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Normal Summon

Normal Summon



Japanese (ruby)


Japanese (base text)


Japanese (romanized)

Tsūjō Shōkan

Japanese (translated)

Normal Summon


Normal Summon

A Normal Summon (つうじょうしょうかん Tsūjō Shōkan "Normal Summon", or simply しょうかん Shōkan "Summon") is a way to Summon a monster from a player's hand.

In Japanese, Normal Summon/Set is collectively referred to as つうじょうしょうかん ("Normal Summon"), while Normal Summon itself is referred to as only しょうかん ("Summon").


The turn player can perform a Normal Summon during their Main Phase in an open game state. To perform a Normal Summon, the player plays a monster directly from their hand into an available Monster Zone in face-up Attack Position, declaring that the monster is being Normal Summoned.

The turn player can only Normal Summon or Normal Set once per turn. If a player's attempted Normal Summon is negated, that player does not receive another Normal Summon in that turn.

Special Summon Monsters cannot be Normal Summoned, as stated in their card text, and neither can Ritual Monsters.

Tribute Summon[edit]

In order to Normal Summon a Level 5 or higher monster from the hand, the player must Tribute monster(s) they control. This is a type of Normal Summon called a Tribute Summon. Normal Summoning a Level 5 or 6 monster requires one Tribute, while Level 7 and higher monsters require two Tributes.

Normal Summoning Gemini monsters again[edit]

Gemini monsters are a type of monster that are treated as Normal Monsters on the field, but can be treated as Effect Monsters and gain their effects if they are Normal Summoned again while already face-up on the field. This counts as the player's one Normal Summon/Set per turn. However, if the Gemini monster is Level 5 or higher, no Tributes are required to Normal Summon it again. This Normal Summon can be negated like any other Summon.

Normal Summoning with a card effect[edit]

Some card effects, such as "Ultimate Offering", can perform Normal Summons immediately after their resolution.

Interactions with effects[edit]

  • While monsters can normally only be Normal Summoned in face-up Attack Position, "Light of Intervention" allows monsters to be Normal Summoned in face-up Defense Position.

Multiple Normal Summons in one turn[edit]

Some card effects, such as "Double Summon", allow a player to perform multiple Normal Summons in one turn.