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"Axe of Despair" from Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants. The archetype condition is the first line of its card text.

An archetype condition is a condition that specifies a card as being a member of an archetype when the card's name does not.

Most occurrences are on non-Japanese prints of cards where the card's name was established before the archetype was; the most common usages are on old "Archfiend" cards such as "Summoned Skull" and "Axe of Despair" for which the localized name is well-known and it would not be appropriate to rename the card.

For Effect Monsters, archetype conditions are always listed at the beginning of the card text (but after Materials, if any); non-Effect Monsters instead list it at the very bottom of the text box. On Japanese cards, they are simply written as a regular sentence as part of the main body; on non-Japanese cards, they are always in parentheses and on a separate line from the rest of the card text.

Because an archetype condition is a condition and not an effect, it is unaffected by cards such as "Skill Drain". It is also the only text that can be printed in the lore box of a Normal Monster that can affect gameplay in any way (and is therefore not italicized). For a Pendulum Monster, it is the only text in the lore box that can affect gameplay while the card is placed in a Pendulum Zone.


Archetype membership is ordinarily determined by a card's name: an archetype's support (and anti-support) cards list a specific string in their effect, and a given card is a member of that archetype if its name includes that string. Because Yu-Gi-Oh! is originally a Japanese franchise, most such support is determined by Japanese names, and when cards are localized for non-Japanese regions, a suitable translation is chosen to name the archetype and be used in the names of all of that archetype's members and the effects of its support cards, and no other cards ever use that string in their names.

There are two cases where this system may break down: where the first support cards are released much later than the first members, and those members were localized without the archetype's string in their names (sometimes including anime localizations); and where previously-localized non-members were given names that contain the archetype's string. In both cases, there are two possible solutions: rename the card, or specify its membership status; both ways have been used in the past. For example: the English card text of "Arsenal Summoner" specifies that "Celtic Guardian", "Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1", "Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #2", "Guardian of the Labyrinth" and "The Reliable Guardian" are not "Guardian" cards; and "Oscillo Hero #2" had its English name changed to "Wattkid" to include it in the "Watt" archetype. Archetype conditions can be considered a formalized type of the first method, used where a card cannot be renamed because its current name is well-established and well-known by fans and players, as is the case for "Summoned Skull" and "Axe of Despair", or it is not feasible to rename the card to exclude it from the archetype while preserving the meaning across European languages, as is the case for "T.G. Wonder Magician" in French and "Kozmoll Dark Lady" in Italian.



Language Text Translation
English (This card is always treated as a(n) "[archetype]" card.)
French (Cette carte est toujours traitée comme une carte "[archetype]".) (This card is always treated as a(n) "[archetype]" card.)
German (Diese Karte wird immer als „[archetype]“-Karte behandelt.)
Formerly: (Diese Karte wird jederzeit als „[archetype]“-Karte behandelt.)
Italian (Questa carta viene sempre considerata come una carta "[archetype]".)
Formerly: (Questa carta è sempre considerata come una carta "[archetype]".)
(This card gets always considered as a(n) "[archetype]" card.)
Formely: (This card is always considered as a(n) "[archetype]" card.)
Portuguese (Este card é tratado como um card "[archetype]".)
Formerly: (Este card deve ser sempre considerado como um card "Arquidemônio".)
(This card is treated as a(n) "[archetype]" card.)
Formerly: (This card must always be considered as a(n) "[archetype]" card.)
Spanish (Esta carta se trata siempre como una carta "[archetype]"). (This card is always treated as a(n) "[archetype]" card).
Japanese このカードはルールじょう「[archetype]」カードとしてもあつかう。
Formerly: このカードはルールじょう「[archetype]」のついたカードとしてもあつかう。
This card is also treated as a(n) "[archetype]" card as a rule.
Formerly: As a rule, this card is also treated as a card with "[archetype]" in its name.
Korean 이 카드는 룰 상 "[archetype]" 카드로도 취급한다.
Formerly: 이 카드는 룰 상 "[archetype]" 카드로도 취급한다.
This card is treated as a(n) "[archetype]" card as a rule.


This notation is deprecated, presumably to make it clear that the condition applies even if the card in question is not currently treated as a monster, e.g. by becoming an Equip Card.

Language Text Translation
English (This monster is always treated as a(n) "[archetype]" monster.)
French (Ce monstre est toujours traité comme un monstre "[archetype]".) (This monster is always treated as a(n) "[archetype]" monster.)
German (Dieses Monster wird immer als ein „[archetype]“-Monster behandelt.)
Italian (Questo mostro viene sempre considerato come un mostro "[archetype]".) (This monster gets always considered as a(n) "[archetype]" monster.)
Spanish (Este monstruo se trata siempre como un monstruo "[archetype]"). (This monster is always treated as a(n) "[archetype]" monster).
Japanese このカードはルールじょう「[archetype]」モンスターとしてもあつかう。 This card is treated as a(n) "[archetype]" monster as a rule.
Korean 이 카드는 룰 상 "[archetype]" 몬스터로도 취급한다.


This type of condition was first seen in Absolute Powerforce on "Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast". While "Archfiend" cards without "Archfiend" in their name had long been listed on the official website and in rulebooks, the condition text was not added to them until Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants.

The first Japanese card with an archetype condition was "Number 39: Utopia Beyond", a Master Guide 4 promotional card. In TCG languages, this card does not include any archetype condition, as its localized name contained the required string, whereas its original name did not.

In OCG languages, if a card has an archetype condition then it has that archetype condition in all OCG languages. In TCG languages, there are several cases where a card only has an archetype condition in some languages that does not appear in other TCG languages.

Cards with archetype conditions[edit]


 Japanese nameTranslated nameArchetype(s)
Archfiend Soldierデーモン・ソルジャーDaemon SoldierArchfiend
Archfiend's AscentデーモンのちょうえつDaemon's TranscendenceArchfiend
Skull Archfiend
Archfiend's AwakeningデーモンのこうりんDaemon's AdventArchfiend
Skull Archfiend
Archfiend's CallデーモンのしょうらいDaemon's CallArchfiend
Skull Archfiend
Archfiend's ManifestationデーモンのけんげんDaemon's ManifestationArchfiend
Skull Archfiend
Aussa the Earth Charmer, Immovableさいかいれい使つかいアウスAussa the Lofty Earth Spirit CharmerCharmer
Beast of Talwarタルワール・デーモンTalwar DaemonArchfiend
Black Fang MagicianこくじゅつMagician (archetype)
Xyz Dragon
Black Skull Dragonブラック・デーモンズ・ドラゴンBlack Daemon's DragonArchfiend
Celtic Guard of Noble ArmsエルフのせいけんElf Holy SwordsmanCeltic Guard
Noble Arms
Chimera the Flying Mythical BeastゆうよくげんじゅうキマイラChimaera the Winged Phantom BeastPhantom Beast
Contrast HERO ChaosC・HEROコントラストヒーロー カオスHERO
Elemental HERO
Dark Armed Dragonダーク・アームド・ドラゴンDark counterpart
Armed Dragon
Dharc the Dark Charmerやみれい使つかいダルクDharc the Dark Spirit CharmerCharmer
Double Iris MagicianこうさいじゅつIris MagicianMagician (archetype)
Pendulum (archetype)
Pendulum Dragon
Dragon Spirit of WhiteしろれいりゅうBlue-Eyes
Edge Imp Frightfuloidエッジインプ・ディーティーモドキEdge Imp DT ModokiEdge Imp
Eria the Water Charmer, Gentleせいれつすいれい使つかいエリアEria the Clear Water Spirit CharmerCharmer
Fiend Skull Dragonデス・デーモン・ドラゴンDeath Daemon DragonArchfiend
Fortune Chariot運命の戦車フォーチュン・チャリオットValkyrie
Gadget Soldierガジェット・ソルジャーGadget
Gaia the Magical KnightどうガイアGaia The Fierce Knight (archetype)
Gazelle the King of Mythical BeastsげんじゅうおうガゼルPhantom Beast King GazellePhantom Beast
Guardian Angel Joan守護天使ガーディアンエンジェル ジャンヌGuardian Angel JeanneGuardian
Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablazeしゃくねつれい使つかいヒータHiita the Blazing Fire Spirit CharmerCharmer
Lesser Fiendレッサー・デーモンLesser DaemonArchfiend
Lyna the Light Charmer, Shiningしょう耀ようこうれい使つかいライナLyna the Shining Light Spirit CharmerCharmer
Manga Ryu-Ranトゥーン・ドラゴン・エッガーToon Dragon EggerToon
Meklord Astro Dragon AsteriskこうしんりゅうアステリスクMachine Imperial God Dragon AsteriskMeklord
Meklord Astro
Number 39: Utopia BeyondNo.ナンバーズ39 ぼうおうビヨンド・ザ・ホープNumbers 39: King of Wishes, Beyond the HopeNumber
Utopia (archetype)
Number F0: Utopic Future DragonFNo.フューチャーナンバーズらいりゅうおうホープFuture Numbers 0: Future Dragon King, HopeNumber
Utopic Future
Number F
Purple Poison MagicianどくじゅつFusion (archetype)
Fusion Dragon
Magician (archetype)
Raider's Knightレイダーズ・ナイトPhantom Knights
The Phantom Knights
Raider's Wingレイダーズ・ウィングPhantom Knights
The Phantom Knights
Rainbow Dark Dragonきゅうきょくほうぎょくしん レインボー・ダーク・ドラゴンUltimate Gem God - Rainbow Dark DragonCrystal
Dark counterpart
Ultimate Crystal
Rainbow Dragonきゅうきょくほうぎょくしん レインボー・ドラゴンUltimate Gem God - Rainbow DragonCrystal
Ultimate Crystal
Rainbow Overdragonきゅうきょくほうぎょくしん レインボー・オーバー・ドラゴンUltimate Gem God - Rainbow Over DragonCrystal
Ultimate Crystal
Sephylon, the Ultimate TimelordきゅうきょくかいしんセフィロンSephylon, the Ultimate Time Machine GodTimelord
Shadow Tamerデーモン・テイマーDaemon TamerArchfiend
Spiritual Beast Tamer Windaせいれいじゅう使つかい ウィンダRitual Beast
Ritual Beast Tamer
Spiritual Beast
Summoned SkullデーモンのしょうかんSummoned DaemonArchfiend
Skull Archfiend
Superheavy Samurai Beast Kyubiちょうじゅうじゅうキュウ-ビーSuperheavy Demon Beast Kyu-BSuperheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai General Coralちょうじゅうしょうサン-Superheavy General San-5Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai General Jadeちょうじゅうしょうヒス-イーSuperheavy General Hisu-ESuperheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Ninja Sarutobiちょうじゅうにんじゃサルト-ビーSuperheavy Ninja Saruto-BSuperheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Ogre Shutendojiちょうじゅうしんシュテンドウ-ジーSuperheavy God Oni Shutendo-GSuperheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Stealth Ninjaちょうじゅうにんじゃシノビ-シーSuperheavy Ninja Shinobi-ACSuperheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Steam Train Kingちょうじゅうじょうテツドウ-オーSuperheavy Steam Oni Tetsudo-OSuperheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Swordmaster Musashiちょうじゅうけんせいムサ-シーSuperheavy Swordmaster Musa-CSuperheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Warlord Susanowoちょうじゅうこうじんスサノ-オーSuperheavy Koujin Susano-OSuperheavy Samurai
... further results
 Japanese nameTranslated nameArchetype(s)
Axe of DespairデーモンのおのDaemon's AxeArchfiend
Blaze Cannonゴッド・ブレイズ・キャノンGod Blaze CannonBlaze Accelerator (archetype)
Signature move
Burning Draw逆巻く炎の宝札バーニング・ドローSalamangreat
Celestial Sword - Eatosがみせいけん-エアトスHoly Sword of the Goddess - EatosNoble Arms
Cybernetic Horizon (card)サイバネティック・ホライゾンCyber
Cyberdark (Spell/Trap archetype)
A Deal with Dark RulerデーモンとのA Deal with a DaemonArchfiend
Fire Fortress atop Liang PeakえんけつりょうざんかくMount Liang Tower of the Flame HeroesFire Formation
Fury of Fireフューリー・オブ・ファイアSalamangreat
Fusion of Fireフュージョン・オブ・ファイアSalamangreat
Fusion (archetype)
Photon Generator Unitフォトン・ジェネレーター・ユニットPhoton
Raider's Unbreakable Mindレイダーズ・アンブレイカブル・マインドPhantom Knights
The Phantom Knights
Raidraptor ReplicaR・R・Rレイド・ラプターズ・レプリカRaid Raptors ReplicaRaidraptor
Rank-Up-Magic Limited Barian's ForceRUMランクアップマジック-リミテッド・バリアンズ・フォースRank-Up-Magic
Ride of the ValkyriesWalkurenワルキューレン RittリットWalkuren RittValkyrie
Rising Fireライジング・オブ・ファイアRising of FireSalamangreat
U.A. Hyper StadiumU.A.ウルトラアスリートハイパー・スタジアムUltra Athlete Hyper StadiumF.A.
U.A. Locker RoomU.A.ウルトラアスリートロッカールームUltra Athlete Locker RoomF.A.
U.A. Man of the MatchU.A.ウルトラアスリートマン・オブ・ザ・マッチUltra Athlete Man of the MatchF.A.


 Japanese nameTranslated nameArchetype(s)
Superheavy Samurai Beast Kyubi (anime)ちょうじゅうじゅうキュウ-ビーSuperheavy Demon Beast Kyu-BSuperheavy
Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai General Coral (anime)ちょうじゅうしょうサン-Superheavy General San-5Superheavy
Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai General Jade (anime)ちょうじゅうしょうヒス-イーSuperheavy General Hisu-ESuperheavy
Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Ninja Sarutobi (anime)ちょうじゅうにんじゃサルト-ビーSuperheavy Ninja Saruto-BNinja
Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Ogre Shutendoji (anime)ちょうじゅうしんシュテンドウ-ジーSuperheavy God Oni Shutendo-GSuperheavy
Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Stealth Ninja (anime)ちょうじゅうにんじゃシノビ-シーSuperheavy Ninja Shinobi-ACNinja
Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Steam Train King (anime)ちょうじゅうじょうテツドウ-オーSuperheavy Steam Oni Tetsudo-OSuperheavy
Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Warchief Heavystrongちょうじゅうしんフドウミョウ-オーSuperheavy War God Fudomyo-OSuperheavy
Superheavy Samurai
Superheavy Samurai Warlord Susanowo (anime)ちょうじゅうこうじんスサノ-オーSuperheavy Koujin Susano-OSuperheavy
Superheavy Samurai

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