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English name
  • Chopman
Japanese name
  • Male
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel 03131: "Murderer's Mansion"
Appears in

The Chopman is a serial killer that is in one of the traps at Death-T.


Chopman's backstory is reminiscent of Jason Voorhees, albeit killing children instead of adults. His mask is typical of Jason, Michael Myers and Leatherface. The use of a chainsaw is typical of Leatherface. His wisecracks and calculated insanity seem to stem from Freddy Krueger.


Domino Lake murders[edit]

One summer at a camp near Domino Lake, Chopman murdered ten boy scouts who had been staying there, in a single night. He chopped their bodies into unrecognizable pieces. The news of the murders had all of Domino City in fear. The suspect came to be known as "The Chopman", but was not captured and remained at large.[1]


KaibaCorp later hired the Chopman for the Horror Zone stage of their Death-T theme park.[1]

After Yugi and his friends passed the bllood puzzle inside the Murderer's Mansion, a trapdoor to the basement and exit opened, with the Chopman hidden inside.[1] The Chopman reached out and swiped Johji, kidnapping him. Under Kaiba's orders the Chopman was not to kill Johji yet, as they needed him to lure in Yugi and his friends.[2]

Johji was made sit on a podium in the center of a room, with the Chopman hidden in the darkness behind him. Johji unsuccessfully tried to convince the others to come inside, lying that he was alone. When it became clear that the group weren't going to come in, a screen lit-up on the Chopman's torso, with Kaiba on it. Kaiba asked Yugi and his friends to send one of their players inside or the Chopman would kill Johji.[2]

Chopman battles Jonouchi.

Jonouchi stepped inside and went over to collect Johji and the door slammed shut behind him. However, Johji strapped a handcuff onto Jonouchi, which was connected to a chain strung through the podium and onto the Chopman's wrist. Jonouchi was forced to face the Chopman in a deathmatch, using an array of weapons hanging from the ceiling.[2]

The Chopman climbed on the podium and took the chainsaw. He was able to use his brute force to pull Jonouchi over to him by yanking the chain. The chainsaw got stuck on the podium as the Chopman made a swing at Jonouchi and Johji. As he tried to free it, he didn't pay attention to Jonouchi, who picked and unlocked his end of the handcuff using a candlestick, strapped the chain onto the door and slid the candle inside it. After the Chopman freed the chainsaw, he spotted Jonouchi over by the door. Trying to pull him over again, he yanked the chain, ripping the door out of the wall. Jonouchi escaped and the candle hit the oil-covered floor, incinerating the Chopman.[2]

Other appearances[edit]


The OCG/TCG card "Chopman the Desperate Outlaw" is based on this character.


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