Dark Synchro Summon

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Dark Synchro Summon

Grady performs a Dark Synchro Summon.
Grady performs a Dark Synchro Summon.



Japanese (romanized)

Dāku Shinkuro

Japanese (translated)

Dark Synchro


Dark Synchro Summon

A Dark Synchro Summon is a method of Summoning a Dark Synchro Monster found in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime, manga, and the Tag Force series of video games. Mechanically, Dark Synchro Summon resembles an inverted Synchro Summon: instead of adding the Level of a Tuner monster to the Level of a non-Tuner monster to reach the Synchro Monster's Level, Dark Synchro Summoning involves subtracting the Level of a Dark Tuner monster from the Level of a non-Tuner monster to reach the Dark Synchro Monster's Negative Level.




Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's[edit]

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime, Dark Synchro Monsters were used by the Dark Signers and their possessed servants. When a character performs a Dark Synchro Summon, the Dark Tuner first transforms into its Level stars, which pierce the non-Tuner monster making it appear in pain. The non-Tuner monster then transforms into its own Level stars, which 'cancel out' some of the Dark Tuner's stars, disintegrating the non-Tuner monster in the process. The remaining Dark Tuner's stars then turn black and spin in a circle, before merging into a column of darkness that reveals the newly Summoned Dark Synchro Monster.

Each character recites a Summon chant while performing the Summon; while this generally varies between characters in the original Japanese anime, all Dark Synchro Summon chants have been the same in the dubbed anime: "When the shadows are devoured by even darker shadows, the curtain pulls back and reveals a world without light!".

Video games[edit]

In the Tag Force games, the first part of the Summon animation is skipped, and the dark stars appear from nowhere before spinning in a circle and merging as before.


  • The "Ursarctic" Synchro Monsters are Special Summoned using a procedure very similar to Dark Synchro Summoning; they cannot be Synchro Summoned, but their Summoning conditions require the player to send a Level 8 or higher Tuner monster and one monster with a Level whose difference in Levels equals the Level of the Synchro Monster being Summoned.