Stun gun trooper 6

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Stun gun trooper 6
Stun gun trooper 6
English name
  • Stun gun trooper
Japanese name
RōmajiSutan gan butai
  • Male
GangHirutani's gang
SchoolRintama High School
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel 11: "The Wild Gang (Part 1)"
Appears in
Stun gun trooper 6

The stun gun trooper (スタンガンたい sutan gan butai) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. He is student from Rintama High School and one of Hirutani's henchmen.


The henchman was in Hirutani's gang, when Hirutani first got Katsuya Jonouchi to rejoin.[1]

When Jonouchi turned on the gang, the henchman tried punching him, but Jonouchi moved and kneed him in the stomach.[1]

After the gang took Jonouchi to the torture chamber, the henchman and two others attacked him, while he had his hands tied above his head. Hirutani got the gang to take out their stun guns. Jonouchi kicked one of the other henchmen away before he got to shock him. The henchman still managed to shock him first. The shocks from the gang left Jonouchi unable to speak, at which point the henchman suggested they stop. However Hirutani ordered him to continue despite his objection that it would kill Jonouchi. He was stopped by the appearance of Dark Yugi.[1]

Dark Yugi imposed a game, saying there was a bomb at the gangsters feet and they would win if they could find the switch. The henchman said that Dark Yugi was bluffing and prepared to shock him with a stun gun, but Hirutani stopped him, pointing out that they were wet and Yugi had lured them into a puddle, so using a stun gun would shock all of them. The gang got ready to beat Yugi without the guns. However an unconscious henchman, whose stun gun was still turned on woke up and dropped his stun gun into the puddle as Dark Yugi planned, shocking the gang.[1]

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