Premium Pack Vol.6

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Premium Pack Vol.6
Premium Pack Vol.6
  • Premium Pack Vol.6
Korean프리미엄 팩 Vol.6
Set information
TypeBooster pack
Part of seriesPremium Pack
  • PP06-KR (kr)
Number of cards30
Cover cardElemental HERO Divine Neos
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • June 17, 2011

Premium Pack Vol.6

Premium Pack Vol.6 is a Korean pack, containing a number of cards that were released as promos in the Japanese OCG, that were previously unreleased in Korean. The set contains 30 Ultra Rare cards, 6 of which are also avalible as Secret Rares.


The set includes 30 cards or 36 in the Master Set. This is comprised of:



Premium Pack Vol.6
1st Edition galleries
Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategory
PP06-KR001"Gallis the Star Beast""성견야수 가리스"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
PP06-KR002"Darkness Destroyer""다크니스 디스트로이어"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP06-KR003"Neos Wiseman""네오스 와이즈맨"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP06-KR004"Elemental HERO Divine Neos""엘리멘틀 히어로 갓 네오스"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
PP06-KR005"Junk Collector""정크 컬렉터"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP06-KR006"Backup Warrior""백업 워리어"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP06-KR007"Miracle's Wake""기적의 낙조"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Normal Trap
PP06-KR008"Golem Dragon""골렘 드래곤"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP06-KR009"Darklord Superbia""타락천사 스펠비어"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
PP06-KR010"Darklord Edeh Arae""타락천사 에데 아라에"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP06-KR011"Lancer Lindwurm""랜스 린드블룸"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP06-KR012"Cyber Eltanin""사이버 엘타닌"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP06-KR013"Elemental HERO Neos Knight""엘리멘틀 히어로 네오스 나이트"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PP06-KR014"Malefic Truth Dragon""Sin 트루스 드래곤"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP06-KR015"Hundred Eyes Dragon""원헌드레드 아이 드래곤"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster
PP06-KR016"The Tyrant Neptune""The tyrant NEPTUNE"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP06-KR017"Transforming Sphere""트랜스폼 스피어"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP06-KR018"The Atmosphere""The 애트머스피어"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP06-KR019"Junk Blader""정크 블레이더"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP06-KR020"Lightning Warrior""라이트닝 워리어"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster
PP06-KR021"Junk Forward""정크 포워드"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP06-KR022"Fallen Angel of Roses""마천사 로즈 소서러"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP06-KR023"Machina Cannon""머시너즈 캐논"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP06-KR024"Blaze Fenix, the Burning Bombardment Bird""중폭격금 폭탄 페넥스"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PP06-KR025"Masked HERO Goka""마스크드 히어로 강화"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PP06-KR026"Masked HERO Vapor""마스크드 히어로 베이퍼"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PP06-KR027"Vision HERO Adoration""비전 히어로 애더레이션"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
PP06-KR028"Scarred Warrior""스카아 워리어"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster
PP06-KR029"Mask Change""마스크 체인지"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Quick-Play Spell
PP06-KR030"A Hero Lives""히어로 얼라이브"Ultra RareNormal Spell