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Public knowledge

Japanese (base text)


Japanese (romanized)

Kōkai Jōhō


public knowledge

During a Duel, the following items are considered to be public knowledge (公開情報 Kōkai Jōhō), unless a card effect says otherwise (e.g. "Question"). Duelists can verify these items at any time and must answer questions involving them truthfully.

  • Both duelists' current Life Points.
  • The number of cards in both players' hands, Decks (this includes the Main Deck, Side Deck, and Extra Deck), and Graveyards, and the number of each player's cards that are banished.
  • Information printed on a specific, named card, that both duelists can look at.
    • The DEF of a "Sangan" that is face-up on the field
    • The printed effect of a "Soul Exchange" in the Graveyard
    • Both players can look at all face-up cards on the field, cards in the Graveyards, face-up cards in the Extra Decks, and cards that are banished face-up, as well as any card currently being revealed. If the top card of either player's Main Deck is face-up (due to a card effect), it can also be looked at by both players.
  • Counters
    Examples: Number of Spell Counters on "Skilled Dark Magician"
  • Any notes taken by either Duelist during a Duel
    Examples: Reminders for "Gold Sarcophagus"

Duelists are allowed to pick up and verify the cards in their opponent's Graveyard, face-up banished cards in their opponent's possession, and face-up cards in their opponent's Extra Deck but the Duelist must ask for permission first. Also, Duelists must not change the order of the cards.