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Spell Speed 1




Spell Speed 1

Spell Speed 1 (Japanese: スペルスピード1) is the slowest of all Spell Speeds. These card effects cannot be Chained to the activation of a card or effect. Typically, these effects cannot be Chain Link 2 or higher, unless multiple Spell Speed 1 effects are activated simultaneously.

The following are all Spell Speed 1:


  • Spell Cards (except Quick-Play Spell Cards), Ignition Effects and Ignition-like Effects can only be used by the turn player during an open game state in the Main Phase, unless otherwise stated on the card itself (such as "Curse of Fiend").
  • Spell Speed 1 effects cannot be Chained to the activation of another card or effect.
    • For example, when you activate "Storm", you cannot then Chain "Pot of Greed" to draw cards before using "Storm" effect, since "Pot of Greed" is a Normal Spell Card, and is therefore Spell Speed 1.
  • If multiple Trigger Effects or Trigger-like Effects are triggered at the same time, they follow the rules of "Simultaneous Effects Go On Chain". This is the only time a Spell Speed 1 effect can be Chain Link 2 or higher.
    • For example, if two "Mystic Tomatoes" battle, they are both destroyed by battle, and both their effects activate simultaneously.