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Title page
Japanese name
RōmajiKusari no Kizuna
TranslatedBonds of Chains
SubseriesYu-Gi-Oh! Duelist
Subseries number86
Japanese magazineWeekly Shōnen Jump 1999 #44
Tankōbon volume17: "The Egyptian God Cards"
Bunkoban volumeVolume 10
Release dates
JapaneseSeptember 27, 1999[1]
Yu-Gi-Oh! chapters
Previous"The Room of Revenge"
Next"The Ancient Stone"

"Chains", known as "Bonds of Chains" in the Japanese version, is the 145th chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. In its first English printing, it was numbered as the 86th chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist. In the 3-in-1 edition, its number was changed to match the original Japanese printing.

As the Black Clown burns around him, Yugi tries to assemble the Millennium Puzzle so that he can see his other self one last time, while Jonouchi tries to rescue him.


As Mr. Clown thrashes against the hidden door with his clothes on fire, Yugi runs to grab the remains of the Millennium Puzzle, but the main section is still staked to the table, and he can't get it off. He tugs with all his might, but he's unable to pull it out. As the flames roar behind him, he thinks that the fire will melt the Puzzle into molten gold if he can't get it out of here. He hears Mr. Clown shrieking to help as he cries that he'll burn to death, and Yugi runs over to him, telling him to roll around on the ground to put the fire out. His clothes extinguished, Mr. Otogi looks at Yugi in shock. Yugi begs him to open the door and call for help, but to his shock, Mr. Otogi reveals that he can't; the door's stuck.

Yugi hears Jonouchi's voice calling his name, telling him to hold on. As he and Honda violently try to smash the door in, he yells that he'll get Yugi out of there, and Yugi cries his friend's name. Jonouchi asks Honda if he's ready, and Honda replies that he is. They kick in unison, breaking down the door, and Sugoroku cheers that the door's open, while Anzu cries Yugi's name. Yugi cries his friends' names, and Jonouchi asks if he's okay, while Honda tells him that they have to get out quickly. Yugi tells Ryuji to get his father out of there, and Ryuji replies that he's on it, helping his father out. Honda tells Yugi to go since the fire's spreading, and Yugi looks back at the Puzzle pieces. Honda asks what he's doing, and Jonouchi tells him to come on, but Yugi protests that he can't leave without the Puzzle. Jonouchi realizes that the Puzzle is in pieces, and Honda calls Yugi's name as he rushes over to grab it. The heat of the chain scorches Yugi's hand, but he and Jonouchi are still unable to remove it.

Yugi states that he's got to solve the Puzzle now. Jonouchi calls him an idiot, and he asks if Yugi is nuts;they're got to get out of here or they'll burn to death. Yugi cries that he can't leave his other self behind; if this place burns down, the Puzzle will be destroyed and he'll never see him again. As he begins fitting the pieces together, he begs them to let him stay behind and make the Puzzle, so he can see his other self one last time. Jonouchi grabs Yugi by the collar, asking what he means by "one last time". Nothing will come out of Yugi dying, and he shouldn't be a moron. Yugi begs Jonouchi to let him solve the Puzzle and leave him alone, and Jonouchi grits his teeth as Yugi continues to fit the pieces together. Sugoroku protests that no-one could put together the Puzzle that fast, and he begs him to come as the fire is spreading. Anzu cries Yugi's name as he begins to sob.

Jonouchi sees his friend's tears, and he tells everyone else to get out of here; they'll be in danger if they stay. Nothing they say will make Yugi let go of the Puzzle, so they'll have to leave this to Jonouchi. Honda tells Jonouchi to take care of Yugi; he wants to see them both come out alive. Jonouchi reassures him that they will, and Honda helps Sugoroku leave as Anzu and Bakura follow. Flames engulf the door to the hidden room as Jonouchi thinks that he'll stay with Yugi on the edge of the River Styx, but he won't let him cross over. If Yugi gets too close, Jonouchi will drag him back even if he has to hit him. The flames continue to blaze around Yugi as he puts the Puzzle together, slowly restoring it to its original shape. He apologies to his other self for letting them shatter his heart, and tells him to hold on; he'll solve the Puzzle, and then they'll see each other again, and he can tell him how sorry he is. Jonouchi watches, wondering if he'll have to leave behind the other Yugi to save the one that he knows, but he can't break the chain, and he can't break the bond between them either.

Outside, the Black Clown has become engulfed in flames on the top floor. The firemen hold back the public, and Anzu calls her friends' names as Honda swears; the fire's still growing. He mentally begs Jonouchi not to die, and to save Yugi and himself. Ryuij calls Yugi's name, and Mr. Clown gasps as the large clown mask burns. Ryuji asks his father if he sees this fire consuming everything; this is his "revenge". Mr. Otogi finally admits that he was wrong, and the firemen barge past the Otogis, asking them to move. Mr. Clown tells them that there's a boy on the second floor and begs them to save him. The firemen head in, but the second floor is blocked by the fire, preventing them from getting through. Honda and Bakura gasp in shock, and Anzu screams Yugi's name.

Yugi refuses to let go of the completed Puzzle.

Impossibly, Yugi has almost finished the Puzzle. He picks up the eyepiece and begins to insert it as the beam above them is engulfed in flames, thinking that he's almost done. Seeing the beam, Jonouchi runs forwards, thinking that they have to get out. He cries Yugi's name as he looks at his unconscious friend, and begs him to wake up, seeing the completed Puzzle and wondering if Yugi succeeded. He tries to drag Yugi away, thinking that they can't stay any longer no matter what, but Yugi still isn't letting go of the Puzzle, much to his frustration. He tells Yugi to let go, and tries to pry his hand off, but he can't. He tears up, screaming at Yugi to let go of the Puzzle; he'll die if he stays here. He cries "What am I supposed to do!?" and swears.

Then Dark Yugi appears in his mind, saying his name. Jonouchi realizes what he can do; he can't move the table, but he might be able to pull out the wedge using the Devil's Board Game as a lever. He inserts the finger into the eye of the bolt, and as he raises his foot, he yells that they're not going to die. He stamps down, sending the eyebolt flying.

Jonouchi emerges from the Black Clown with Yugi.

Outside, the firemen tell everyone to stay back, as the building is going. Honda, Anzu, and Sugoroku scream Yugi's name, and the entirety of the Black Clown is engulfed in flames. And then Anzu and Honda gasp as Jonouchi emerges from the fire with Yugi in his arms, and the Puzzle in Yugi's hand. Honda cries Jonouchi's name as Anzu calls Yugi's, and they cry his name and ask if Yugi's okay. Jonouchi reassures them that he's fine. He explains that Yugi built the Puzzle as the building was burning down around them. He held onto it the whole time, and he wouldn't let go of the chains...


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