Attack Position

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Attack Position



Japanese (ruby)


Japanese (base text)


Japanese (romanized)

Kōgeki Hyōji

Japanese (translated)

Attack Display


Attack Position

English (anime)

Attack Mode

This is what a card looks like in Attack Position.

Attack Position (Japanese: こうげきひょう Kōgeki Hyōji; English-dubbed anime: Attack Mode) is a Battle position in which a Monster Card is face-up in a Vertical Position. In this position, the ATK value is used to represent this card, except where a card effect requires a specific examination of the DEF value.

Attack Position monsters should always be face-up. The only time when a face-down Attack Position Monster Card is acceptable is when it is placed that way by the effects of the anime-only card, "Miracle Silk Hat"; there are no other cards involving face-down Attack Position.