Gozaburo's right-hand man

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Gozaburo's right-hand man
Gozaburo's right-hand man
  • Male
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel 27: "Project Start!"
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Gozaburo's right-hand man

Gozaburo's right-hand man is a character, who appeared once in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.

He was a high ranking individual within KaibaCorp, while Gozaburo Kaiba was in charge. Once Seto Kaiba took over, he lost his position.

In the anime, Leichter played a similar role.


Confronting Seto over Gozaburo's death.

The man served as Gozaburo's right-hand man. Gozaburo's son, Seto, forcefully took over the company, driving Gozaburo to commit suicide. Afterwhich, he stripped Gozaburo's right-hand man of his authority. The circumstances of Gozaburo's death were covered-up and Seto was said to have inherited the company, but the former right-hand man was aware of what really happened and tried to expose Seto.

He appeared at the grand opening of the first Kaiba Land, where he accused Kaiba of taking over the company and driving his father to his suicide. He called Kaiba the "devil incarnate". Seto had the security guards remove him. Seto then informed Yugi Mutou of that man's former position and said that he is now a worthless has-been, before giving Yugi a cover story of his father's death.