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A Match (マッチ Matchi) is a best-of-three set of Duels.

The first Duelist to win two Duels is declared the winner of the Match. If a Duelist loses two Duels, they are considered to have lost the Match. If both Duelists have one loss in a Match and both receive a simultaneous Game Loss penalty, the Match is considered a Double Loss.[citation needed]

While they are almost always considered "best-of-three" sets, it is possible to play more than three Duels in a Match, if at least one Duel ends in a DRAW before the end of the round. For example, if both Duelists have won 1 Duel and the third Duel ends in a Draw, a fourth Duel must be played to determine who gets the second win.

All official tournament results are governed by Matches rather than single Duels, with players allowed to use their Side Deck in between Duels. Official tournament Matches are also timed; if Duelists have not completed their Matches when the round time ends, End of Match Procedure rules are used.

A series of cards, known as Match winners, all have an effect that allows a player to win an entire Match instead of just a Duel if they reduce the opponent's LP to 0 with a direct attack (sometimes with additional conditions). All of them have limitation text stating that they are Illegal for use in tournaments, except for "Victory Dragon" (which is Forbidden).