Mask of Light (manga)

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Mask of Light
Mask of Light
English name
  • Mask of Light
  • Male
Previous organizationRare Hunters
Tournament Position
Battle City Did not place
TeamAnti-God Attack Force
Manga DeckMask
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel 184184 (Duelist Duel 125): "Arena of Death!!"
Appears in
Light, Mask of

Mask of Light is a member Marik Ishtar's Rare Hunter organization. He is the Tag-Team partner of Mask of Darkness, and together they have Dueled with Seto Kaiba and Dark Yugi.


He, along with Mask of Darkness, was ordered by Marik to Duel Seto Kaiba and Dark Yugi in a Tag-Team Duel. They were Dueling atop a skyscraper, and each player is standing on glass. The loser's glass will shatter, and will fall to the bottom of the skyscraper, killing the loser. During the Duel, Mask of Light and Mask of Darkness heavily relied on teamwork, unlike Kaiba and Yugi, and were using a "Mask" Deck, preventing their opponents from Tributing monsters to Summon Kaiba's "Obelisk", or Yugi's "Slifer". However, Kaiba used "Soul Exchange" to Tribute Yugi's monsters to Summon "Obelisk". He then defeated Mask of Darkness with "Obelisk", making Mask of Light scared for Mask of Darkness, due to the glass shattering underneath him, and Mask of Light forfeited. Marik took over his mind to talk to Yugi and Kaiba, and fell unconscious. Marik presumably killed him afterwords.