakura lying on the street. Two guys tried picking a fight with Bakura over him stealing a Duel Disk and hit Marik as he tried defending Bakura, but Jonouchi proceeded to beat up the two attackers. Sugoroku took Bakura to the hospital afterwards and Jonouchi thanked Marik for his help. Marik was also a contestant in Battle City. Pretending to not be very good, he said he hoped he wouldn't Duel Jonouchi [135] and asked him for Dueling advice.[136]

Jonouchi, possessed by Marik, dueling the Yugis.

Using the Millennium Rod, Marik possessed Jonouchi and Anzu and brought them Domino Pier. He gave Jonouchi the incentive to kill Yugi and had Ghouls fill Jonouchi's Deck with direct damage Spell Cards, which were Forbidden in the tournament.[137] After Dark Yugi and Kaiba arrived, Jonouchi led Dark Yugi to the Arena of Death for a Duel with Marik threatening to have Anzu commit suicide if Dark Yugi didn't comply. Dark Yugi and Jonouchi each had a hand chained onto an anchor set to drop 15 seconds after one of them lost the Duel or forty minutes after the beginning of the Duel. When a player won, they were given access to a key and could use the fifteen seconds to uncuff themselves from the anchor.[138]

Jonouchi quickly gained the upperhand with his new Spell Cards. Yugi took over from Dark Yugi, believing he could get through to Jonouchi.[139] Yugi used "Exchange" to show Jonouchi "Red-Eyes Black Dragon". Although Marik told Jonouchi to take "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", the will of Jonouchi's regular self who had promised not to take that card back until he proved himself a duelist, caused him take "Card Destruction" instead. Yugi then Summoned and attacked with "Red-Eyes".[140] Jonouchi managed to weaken "Red-Eyes" with "Rocket Warrior" but began to feel its pain too. Yugi admitted that he couldn't bring himself to win the Duel, so he gave Jonouchi the Millennium Puzzle to stop it being dragged into the ocean.[4] Marik then tried telling Jonouchi to throw the pieces of the Puzzle into the water, but this reminded Jonouchi of when he had done that before and how Yugi had protected him that day, so he disobeyed Marik again.[141]

In the last eight minutes of the Duel, Marik ordered Jonouchi to do nothing and wait for both players to be dragged into the water. However Yugi reminded Jonouchi of his promises to owe the Yugis one and Duel them after proving himself. Jonouchi continued the Duel and eventually drew "Meteor of Destruction"[142] He resisted Marik's command to use it to kill Yugi for a while, but was eventually forced to use it. Fearing to see Yugi die, he managed to break Marik's hold over him. Yugi used "Mystical Rift Panel" to allow him to choose the meteor's target. He used this time to explain to what had happened and how Jonouchi overcame Marik's mind control before choosing himself as the meteor's target. Yugi told Jonouchi to take his key and save himself. However Jonouchi got "Red-Eyes" to attack himself, making the Duel a Draw and releasing Yugi's key.[143]

Jonouchi took off his Duel Disk and the Millennium Puzzle and then used his chain to swing over and grab Yugi's key. Both of them were dragged into the water as the anchor fell, but Jonouchi was able to uncuff Yugi. He was unable to free himself with Yugi's key, but Kaiba dropped the other key into the water to let Jonouchi save himself. Kaiba claimed that he only helped because he admired Jonouchi's stupidity in taking time to remove his Duel Disk rather than grab his own key, but secretly thought to himself that Jonouchi was finally a decent Duelist. Annoyed Jonouchi said he owed Kaiba one.[144]

Jonouchi returned the Millennium Puzzle to Yugi and was glad to see Anzu return to normal. Just then Mai, Honda and Ryuji arrived with Shizuka.[144] Thinking he had failed as a Duelist and was unfit to be a role model, Jonouchi didn't want Shizuka to see him. However Mai slapped him, telling him to stop being a baby. His friends reminded him of how he had fought for Shizuka. Shizuka said Jonouchi had given her more than enough courage and removed the bandages from her eyes.[145]

Prior to the finals[edit]

Jonouchi, Yugi, Anzu, Honda, Ryuji, Shizuka and Mai all squeezed into Mai's car to go to Domino Stadium for the finals.[146]

Kaiba was already at the stadium as a finalist. Jonouchi, Yugi and Mai were accepted too and were surprised to see Bakura who was meant to be at the hospital arrive as another finalist.[146] They were worried about him dueling in his condition, but Bakura insisted he was fine and grossed them out by offering to let Jonouchi touch his wound. Jonouchi asked how he had managed to get a Duel Disk, but Bakura said it was a secret. Marik, still claiming to be Namu, arrived as another finalist. Jonouchi grew suspicious of him, remembering that he was possessed by Marik not too long after meeting Namu. However Bakura thanked Marik for saving him earlier and Anzu insisted that he was their friend. Not knowing Marik had controlled them as they said that, Jonouchi thought he must have been over thinking things. Rishid arrived as another finalist pretending to be Marik. The Millennium Ring pointing to him. led Jonouchi and the others to believe he was Marik. The group was notified that the finals were going to take place in the sky as the Battle Ship blimp arrived.[147]

When they boarded the blimp, much to Jonouchi's dismay, Anzu, Honda, Shizuka and Ryuji all went into his room. He unsuccessfully tried to tell all of them bar Shizuka to leave. He got mad at Honda for respecting that Yugi needed time to prepare, but not him and saying that Yugi was the favorite to win rather than him. However he thanked Honda for bringing Shizuka to him.[148]

Dark Yugi and Dark Bakura[edit]

Jonouchi watched Yugi and Bakura's Duel. After learning that Bakura had been possessed by Dark Bakura again, Jonouchi gave a brief explanation of what the Millennium Items are and how they sometimes possess evil minds to Marik, who was still in the guise of Namu.[149]

Jonouchi saw "Slifer the Sky Dragon" for the first time during the Duel and witnessed Marik's plan to have Dark Yugi lose by endangering Bakura's life. However Dark Bakura intervened and Dark Yugi won.[150] This further fueled Jonouchi's hatred of Marik, whom he still believed Rishid to be.[151]


In the second quarter final, Jonouchi was matched up against Rishid, who claimed to be Marik.[151] Jonouchi declared that he would defeat his opponent on the eleventh turn, with Shizuka being the only one to believe this prediction. As the Duel took place on top of the blimp, Jonouchi's cards almost blew away, but he managed to catch them.[152]

Rishid began with "Royal Temple" and Seting a number Trap Cards. Jonouchi held off from attacking for a few turns and used "Giant Trunade", hoping to clear the Traps and attack and defeat Rishid with the monsters he'd gathered. However Rishid countered with "Judgment of Anubis", destroying the monsters and damaging Jonouchi's Life Points.[152] Jonouchi baited out one of Rishid's Trap Cards and determined that his Deck had little reliance on Monster Cards. However Rishid played his "Embodiment of Apophis" cards, which doubled up as monsters[153] and attacked, leaving Jonouchi with 50 Life Points.[154] Jonouchi contemplated surrendering and Rishid asked why he entered the tournament. Jonouchi replied that there is someone he had to beat and that surrendering now would be disrespectful to his earlier opponents, who all fought him till the end.[154]

Jonouchi Summoned "Jinzo" through a combo of "Foolish Burial" and "Graverobber", destroying all of Rishid's Trap Cards.[154] Rishid used "Swords of Revealing Light" to hold off attacks for three turns and later Summoned "Mystical Beast Selket", which guarded "The Sun Dragon Ra", which he placed inside the temple's ark.[155] "Selket" proceeded to eat Jonouchi's monsters, increasing its ATK.[156]

Shizuka became afraid to look, but Jonouchi insisted she be courageous to watch until the end.[156] When Jonouchi said he would fight on despite seeming to have no chance, Rishid said he admired his fighting spirit. Jonouchi left himself open for defeat when he passed a turn. Before Rishid could use this chance, Jonouchi accused him of not being Marik, as he wasn't feeling his hatred towards Marik against Rishid, who had fought fairly. Rishid followed Marik's order to Summon "The Sun Dragon Ra" to convince everyone he was Marik.[157] However, Rishid's "Ra" being a counterfeit angered Ra, who then stroke down both players. Isono ruled that the first to stand up would be the winner and if neither stood up within the time limit, both would be disqualified.[158]

While unconscious, Jonouchi dreamt he was in a classroom with his friends. There, Yugi reminded him of a Duel Monsters tournament at Domino Toysaurus. After gesturing at Kaiba for insulting him, Jonouchi dropped his cards and his friends helped him pick them up. As he left the room in the dream, he regained consciousness and awoke standing up, making him the winner.[159] Jonouchi rushed over to check on Rishid, who said he was proud to have fought Jonouchi. When asked who he was, Rishid said he was Marik's shadow and pleaded with Dark Yugi to stop Marik's other self. With Rishid unable to fight, Dark Marik took control of Marik and revealed himself to everyone.[159]

Mai and Dark Marik[edit]

Jonouchi theorized that the reason he could stand up in the last Duel while Rishid couldn't, was because he had the dream where his friends supported him, while Rishid was alone. Afterwards Mai asked Jonouchi if she was in the dream. He replied that the dream took place in the classroom, whereas Mai was too old for school and joked that she could be the teacher next time. Anzu pulled Jonouchi aside after this and told him that he was "the worst". Feeling excluded, Mai reverted to her self-reliant persona. She told Jonouchi that she wasn't a soft Duelist like him and didn't need anyone cheering for her in her quarter-final against Dark Marik.[160] Regardless Jonouchi and the others showed up to support her, insisting that she was their friend.[161]

Dark Marik turned the Duel into a Shadow Game. Jonouchi realized he couldn't talk Mai out of accepting and encouraged her to win.[161] He witnessed the Sphere Mode of "The Sun Dragon Ra" as Mai attempted to Summon it without knowledge of the hieratic text.[162] When Dark Marik took back control of "Ra" and declared an attack on Mai, whom he held in place by his other cards, Jonouchi ran onto the field and tried to free her. He was about to be hit by the blast from by "Ra", but Dark Yugi stood between them and took the attack on his back.[163]

Kaiba and Ishizu[edit]

Battle Royal[edit]

Dark Marik[edit]

Dark Yugi and Kaiba[edit]

Dark Yugi and Dark Marik[edit]


Pharaoh's Memory[edit]

The Dark Side of Dimensions[edit]

Jonouchi and his friends, discussing their futures

In the advent of their high school graduation, Jonouchi and his friends, Yugi, Anzu, Honda and Bakura discussed their plans for the future. Jonouchi wished to become a professional Duelist, but needed to repair his Duel Disk first. The friends then noticed the new student, Aigami, but failed to struggled to remember who he was at first. After school, Jonouchi noticed Yugi was thinking of Atem and said that it was impossible to forget him.[164]

Jonouchi intervened when he spotted Aigami, being harassed by Scud and his gang. Knowing of Jonouchi's past in Hirutani's gang, Scud dropped the matter for the time being. Aigami thanked Joey and left, insisting he was okay.[164]

Jonouchi, in costume, handing out balloons

Jonouchi had a job at Otogi's cafe, where he had to wear a dog costume and hand balloons out to customers. During his shift, Seto Kaiba appeared on the TV, introducing his new Duel Disk. Jonouchi groaned that he would not be able to afford it, prompting Honda to suggest he get another part-time job. This provoked a fight between the two. Anzu tried to break them up, but Jonouchi ate her ice cream, while continuing to fight. Jonouchi's boss, Mr. Clown, then appeared and fired him on the spot.[164]

Jonouchi fell asleep, during a graduation rehearsal and had a dream, where Kaiba taunted him about not being able to afford the new Duel Disk. In the dream, Jonouchi fell off a KaibaCorp blimp, causing him to fall off his chair, in reality.[164]

Following the rehearsal, Jonouchi and his friends were approached by Aigami, who expressed an interest in getting to know them better. The group went to Burger World, where they told Aigami about past adventures. Jonouchi showed Aigami his Deck and two of them, Yugi and Bakura arranged to play Duel Monsters at Yugi's house later.[164]

Jonouchi, in the dissolving dimension

As Jonouchi, Aigami and Bakura made their way to Yugi's house, Aigami showed them his Quantum Cube and aggressively questioned Bakura, on learning that he once possessed the Millennium Ring. Jonouchi tried to intervene, but was stopped by a group of children, who told him he was being an inconvenience. Jonouchi was then transported to another dimension. In this world, the streets dissolved around him and Aigami appeared in the sky, taunting him and saying he could not escape. In Jonouchi's native world, his absence was noted when Honda found his bike and Duel disk abandoned, prompting his friends to start searching for him. In the dissolving dimension, Jonouchi tried running away from the areas that were dissolving, but fell and his body began to fade away too. However Atem appeared to him, following a flash of light and Jonouchi then found himself back in his own world. Reunited with Yugi, Anzu and Honda, Jonouchi considered telling them about seeing Atem, but decided to focus on finding Bakura first.[164]

Jonouchi, Anzu and Honda witnessed Yugi defeat Aigami in a Duel at Kaiba Land and Bakura ensuing return. Shortly afterwards, they watched Yugi and Kaiba Dueling Aigami, who had since become corrupted by the Millennium Ring. Following the Duel, Yugi informed them that he had seen Atem and Jonouchi mentioned seeing him too. This stirred the interest of Kaiba, who had been attempting to communicate with Atem.[164]

During Yugi's graduation speech, Jonouchi and Honda both cried uncontrollably. Some time after graduation, Jonouchi and his friends went to airport to say goodbye to Anzu as she left to go to the United States.[164]

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX[edit]

At Duel Academy, Jonouchi was considered to be a legendary Duelist. Jaden Yuki thought of him, Dark Yugi, Mai and Kaiba when he said that he was not going to back down in his Duel against Ryuga, like how the legendary Duelists never gave up.[165]

Gaming items[edit]


Initially, his Deck contained only Monster Cards, allowing his opponents to easily defeat him.

For Duelist Kingdom, his monsters were mainly tough Warrior and Beast-Warrior-Type ones. Yugi gave him the cards "Time Wizard" and "Baby Dragon", and he won "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" from Dinosaur Ryuzaki, all of which became valuable assets.

Having done well with his Duelist Kingdom Deck, Jonouchi planned on sticking with it. However Yugi told him that was not a good idea and that he had already come up with a strategy to combat it, so Jonouchi constructed a new Deck before Battle City. The number of tough Warrior and Beast-Warrior monsters decreased and he added more cartoon-like Warriors and a number of luck-based cards. Throughout Battle City, he added rare cards that he won through the ante rule. He did not use his "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" after losing it to a Rare Hunter. Although Dark Yugi won it back, Jonouchi opted not to take it back until he proved himself as a Duelist.

While possessed by Marik Ishtar, Jonouchi's Deck was strengthened with a number of tournament banned Spell Cards which directly damage the opponent and destroy monsters.

Duelist Kingdom[edit]

This Deck also contains two unnamed cards.

Battle City[edit]


Project R.A.[edit]


Monster Fighter Monster World Digital Pets
Killer Emaada Joey Digital Pet
Killer Emaada Joey Jonouchi's Digital Pet



Event Outcome Chapter(s)
VSYugi Mutou Lose #009DM0099
VS — Yugi Mutou[d 1] (×187)[59] Duelist Kingdom preparation Lose Off panel
VSMai Kujaku Duelist Kingdom Win #069DM06969 (D 10), DM07070 (D 11)
VSDinosaur Ryuzaki Duelist Kingdom Win #077DM07777 (D 18), DM07878 (D 19), DM07979 (D 20)
VSSeto Kaiba Duelist Kingdom Lose #085DM08585 (D 26), DM08686 (D 27)
VSGhost Kozuka Duelist Kingdom Win #089DM08989 (D 30), DM09090 (D 31), DM09191 (D 32)
VSMeikyû Brothers
With — Dark Yugi
Duelist Kingdom Win #092DM09292 (D 33), DM09393 (D 34), DM09494 (D 35), DM09595 (D 36), DM09696 (D 37), DM09797 (D 38)
VSKeith Howard Duelist Kingdom Win #119DM119119 (D 60), DM120120 (D 61), DM121121 (D 62), DM122122 (D 63), DM123123 (D 64)
VSYugi Mutou (multiple times) Lose #146DM146146 (D 87)
VSRare Hunter Lose #151DM151151 (D 92)
VSEsper Roba Battle City Win #156DM156156 (D 97), DM157157 (D 98), DM158158 (D 99)
VSInsector Haga Battle City Win #167DM167167 (D 108), DM168168 (D 109), DM169169 (D 110)
VSRyota Kajiki Battle City Win #178DM178178 (D 119), DM179179 (D 120), DM180180 (D 121), DM181181 (D 122), DM182182 (D 123)
VSYugi Mutou (whilst Jonouchi was partly possessed by Marik Ishtar) Battle City Draw #192DM192192 (D 133), DM193193 (D 134), DM194194 (D 135), DM195195 (D 136), DM196196 (D 137), DM197197 (D 138), DM198198 (D 139)
VSRishid Battle City Win #110DM210210 (D 151), DM211211 (D 152), DM212212 (D 153), DM213213 (D 154), DM214214 (D 155), DM215215 (D 156), DM216216 (D 157), DM217217 (D 158)
VSDark Yugi, Seto Kaiba and Dark Marik (Battle Royal) Battle City Bottom two #119 (replace with actual number)
VSDark Marik Battle City Lose #120 (replace with actual number)
VSDark Yugi Not shown #278DM278278 (D 219)
VS Klamath Osler Project R.A. Win 5
VS Pete Coppermine Project R.A. Win 7
VS Mendo Cino Project R.A. Win 12-13
VS Reiko Kitamori Project R.A. Win 20-21
VS Keith Howard Project R.A. Win 33-36
VSDark Bakura Shadow RPG N/a[d 2] #307 DM307307 (MW 29)
  1. It is not specified how many of these Duels were played by Dark Yugi as opposed to Yugi.
  2. The Duel was not completed.


Opponent/orchestrator Game Outcome Chapter(s)
Street Fighter Game of Death Win DM02525
Mokuba Kaiba Russian Roulette Dinner Lose DM02626
Johnny Gayle, Bob McGuire and "name unknown" Stardust Shootout Win DM02929
Kaiba's butler Electric Chair Ride Win DM03030
Seto Kaiba Bllood puzzle Win DM03131
Chopman Deathmatch (game) Win DM03232
Seto Kaiba Rhythm Rock Win DM03333
Yugi Mutou and Hiroto Honda Achievement Test Bingo Game Lose DM04141
Tsuruoka Find the Keyring! Win DM04141
ZTV The Get the Million Game Win DM04242
ZTV Darts of Fortune Win DM04242
ZTV The Electric Helmet Win DM04242
ZTV The Wheel of Fate Win DM04242
Yugi Mutou Monster Fighter (game) Lose DM04343
Yugi Mutou Monster Fighter (game) Lose DM04343
Hirutani's gang Super yo-yo Win DM04949
Dark Bakura Monster World (game) Win DM05252, DM05353, DM05454, DM05555, DM05656, DM05757, DM05858, DM05959
Ryuji Otogi Four Aces Lose


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