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Pick up a card



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Pick up

"Enchanting Fitting Room", a card with an effect that picks up cards

Pick up (めくる Mekuru) is an outdated term used in card texts prior to the Problem-Solving Card Text update. To pick up is to look at or reveal a card from the top of the Deck or a face-down card on the field with a card effect.

Current card texts replace "pick up" in one of two ways. Picking up a card from the Main Deck or field without allowing the opponent to see it is called "looking", whereas picking up a card from the Main Deck or field so that both players can see it is called "revealing". "Excavating" is a type of revealing card(s) from the top of the Main Deck.

Picked up cards are not removed from their current location for gameplay purposes, so are still considered to be in the Main Deck or on the field; if picked up cards are sent to the Graveyard, added to the hand, banished, etc., they will be considered to have come from the Main Deck or field. Picking up a Set card does not flip it, so its Flip effect does not activate.

Unlike drawing, a player does not lose the Duel if they cannot pick up a card due to having no cards in their Main Deck.

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