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ZTV director
ZTV director
English name
  • ZTV director
Japanese name
RōmajiZetto Tī Vi direkutā
  • Male
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel 0022: "Lying Eyes"
Appears in
ZTV director

The ZTV director (ZTVディレクター Zetto Tī Vi direkutā) is a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.

He works for ZTV and bends the truth in front of cameras in order to improve ratings.[1]


The director's "Mosaic Illusion" Penalty Game.

The director staged a bullying documentary, Caught on Camera: School Violence, at Domino High School. He got his assistant Fujita to disguise as a student and play the role of a bully by fighting Yugi Mutou on camera.

However, Jonouchi arrived and broke up the fight. The director intervened and told Fujita he could leave. He explained that Yugi was now the star of the show and will get dozens of letters from people sympathizing with him. Jonouchi tried to attack the director, but hesitated after being reminded he was on camera. The director then asked the camera crew to stop filming, and then attacked Jonouchi.[1]

Afterwards the director was confronted by Dark Yugi, who challenged him to a dice game Shadow Game, where if the director could roll a number lower than or equal to Dark Yugi's, he would win. The director was interested but after Dark Yugi rolled a 6, the director thought he had automatically won. However, Dark Yugi insisted that the game wasn't over until the director rolled. Wanting to shut Dark Yugi up, the director threw the die at Dark Yugi's face. Dark Yugi blocked it by holding up his Millennium Puzzle, causing the die to break and land on both a 1 and a 6, adding up to 7 and causing the director to lose. His Penalty Game, the "Mosaic Illusion", caused his vision to pixelize, like a blur used as a censor on TV.[1]

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