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This article is about the archetype. For the Type, see Cyberse.
  • サイバー
  • Saibā (romanized)

  • 電子
  • Diànzǐ (pinyin)
  • Din6 zi2 (jyutping)
  • Electronic (translated)

  • Cyber

  • Cyber

  • Cyber

  • 사이버
  • Saibeo (romanized)

  • Ciber

  • Ciber
  • Cíber


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"Cyber" (サイバー Saibā) is an archetype of cards used by several characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime and manga, most prominently Zane Truesdale and Alexis Rhodes. It includes the "Cyber Angel", "Cyber Dragon" and "Cyberdark" archetypes, as well as the "Cyber Girl" series. Support had previously existed only in the anime and manga, but a support card for their Spells and Traps debuts for the OCG in Structure Deck: Blitzkrieg of the Mechlight Dragons.

Duelists who use this archetype are said to be practitioners of "Cyber Style".

The "Cybernetic" archetype, although related, contains no members of this archetype, as their Japanese names do not contain 「サイバー」. Since all support for the "Cyber" archetype also supports the "Cybernetic" archetype, in the TCG (in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese), the "Cybernetic" archetype is treated as a subset of the "Cyber" archetype.

In addition, "Cyber Commander", "Cyber Falcon", "Cyber Saurus", "Cyber Slash Harpie Lady", "Cyber Soldier", "Cyber Soldier of Darkworld", "Cyber-Stein", and "Cyber-Tech Alligator" are not considered to be part of this archetype, as their Japanese names do not contain 「サイバー」. However, since support for this archetype only affects Spells and Traps in the Main Deck, this is not an issue.

Both "Cyber Ogre" and "Cyber Twin Dragon" appear as characters in World Championship 2007, "Cyber End Dragon" appears in World Championship 2006, in World Championship 2007, in World Championship 2008 and in World Championship 2009, and both "Cyber Eltanin" and "Cyber Valley" appears in World Championship 2010.


In the manga, some "Cyber" cards are named after stars in the Draco constellation.

Card Origin
Cyber Alnair α (Alnair)
Cyber Alsafi σ (Alsafi)
Cyber Eltanin γ (Eltanin)
Cyber Struve Struve 2398
Cyber Thuban α (Thuban)
Born from Draconis Draco constellation

Some of the "Cyber Dragon" cards have German words in their names.

Card Translation
Cyber Dragon Zwei Two
Cyber Dragon Drei Three
Cyber Dragon Vier Four
Cyber Dragon Herz Heart
Cyber Dragon Nachster Next
Cyber Dragon Sieger Winner