Yu-Gi-Oh! - Duel 310

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"The White Dragon Awakes!"
Title page
EnglishThe White Dragon Awakes!
Japanese name
RōmajiShiroki Ryū no Mezame!!
TranslatedAwakening of the White Dragon!!
SubseriesYu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World
Subseries number32
Japanese magazineWeekly Shōnen Jump 2003 #29
English magazineShonen Jump
Tankōbon volume35: "Birth of the Dragon"
Bunkoban volumeVolume 20
Release dates
JapaneseJune 16, 2003[1]
Yu-Gi-Oh! chapters
Previous"Ripples in the Shadows"
Next"The Vessel of the White Dragon"

"The White Dragon Awakes!", titled "Awakening of the White Dragon!!" (白き龍の目覚め!! Shiroki Ryū no Mezame!!) in the Japanese version, is the 310th chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. In its first English printing, it was numbered as the 32nd chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World. In the 3-in-1 edition, its number was changed to match the original Japanese printing.

Featured monsters[edit]

The following monsters appeared in this chapter.


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