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Street Fighter
Street Fighter
English name
  • Street Fighter
Japanese name
RōmajiSutorīto Faitā
  • Male
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel 02525: "The One-Inch Terror"
Appears in
Street Fighter
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Street Fighter (ストリートファイター Sutorīto Faitā)[1] is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. He was a boy who beat-up Yugi Mutou in frustration over losing a streak of Virtual VS.

Street Fighter is a fan of Bruce Lee. He uses the video-game character Bruce Ryu, who is based on Bruce Lee, wears the yellow jumpsuit worn by Bruce Lee's character in the film Game of Death and played a game called "Game of Death" with Katsuya Jonouchi.


Street Fighter played the Virtual VS arcade game with Yugi, where both of them choose the same character, Bruce Ryu. After Yugi defeated him several times, Street Fighter beat up Yugi in retaliation and took his Millennium Puzzle. Jonouchi found out what happened afterwards and chased down Street Fighter to get back the Puzzle.[2]

Street Fighter set up a fighting game where, if Jonouchi won, he could take back the Puzzle. Both players fought with a knife clenched between their teeth. He threatened to smash the Puzzle if Jonouchi refused. Street Fighter cheated as he secretly had a trick knife that was capable of sliding into its hilt. That proved irrelevant as Jonouchi told him to take the knife out of his mouth, so he won't have to hold back from punching him in the face. He accepted and Jonouchi kept a knife in his own mouth.[2]

Jonouchi teased Street Fighter's speed while he dodged all his punches with his hands in his pockets. Street Fighter got annoyed and told him to take his hands out of his pockets. Jonouchi left them in saying he had promises to his friend in both pockets and he didn't get to see them until the end of the game. When Street Fighter got close to Jonouchi, Jonouchi popped open a can of soda from one pocket, spraying Street Fighter in the face. The soda was a promise he had made to Yugi. Jonouchi then punches him using his fist from his other pocket, saying that that was his promise to clobber him. Jonouchi returned the Puzzle to Yugi afterwards.[2]


Street Fighter took part in the following games.

Opponent Game Outcome Chapter
Yugi Mutou Virtual VS (game) Lose DM02525
Katsuya Jonouchi Game of Death Lose DM02525

Other appearances[edit]