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"The Broken Bond"
Title page
EnglishThe Broken Bond
Japanese name
RōmajiKowareta Kizuna!!
TranslatedThe Broken Bond!!
SubseriesYu-Gi-Oh! Duelist
Subseries number81
Japanese magazineWeekly Shōnen Jump #37–38
Tankōbon volume16: "Dungeon Dice Monsters"
Bunkoban volumeVolume 10
Release dates
JapaneseAugust 9, 1999[1]
EnglishOctober 10, 2005[2]
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Next"The Calling of the Powers"

"The Broken Bond" (こわれたきずな!! Kowareta Kizuna!!) is the 140th chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. In its first English printing, it was numbered as the 81st chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist. In the 3-in-1 edition, its number was changed to match the original Japanese printing.

Yugi and Ryuji are having a balanced match. Not standing seeing Sugoroku's grandson giving his son a hard time, Mr. Clown shows up and interferes, shattering Yugi's Millennium Puzzle right in front of him.


"Black Ninja" strikes swiftly, destroying "Dark Eye Stalker" before it knows what hit it. Yugi celebrates warping into Ryuji's territory and taking out one of his creatures. Ryuji is shocked that Yugi had a rare black dice, reflecting that in Dungeon Dice Monsters black dice have special powers, but rare black dice are the most sought after of them all. Identified by a red summon crest, rare black dice have a special crest on the inside, which becomes visible when the dice is played on the board. They include warp crests, treasure chests, and more, but the rare black dice with warp crests only work when two crests are on the field. They act like and entrance and an exit, making it possible for creatures to leap across the dungeon instantaneously. Ryuji was going to play a second warp crest on his next turn, but then Yugi played his and completed the warp route. Yugi thinks that Ryuji's dungeon has him boxed in, and there's no place left on his side to play his dice, so the only way left for him to win is to warp into his territory and attack. He thinks that it's up to "Black Ninja".

Ryuji notes that "Black Ninja" is only five spaces from his Dungeon Master, and it's one of the fastest creatures in the game; it can move three spaces with just one movement crest. On Yugi's next turn, he'll be able to attack Ryuji's Dungeon Master. He draws his second rare black dice, thinking that if he doesn't summon a guard this turn, he'll lose. He rolls his dice, but only gets one Summon Crest, one Magic Crest, and one Trap Crest, and he growls to himself in frustration that he couldn't summon. Yugi declares his turn and rolls, getting two Movement Crests and a Magic Crest, allowing him to take a double move. "Black Ninja" sprints towards Ryuij's Dungeon Master, much to Ryuji's horror, and then attacks, costing Ryuji a life and putting him equal with Yugi. Yugi celebrates tying the score, and Ryuji laughs that Yugi is making him excited by being able to damage his life in D.D.M.

Ryuji thinks that Yugi won't damage his Dungeon Master again, and he rolls his dice, getting three Summon Crests. He celebrates the Triple Crest, explaining that the Level of the summoned creature will increases by one. He declares "Dimension Dice" as he places down his second rare black, summoning "God Orgoth", once a Level 3 creature, but now a Level 4. As Yugi looks at the creature in shock, Ryuji explains that by spending three Magic Crests he can equip "Orgoth" with the Diamond Blade. He pays the cost from his Crest Pool, raising the ATK of "God Orgoth" to 2000. As "God Orgoth" hefts a massive sword, Yugi thinks that "Black Ninja" doesn't stand a chance, but then he looks at his Crest Pool, containing three Movement Crests, two Trap Crests, two Attack Crests, and three Magic Crests. Ryuji orders "God Orgoth" to slay "Black Ninja", and the massive warrior brings down its mighty blade. Ryuji thinks he's got him, but Yugi asks if Ryuji is sure, telling him to look at the Dungeon.

To Ryuji's shock, "Black Ninja" is still on the field, blending in like a chameleon as "God Orgoth" looks around in confusion. As "Black Ninja" fades back into view, Yugi explains that the moment "God Orgoth" attacked, he paid three Magic Crests from his Crest Pool to activate "Black Ninja's" special power; invisibility. Ryuji thinks that Yugi's move brought him back from the brink of death, and it took quick insight and good judgment to survive that one. He grins, wondering if this is the cleverness that solved the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi declares that even if Ryuji steals the Millennium Puzzle from him, his bond can't be broken. He isn't fighting Ryuji alone; he's still connected to his other self that dwells withing the Millennium Puzzle. He can still hear his voice telling him not to give up no matter what happens, and that's why he won't lose. He declares his turn, rolling his dice and then attacking again with "Black Ninja", bringing Ryuji's Dungeon Master down to one life. Yugi thinks that he'll win with one more attack, and Ryuji grins, thinking that he won't let Yugi do it. Yugi mentally laments that he wishes they could just play games without thinking of things like revenge or who gets the Millennium Puzzle.

But in the wall, Mr. Clown is furious, wondering how Ryuji can be having so much trouble against Yugi. He snarls that he can't watch anymore, and he swings the section of wall that he's peering through around, entering the game room and snapping that he forbids Ryuji to lose to Sugoroku's grandson. Yugi gasps that it's the clown from before, and he realizes that he has the Millennium Puzzle. Ryuji calls his father's name, and Mr. Otogi snarls that it's been twenty years since he and Sugoroku played a game over the Puzzle, and now the game has come full circle into the next generation. Yugi tells him to give the Millennium Puzzle back, but Mr. Otogi just scoffs, telling Yugi that he isn't the one who will inherit the power of the Millennium Puzzle; only his Ryuji is worthy. Ryuji remains impassive as Yugi cries that the Millennium Puzzle is part of him; it's his other heart, and his other soul. He yells at Mr. Otogi to give it back, but the clown gleefully refuses. Ryuji speaks up, stating that this is their fight and asking his father not to get in his way. Mr. Otogi asks in shock what Ryuji is saying, protesting that he's doing this because he loves his son. He thinks that he'll help his son; he'll do something that will shatter Yugi's will to fight.

He begins putting pressure on the Millennium Puzzle, much to Yugi's horror. He asks Yugi is he said that even if he isn't carrying the Millennium Puzzle that his bond to it couldn't be broken. Yugi begs him to stop as Mr. Otogi vows to crush the Puzzle, but it proves to be more difficult than he expected. He furiously tells the Puzzle to take his hatred for Sugoroku, and a click sounds out as he manages to remove a piece of the Puzzle. He cries that he did it, and he removes the piece containing the Eye of Wdjat as Yugi begs him to stop and Ryuji watches in shock. The Puzzle crumbles to pieces in his hands as Yugi screams in sorrow, and Mr. Otogi laughs, telling him not to worry; his son will put it back together as the new successor of the legend.

Outside the Black Clown, Dark Bakura looks at the Millennium Ring, which is pointing towards the store. He muses that something has happened to the Puzzle, and he thinks that he'll have to do the king's dirty work again.

Featured Game: Yugi Mutou vs. Ryuji Otogi[edit]

This is a D.D.M. match.

Continued from previous chapter...

Turn 21: Ryuji
Ryuji rolls one Summon Crest, one Magic Crest and one Trap Crest.

Turn 22: Yugi
Yugi rolls 2 Movement Crests and one Magic Crest. Yugi uses 2 Movement Crests to advance "Black Ninja" 5 spaces, reaching Ryuji's Dungeon Master. Yugi uses one Attack Crest to allow "Black Ninja" to attack Ryuji's Dungeon Master (Ryuji 2 LP).

Turn 23: Ryuji
Ryuji rolls three Summon Crests. Ryuji dimensions a rare black die, Summoning "God Orgoth" next to "Black Ninja". As he rolled a Triple Crest, the Level of "God Orgoth" goes up by 1, to 4 (500/450). Ryuji uses 3 Magic Crests to activate the special ability of "God Orgoth", increasing its ATK to 2000. He uses an Attack Crest to allow "God Orgoth" to attack "Black Ninja", but Yugi uses 3 Magic Crests to activate the special ability of "Black Ninja", making it invisible for one turn. The attack fails.

Turn 24: Yugi
Yugi rolls, but the result is not shown. He uses an Attack Crest to allow "Black Ninja" to attack Ryuji's Dungeon Master (Ryuji 1 LP).

Continued next chapter...

Featured Dice[edit]

The following dice creatures appeared in this chapter.

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