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First chapter1: "The Puzzle of the Gods"
Last chapter25: "The One-Inch Terror"

Section 1: "School" arc (だいしょう がくえんへん Daiisshō Gakuen hen) is the first arc in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.

This arc tells the story of Yugi Mutou solving the Millennium Puzzle and making new friends. Unbeknownst to Yugi, his body occasionally becomes host to Dark Yugi, who deals justice through the use of Shadow Games to people who cross Yugi and his friends.

In the Shueisha Jump Remix, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 02626: "Russian Roulette" is considered to be part of this arc. However according to Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Guidebook: Millennium Book, it considered to be part of the Death-T arc.




Other than those in the games section below





Winners are in bold.

Game Players Penalty Game
Money and Knife Ushio Dark Yugi GREED, the Illusion of Avarice
Dice game ZTV director Dark Yugi Mosaic Illusion
Silence game Sozoji Dark Yugi Beat Festival
One finger BATTLE! Escaped prisoner Dark Yugi Fire~!!!
Paper Crash! Kokurano Dark Yugi Peaceful Rest of the Timid
Griddle Ice Hockey Goro Inogashira Dark Yugi Exploding Death by Ice
Dark Puzzle Ms. Chono Dark Yugi Face Puzzle
Coin in sneaker Junky Scorpion owner Dark Yugi Poison Revolt
Duel Monsters game Seto Kaiba Dark Yugi Experience of Death
Landmine Search Network Hirutani's gang Dark Yugi "Landmine" Prey
Question of Truth Curator Kanekura Shadi Ammit Roosting in the "Soul Room"
Labyrinth Treasure Hunt Shadi Dark Yugi
Trial of the Mind Dark Yugi Shadi
Hell Quiz Dark Yugi Shadi
Concentration or Death Dark Yugi Shadi
Game of Death Dark Yugi Shadi
Digital Pet battle Kujirada Yugi Mutou
Maze of Fire Delinquents Dark Yugi
Capsule Monster Chess game Dark Yugi Mokuba Kaiba Capsule Hell
Virtual VS games Yugi Mutou Street Fighter
Game of Death Katsuya Jonouchi Street Fighter


Image Number English title Japanese title
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 1 - Shonen Jump reader.jpg
#1 "The Puzzle of the Gods" かみのパズル
Kami no Pazuru
Yugi Mutou is been bullied in school. Protected and comforted by his friend Anzu Mazaki, Yugi shows her his secret puzzle, that he has been unable to solve for eight years. Although offered protection by the hall monitor Ushio, Yugi is not happy with Ushio's methods.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 2 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#2 "Lying Eyes" いつわりの
Itsuwari no Me
Jonouchi is now friends with Yugi. The two of them get excited when they see a ZTV van outside their school. While they hope that means there is a star present, the studio turns out to be doing a documentary about bullying.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 3 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#3 "Hard Beat!" ハードビート!!
Hādo Bīto!!
"Hard Beat!!"
Yugi is forced to sell tickets for Sozoji's concert or suffer consequences. Not wanting to put his friends through Sozoji's horrible singing or have them pick a fight, Yugi insists that he's fine and won't tell them what he's been made do.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 4 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#4 "Jail Break!" だつごくしゅう
"Fugitive Prisoner"
Katsuya Jonouchi and Yugi Mutou notice Anzu Mazaki has been behaving strange lately. Investigation causes them to meet up with an escaped convict.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 5 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#5 "The False Prophet" 妙な予言者
Myōna Yogensha
The alleged psychic Kokurano has gained great popularity at Domino High School. However Yugi Mutou is skeptical of his powers and upset by Kokurano's interest in Anzu Mazaki.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 6 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#6 "Into the Fire" 熱い死闘
Atsui Shitō
"Hot Life-or-Death Match"
Goro Inogashira takes over Yugi's class' spot at the school festival, where they were making Carnival Games.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 7 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#7 "The Face of Truth" 真実の顔
Shinjitsu no Kao
Jonouchi gets Yugi to help Honda with his crush on Miho Nosaka. However this gets them into trouble with the teacher Ms. Chono.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 8 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#8 "The Poison Man" 毒の男
Doku no Otoko
The Junky Scorpion owner sold Jonouchi a pair of Air Muscle sneakers, then hired a gang to mug Jonouchi and rob him of them. When Yugi found out, Dark Yugi appeared to start a Shadow Game with the store owner.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 9 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#9 "The Cards with Teeth (Part 1)" 牙を持つカード〈前編〉
Kiba wo Motsu Kādo <Zenpen>
Seto Kaiba finds Sugoroku Mutou has a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". After Sugoroku refuses to trade for the card, Kaiba resorts to dishonest means to get it.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 10 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#10 "The Cards with Teeth (Part 2)" 牙を持つカード〈後編〉
Kiba wo Motsu Kādo <Kōhen>
Dark Yugi continues his Duel with Seto Kaiba to win back his grandfather's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 11 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#11 "The Wild Gang (Part 1)" キレた奴ら〈前編〉
Kireta Yatsura <Zenpen>
After Jonouchi misses a day of school, Yugi, Anzu and Honda check it out and find Jonouchi is now hanging out with Hirutani's gang.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 12 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#12 "The Wild Gang (Part 2)" キレた奴ら〈後編〉
Kireta Yatsura <Kōhen>
Jonouchi turns on Hirutani's gang for punching Yugi earlier, but is unable to take them all on at once. Meanwhile, Yugi, Anzu and Honda desperately search for Jonouchi.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 13 - bunkoban - JP - color.png
#13 "The Man from Egypt (Part 1)" エジプトから来たおとこ〈前編〉
Ejiputo kara Kita Otoko <Zenpen>
Treasures from a recently discovered pharaoh's tomb are put on display in Domino City Museum. Yugi lends his Millennium Puzzle to the exhibition and Shadi tests the souls of the men he sees responsible for defiling the pharaoh's tomb.
#14 "The Man from Egypt (Part 2)" エジプトから来たおとこ〈後編〉
Ejiputo kara Kita Otoko <Kōhen>
Shadi enters Dark Yugi's soul room to learn more about the Millennium Puzzle and take its power if he needs it. However Dark Yugi's true soul room is hidden inside a labyrinth. Shadi accepts a Shadow Game, set by Dark Yugi, where he must search for Dark Yugi's true soul room.
#15 "The Other Criminal" もう一人の罪人
Mō Hitori no Zainin
Shadi prepares to kill Professor Yoshimori for defiling the territory of the Gods. After entering his soul room, Shadi finds Yoshimori is waiting for Yugi to visit, so he decides to postpone killing Yoshimori and use him to lure Dark Yugi into a Shadow Game.
#16 "Shadi's Challenge" シャーディーの挑発
Shādī no Chōhatsu
Shadi redecorates Anzu's soul room to draw out Dark Yugi, while he leaves the zombified Professor Yoshimori attack Yugi's friends.
#17 "Game Start!" ゲーム開始スタート!!
Gēmu Sutāto!!
"Game Start!!"
With Shadi holding Anzu in danger, Dark Yugi is forced to face Shadi in the first stage of his Shadow Game.
#18 "Second Stage" だい2の試練ゲーム
Dai Ni no Gēmu
"Second Game"
Shadi subjects Dark Yugi to the second stage of their Shadow Game. Yugi must solve a puzzle, while grasped by an illusion of Ammit.
#19 "Final Stage" 最終試練ファイナルゲーム
Fainaru Gēmu
"Final Game"
For the final stage of their Shadow Game, Shadi has Yugi face an illusion of Jonouchi in a game.
#20 "Game Over" 決着
Dark Yugi finishes his Shadow Game with Shadi.
#21 "Digital Pet Duel" デジタルペット対決
Dejitarupetto Taiketsu
Digital Pets have become popular at Domino High School. Kujirada, who believes himself to have the ultimate pet, ends up in conflict, with Yugi, his friends and their pets.
#22 "American Hero (Part 1)" アメリカン・ヒーロー<前編>
Amerikan Hīrō <Zenpen>
Tomoya Hanasaki invites Yugi and his friends over to see his Zombire collection. After they leave Hanasaki takes his Zombire obsession too far.
#23 "American Hero (Part 2)" アメリカン・ヒーロー<後編>
Amerikan Hīrō <Kōhen>
Hanasaki, dressed as Zombire faces the delinquents again, but this time his father cannot afford to pay to let him win.
#24 "Capsule Monster Chess" カプセル・モンスター・チェス!
Kapuseru Monsutā Chesu!
"Capsule Monster Chess!"
Seto Kaiba's younger brother, Mokuba faces Dark Yugi in a game of Capsule Monster Chess to get revenge for the Penalty Game, Dark Yugi inflicted on Seto.
#25 "The One-Inch Terror" ワンインチのきょう
Wan Inchi no Kyōfu
Yugi and Jonouchi go to the arcade to try beat someone's high scores, but end up in a spot of trouble after meeting Street Fighter, who does not take too well to losing.