Zerua (manga)

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English name
  • Zerua
Japanese name
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel 291: "The Ancient Duel!!"
Appears in
Zerua (manga)

Zerua (ゼルア Zerua) is a ka, in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, used by Shada.


Shada summoned Zerua in a mock Diaha with the other High Priests. Zerua used its "Dispel Magic" ability to remove Spiria's "Rainbow Barrier", but then became caught in a web spun by Desert Trapdoor Spider. Shada's teammate, Seto, thanked Shada for removing the barrier and then got his ka, Duos to sacrifice its incapacitated teammates, including Zerua, in order to strengthen itself. Although this resulted in their team's victory, the value of winning, through the sacrifice of allies was questioned.[1]

In a Diaha against Bakura, King of Thieves, Shada summoned Zerua, which he used, after coming to Atem's aid. Unable to see Bakura's Diabound, Zerua and other priests' ka were instructed to attack the darkness, but Zerua was destroyed after being attacked by the hidden Diabound.[2]


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