Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel
Box art
EnglishYu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel
PlatformGame Boy Advance
  • Japanese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
Release dates
JapaneseApril 17, 2003
North AmericanApril 15, 2003
EuropeanApril 17, 2003
Remake ofDuel Monsters 6: Expert 2

Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel, known as Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters International: Worldwide Edition (ゆうおうデュエルモンスターズ インターナショナル ワールドワイドエディション Yugiō Dyueru Monsutāzu Intānashonaru: Wārudowaido Edishon) in the Japanese version, is an international remake of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 6: Expert 2. Released in both Japanese and English, it is set during the Battle City arc. The player duels characters from the anime and manga, participating in a few tournaments and duel single opponents they come across on the map screen. Cards are awarded for various reasons, including defeating opponents, winning tournaments and free cards with the Duelist Weekly magazine. This game contains around 1,000 cards.

Changes from Duel Monsters 6[edit]

  • The game can be played in six different languages.
  • Furigana has been removed from Japanese card names.
  • Cards do not have on-screen numbering.
  • 29 cards have been removed.
  • "Toon World" is changed to have its newer OCG effect. However when the game is played in Japanese, it has the text for the old effect. Other languages have the correct text.
  • Card names are visible on the cards themselves in the card-details view.
  • It does not cost Duel Points to enter a password.
  • Alternative artwork versions of cards have passwords. Each password is determined by taking the first four digits of the original artwork's password and adding a 0 after each. e.g. for "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" 89631139 becomes 80906030.
  • Passwords now work for cards, which were affected the password glitch, with the exception of "Lord of D.", which was not included in this game.
  • Trading is only possible with other copies of Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel.
  • Sets do not have names and have their packages changed to depict monsters rather than real-world sets.
  • Numerous instances of text are changed.
    • "Bag" → "Trunk"
    • "Duel Assist" → "Misc"
    • "8 Pass" → "Password"
    • "Link Duel" → "Cable Duel"
    • "D Point" → "Point"
  • Cards usually use their international artworks.
    • The Japanese names for the "Spirit Message" cards are changed to suit their international artworks. i.e. changed to spell "FINAL", instead of "DEATH".
  • The number of losses necessary to unlock Kaiba Mokuba is reduced from ten to five.

Cards removed[edit]

The following cards, present in Duel Monsters 6, were removed in Stairway to the Destined Duel.

The removal of "Scapegoat" makes the "Sheep Token" inaccessible through normal means. However, it can still be viewed via a glitch card.

Map screen[edit]

The map screen


The Battle City map is divided into 14 areas. Each in-game day, the player can stay in their existing area or move to a neighboring one. When an area is highlighted, preview boxes showing the Duelists, tournaments and passengers in the area will appear. However Duelists' names and faces will not be displayed if the player has not faced them yet. When the icon for an individual Duelist is highlighted the players' win and loss counts against that opponent are displayed.

  • When a passenger icon is selected, an unseen character will speak to the player.
  • When a Duelist icon is selected, the player will Duel that character, unless an interruption occurs. If the player wins the Duel, they are awarded a Booster Pack.
  • When a tournament icon is selected, the player takes part in that tournament.


The game includes characters from the manga, up until the Battle City manga arc.

Non-opponent characters, include Roland, who announces events, and the unnamed unseen "passengers" that the player can speak to.

Opponent characters are as follows:

Character Unlocked by Alternative form Alternative available
Tea Gardner Available from the start Mind-Controlled Tea During the Phantom Pyramid event
Joey Wheeler Available from the start Mind-Controlled Joey During the Phantom Pyramid event
Yami Yugi Available from the start Yugi Muto Sometimes Duels in Yami Yugi's stead
Kaiba Seto Available from the start
Mai Valentine Available from the start
Mako Tsunami Available from the start
Espa Roba Available from the start
Weevil Underwood Available from the start
Rex Raptor Available from the start
Trusdale Available from the start
Yami Bakura Available from the start Bakura Ryou Sometimes Duels in Yami Bakura's stead
Ishizu Ishtar Available from the start
Kaiba Mokuba Losing five Duels
Maximillion Pegasus Obtaining a copy of "Toon World"
Marik Ishtar Completing the Phantom Pyramid event Yami Marik
  • During the Phantom Pyramid event
  • Sometimes Duels in Marik's stead
Rare Hunter Completing the Phantom Pyramid event
Strings Completing the Phantom Pyramid event
Umbra & Lumis Completing the Phantom Pyramid event Umbra Sometimes Duels by himself
Arkana Completing the Phantom Pyramid event
Odion Completing the Phantom Pyramid event
Shadi Completing the Phantom Pyramid event
Bandit Keith Having five more wins than losses against every other character, apart from Duke
Duke Devlin Having unlocked and won a game against every other character


Roland, announcing a tournament
  • Duel Tournament: Held every Saturday. At the beginning of the game, it takes place in the subway zone. Its location changes each week, following a clockwise spiral pattern around the map. The player faces an opponent in a Match and is awarded a special pack for winning.
  • KC Cup: Starts on a Friday every 24 weeks. The location of the tournament is random, but will always take place in the same area of a neighboring one for the duration of the game. The tournament consists of three Matches spread over three days. On winning the third Match, the player is awarded a special pack.
  • Challenge Cup: Starts on a Friday every 13 weeks. The location of the tournament is random, but will always take place in the same area of a neighboring one for the duration of the game. The tournament consists of three Matches spread over three days. On winning the third Match, the player is awarded a special pack.
  • Target Week: Once a week, the player is given two random opponents. If they manage to find and defeat the opponents, they are awarded 200 Duel Points. The Ultimate Random Pack is available for selection after winning the second Duel and disappears afterwards.
  • Interruptions: If the player challenges certain characters, while certain other characters are in the same area, the other character will insist on Dueling the player instead. The combinations of characters this works for is as follows. Each character is capable of interrupting their corresponding character. e.g. Joey can interrupt Mai and Mai can also interrupt Joey.
  • Ghoul encounters: Rare Hunters will randomly interrupt the player when they try to talk to a passenger or challenge an opponent. The player must then Duel the Ghoul instead. Ghouls which can be faced this way include Rare Hunter, Arkana, Strings, Umbra & Lumis and Odion. The player is awarded a Purple Millennium Puzzle pack after defeating a Ghoul. If they lose, the Ghoul takes a rare card from them. After defeating each Ghoul this way, the Phantom Pyramid event is unlocked.
  • Phantom Pyramid: The player takes part in this event immediately after defeating each of the Ghouls. They are taken to Marik Ishtar's lair, where they must Duel, Mind-Controlled Tea, two random Ghouls, Mind-Controlled Joey and Yami Marik. Winning all five unlocks the Ghouls and Marik as regular opponents, the Limitation Tournaments and the achievement icons in the sub-menu screen. Losing causes the player to need to start again by defeating each Ghoul once each.
  • Limitation Tournament: Available after completing the Phantom Pyramid. The player's Deck must meet a certain condition to be allowed to participate. Each tournament is a single Duel against an unseen opponent. By winning each tournament, the player unlocks the next one. Upon beating each tournament, you are awarded one of every card which you do not already own that conforms to the limitation requirement of that tournament. For instance, if you beat the first Limitation, and you haven't obtained a Vorse Raider, you now have one in your trunk, as well as one of every other previously-unowned Warrior and Beast-Warrior-Type.
    1. Monsters can only be Warrior or Beast-Warrior-Type
    2. Monsters can only be Spellcaster-Type
    3. Monsters can only be Dragon-Type
    4. Monsters can only be Insect-Type
    5. Monsters can only be Level 4 or lower
    6. Monsters can only have 1000 or less ATK
    7. Monsters can only have 1000 or less DEF
    8. Monsters cannot have effects
    9. Magic Cards are not allowed
    10. Trap Cards are not allowed
    11. Magic and Trap Cards are not allowed

Language-select screen[edit]

Language select screens in the North American version (left) and Japanese and European version (right)

The language-select screen can be accessed by pressing start from the map screen or during a Duel. From here, the player can change the game's language to Japanese, English, German, French, Italian or Spanish.

  • Japanese is represented by the flag of Japan
  • English is represented by the United States flag in the North American version of the game and the United Kingdom flag in the Japanese and European versions of the game.
  • German is represented by the flag of Germany.
  • French is represented by the flag of France.
  • Italian is represented by the flag of Italy.
  • Spanish is represented by the flag of Spain.

Sub-menu screen[edit]

The sub menu

The sub-menu screen gives the player the following options:

  • Deck & Trunk: View cards in their possession and edit the contents of their Deck.
  • Misc: Trade with other games or enter passwords.
  • Link Duel: Duel with other copies of the game
  • Option: Toggle Limitation Status "on" or "off". Only available after the player has won all of the Limitation Tournaments.

After completing the Phantom Pyramid, a list of icons representing achievements appear across the top.

Deck & Trunk[edit]

The Deck-edit screen

The player can view their cards and edit their Deck from the Deck & Trunk menu. The menu has three different screens, which can be toggled between using the L and R keys.

  • Trunk: All cards in the player's possession, not currently in the Deck or Side Deck.
  • Main Deck: 40 to 60 cards used in Duels.
  • Side Deck: 0 to 15 cards, which can be used to modify the Deck between Duels, during Matches.

Each screen shows a list of cards with four visible at a time. The up and down arrows can be used to move through the cards one at a time or the left and right arrows to move four a time. When highlighted, a card's illustration, kana name, stats and the number of copies of it in the Trunk, Deck and Side Deck are displayed. When selected, the player can view its details or move a copy to the Trunk, Deck or Side Deck.

Cards can be filtered and re-ordered on each screen.

Statistics showing the total number of cards in each of the filter categories can be viewed for each screen.


Misc has two suboptions; "Trade" and "Password".

"Trade" allows players to connect the to a second copy of Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel , using the Game Link Cable to transfer cards between copies. After connecting two copies of the game and entering the trade menu, each player selects a card from their trunk and confirms that they wish to trade it. Each card is then sent to the opposite player's game.

"Password" allows players to enter the 8-digit Passwords from Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game cards to acquire copies of the card in the game.

Cable Duel[edit]

Players can connect two copies of the game, using the Game Link Cable, to Duel against each other.


If the player has completed the Limitation Tournaments, this menu can be used to turn off Limitation Statuses, effectively allowing the player to include three copies of any playable card in their Deck.

Achievement icons[edit]

After completing the Phantom Pyramid, a list of icons representing achievements appear across the top. The icons are initially green and turn yellow after they have been awarded.

From left to right, the achievements are:

  • Have at least ten wins against each opponent.
  • Open at least one of every Booster Pack.
  • Reach 50,000 Duel Points
  • Win the Duel Tournament at least once in all fourteen areas on the map.
  • Win the Challenge Cup
  • Win the KC Cup
  • Initiate each of the character interruption sequences.
  • Have at least one of every card.
  • Win all the Limitation Tournaments.
  • Complete the Phantom Pyramid event.

Obtaining cards[edit]

Initial Deck[edit]

At the start of the game, the player is given an Initial Deck from choice of a Black Deck, Red Deck or Green Deck. There are two different Decks for each color. The player is randomly given one of the two.

Each Initial Deck has 36 cards in common and 5 variant cards. The variant cards are Monster Cards in the Black Deck, Trap Cards in the Red Deck, and Magic Cards in the Green Deck.


All packs in the game contain five random cards, from a set. A number of packs are based real world OCG Booster Packs, while some are video-game exclusive.

Booster Packs[edit]

After defeating an opponent on the map screen and in certain events, the player is awarded a choice of Booster Pack.

Most Booster Packs remain permanently available after their unlock condition has been fulfilled once. Ones whose condition is marked with an * are only available while the condition is true and can be made unavailable, if the condition is not maintained.

Pack DM6 equivalent Unlocked by
Dark Magician Vol.1 Available from the start
Mystical Elf Vol.2 Available from the start
Red-Eyes B. Dragon Vol.3 Available from the start
Cyber Harpie Vol.4 Available from the start
Gate Guardian Vol.5 Available from the start
Great Moth Vol.6 Available from the start
Launcher Spider Vol.7 Available from the start
Blue-Eyes White Dragon Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon Obtaining a copy of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon"
Exodia the Forbidden One Phantom God Obtaining a copy of "Exodia the Forbidden One"
B. Skull Dragon Revival of Black Demons Dragon Obtaining a copy of "Red-Eyes B. Dragon"
Barrel Dragon Metal Raiders Obtaining a copy of "Barrel Dragon"
Relinquished Magic Ruler Keeping Duel Points at 5,000 or more*
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Pharaoh's Servant Keeping Duel Points at 10,000 or more*
Buster Blader Curse of Anubis Keeping Duel Points at 20,000 or more*
The Legendary Fisherman Thousand Eyes Bible Keeping Duel Points at 30,000 or more*
The Masked Beast Spell of Mask Winning the KC Cup, Challenge Cup and Duel Tournament
Destiny Board Labyrinth of Nightmare Having ten wins against all start-of-game opponents
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Premium Pack 3 Winning the Duel Tournament
Dark Magician Girl Premium Pack 4 Winning the Duel Tournament ten times
Red-Eyes B. Dragon 2 Premium Pack 5 Having all previously listed packs available*
Black Luster Soldier Dark Celemony Edition Available from the start
Graceful Charity Booster Chronicle Having a streak of three wins*
Red Millennium Puzzle Konami Selection Available on the fifth Sunday after beginning the game and every fourth Sunday thereafter*
Pink Eye of Wdjat Trap Selection Obtaining 500 cards
Green Eye of Wdjat Magic Selection Obtaining 1,000 cards
Purple Millennium Puzzle Rare Selection Obtaining 541 different cards
Yellow Eye of Wdjat Ultimate Random Pack Defeating both opponents during Target Week*

Special packs[edit]

Special packs are awarded at certain events.

Set DM6 equivalent Event
Duelist Weekly special pack 1 Weekly Jump special pack 1 Each week, one of these two packs is included with the Duelist Weekly magazine
Duelist Weekly special pack 2 Weekly Jump special pack 2
Challenge Cup special pack Challenge Cup special pack Prize for winning the Challenge Cup
KC Cup special pack KC Cup special pack Prize for winning the KC Cup tournament
Duel Tournament special pack Duel Tournament special pack Prize for winning the Duel Tournament held on Saturdays
Yellow Eye of Wdjat pack Ultimate Random Pack Prize for winning the Limitation Tournaments. This is also available as a regular Booster Pack.
Purple Millennium Puzzle pack Rare Selection Award for defeating a Ghoul in a random encounter. This is also available as a regular Booster Pack.


In the password menu, the player can get cards by entering the eight digit Password found in the bottom corner of real-world cards.


  • If "Mystic Box" is used to return control of a monster taken by "Change of Heart", control of the monster is switched again at the end of the turn, rather than having it remain with the original controller.
  • If a player has a Field Spell in play, and the other player activates another Field Spell, then the first player activates a card to negate it such as "Magic Jammer" or "Solemn Judgment"), then both Field Spells will be destroyed, and their effects will no longer be active, but the background image will remain the same as the first Field Spell.
  • There are many cards which cannot be activated or otherwise do not work, such as "Graverobber's Retribution" and "Crush Card".
  • Bandit Keith, has an unplayable card; a Level 1 monster with 0 ATK and DEF and no illustration. It disappears from his hand after being drawn.
    • Sometimes the screen will randomly go to a screen where Keith declares the Duel a DRAW.
    • When he activates "Gamble", and calls it wrong, when the game tries to go to his turn, it skips it, which ends the Duel, resulting in a DRAW.
  • The Purple Millennium Puzzle pack, Challenge Cup special pack and Red Millennium Puzzle pack can contain a glitch card, which gets morphed into a regular card, meaning the pack can theoretically give any card, including Tokens or a special glitch card, which creates a harmless graphical glitch. Tokens and the special glitch card do not get added to the player's trunk if they are obtained.
  • After the announcements proclaiming that the Rare Hunters are on the loose, there is a chance that Marik Ishtar will show up as a tournament opponent, even if he has not been faced in the normal storyline.
  • The Challenge Cup will not take place if Espa Roba is Dueled the day before it is scheduled.
  • The AI using "Graceful Dice" or "Skull Dice" can cause the game of freeze at the end of the die-roll cut scene. This can be bypassed by holding A to skip the scene.
  • Opening and closing the language-select menu after the announcement of the Target Week opponents will cause the scene to repeat and the player to be given new targets.
  • If "The Immortal of Thunder" is Summoned face-down by the effect of "Spear Cretin", then attacked and destroyed, the controller will get 3000 Life Points and the opponent will lose 5000 Life Points. ("Spear Cretin" just creates copies of cards from the Graveyards that, once destroyed, end up in the wrong Graveyard.)
  • The effect of "Witch of the Black Forest" is activated twice when used to Fusion Summon "Musician King", with "Polymerization" and a Fusion Substitute.
  • When "Witch of the Black Forest" or "Sangan" are destroyed via the effect of another card such as "Premature Burial" or "Call Of The Haunted", their effects will usually activate twice.
  • If "Change of Heart" is used twice in one turn, on adjacent monsters, the first card will return normally, but when the second returns it overlaps the first and disappears from the Duel.
  • Normally "Hourglass of Courage" has to be face-up on the field for 3 full turns for its double ATK/DEF effect to work, but if "Call Of The Haunted" is used to revive it during the opponent's turn, its effect is applied on the player's next turn, even though this is only the second turn.
  • If a player has a "Forbidden One" piece on the field and the others in their hand, the Duel prematurely ends with a DRAW declaration.
  • The text for "Makiu" mentions "Left Arm of the Forbidden One", instead of "Summoned Skull".
  • If "Zombyra the Dark" is replaced with another monster, e.g. by the effect of "Cyber Jar" or "Ultimate Offering", the new monster will retain ATK reductions "Zombyra" had from its effect.
  • A monster taken by "Change of Heart" will not be able to attack if "Total Defense Shogun" attacks before it that Battle Phase.
  • Cards such as "Torrential Tribute" cannot be activated in response to the Summoning of a "Slime Token" by the effect of "Jam Breeding Machine". Occasionally, Torrential Tribute also fails to activate against ordinary monsters, such as Pegasus' Summoned Skull.
  • "The Legendary Fisherman" can be attacked while "Umi" is active.
  • Kaiba Seto can attack while he has played "Nightmare's Steelcage"
  • "Exodia" wins can occur without the player having all five pieces in their hand, if they are part of the Deck.
  • If the effect of "Copycat" is used twice, e.g. by flipping it face-down with "Magical Hats" between activations, its ATK becomes the sum of the two copied ATK values.
  • The opponent can still Set Spell and Trap cards after "Cold Wave" has been activated.
  • The default target of "Mystical Space Typhoon" is always itself.
  • When you activate "Dark Spirit of the Silent", instead of your opponent's attacking monster destroying another of their monsters, it attacks the monster, but neither are destroyed and you take damage equal to the targeted monster's ATK.

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