Stun gun trooper 1

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Stun gun trooper 1
Stun gun trooper 1
English name
  • Stun gun trooper
Japanese name
RōmajiSutan gan butai
  • Male
GangHirutani's gang
SchoolRintama High School
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel 11: "The Wild Gang (Part 1)"
Appears in
Stun gun trooper 1

The Stun gun trooper (スタンガン部隊ぶたい sutan gan butai) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. He is a student from Rintama High School and one of Hirutani's henchmen. He often acts obsequious towards Hirutani.[1]


Katsuya Jonouchi was blackmailed into rejoining Hirutani's gang. The henchman disliked Jonouchi, but kept quite about it, as it was Hirutani's decision to bring him back.[1]

The henchman punches Yugi.

He picked a fight with a man outside the American Club, after the man accidentally stepped on his foot. The gang was then spotted by Yugi Mutou, Hiroto Honda and Anzu Mazaki, who were searching for Jonouchi. Yugi pleaded with Jonouchi to come with them away from the gang, but Jonouchi denied knowing Yugi. The henchman got fed-up listening to Yugi pleading with and punched him.[1]

Later at J'z, he noticed Jonouchi was staring at him and remarked on how Jonouchi had been acting strange lately. Jonouchi stood up and told the henchman that he could never forgive him for hitting his friend and punched him hard in the face, prompting a fight between Jonouchi and the rest of the gang. The henchman was knocked out in the fight.[1]

While searching for Jonouchi, Honda found the henchman at J'z and demanded to know where Jonouchi was, but the henchman was still unconscious and did not respond.[2]

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