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Japanese (ruby)


Japanese (base text)


Japanese (romanized)

Rinku Jōtai

Japanese (translated)

Link State

A monster is considered to be Linked (リンクじょうたい Rinku Jōtai, "Link State") when a Link Monster's Link Arrow points to it, OR when it itself is a Link Monster that points to any other monsters. While cards like "Cynet Storm" refer to any Monster in this state, cards like "Tindangle Hound" care about the monsters a card is "linked to", which refers to each other monster pointing to or pointed at by an individual linked monster.


Multiple Link Monsters are co-linked if they point to each other.

Extra Linked[edit]

A special Co-linked state that connects the two Extra Monster Zones. Any monster involved in an Extra Link is Extra Linked. Additionally, any monster co-linked with an Extra Linked monster is also Extra Linked.


Example A: Linked Monsters[edit]

In this scenario, both "Ib the World Chalice Priestess" and "Crowned by the World Chalice" are linked monsters that are linked to each other. They are NOT co-linked.

Example B: Co-linked Monsters[edit]

In this scenario, not only are "Honeybot" and "Firewall Dragon" linked Monsters that are linked to each other, they are also co-linked with one another because of their arrows.

Example C: Extra Linked Monsters[edit]

In this scenario, all of the Monsters are Extra Linked. Furthermore, if a Monster present in the leftmost or rightmost Main Monster Zone was co-linked with "Firewall Dragon" (An additional "Honeybot", for example) it would be considered Extra Linked as well.