Card shop manager (manga)

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Card shop manager
Card shop manager
English name
  • Card shop manager
Japanese name
RōmajiKādo ya no tenchō
  • Male
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel 151: "Rare Hunters!"
Appears in
Card shop manager (manga)

The card shop manager (カード屋の店長 kādo ya no tenchō) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. He is a clerk at the RPG Hobby Trading Cards shop.

The manager had access to KaibaCorp's Duelist database in order to determine people's eligibility to participate in the Battle City tournament. He exploited his access to this information as he worked in cahoots with the Rare Hunters, informing them of the whereabouts of Duelists with rare cards.


Before the Battle City tournament, the manager's store was stocked with V2 Duel Disks and he was given access to a KaibaCorp database with information on Duel Monsters players from across the country. Players with a high enough ranking in the database were eligible to receive a free Duel Disk to participate in the tournament.[1]

Yugi Mutou and Katsuya Jonouchi came to the manager's store to collect their Duel Disks, when there were five Duel Disks left in stock. The manager took their names and looked up their details. Impressed by Yugi's maximum Level 8 rating, he awarded him a free Duel Disk. With a Level 2 rating, he told Jonouchi that he was ineligible. However the database also informed him that Jonouchi had the very rare "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" card, so he planned a way to take the card. The manager edited Jonouchi's record to make him Level 5 and apologized, saying he had made a mistake earlier. He gave Jonouchi a Duel Disk and alerted the Rare Hunters afterwards to tell them where to find the "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" card. With that knowledge and Jonouchi equipped with a Duel Disk, the Rare Hunters were able to able to defeat him in a Duel and take the card.[1]

Dark Yugi suspected the Rare Hunters had targeted Jonouchi with the knowledge that he was a tournament Duelist and that he had "Red-Eyes Black Dragon". As he wondered how they could have known, Yugi remembered that the clerk had looked up their details, leading them to realize that the shop was a front for Rare Hunters.[2]


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