Hidden Summoners

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This article is about the TCG Booster Pack. For the OCG Booster Pack, see Deck Build Pack: Hidden Summoners.
Hidden Summoners
Hidden Summoners
  • Hidden Summoners
FrenchLes Invocateurs Cachés
GermanHidden Summoners
ItalianEvocatori Nascosti
PortugueseInvocadores Ocultos
SpanishInvocadores Ocultos
Set information
TypeBooster Pack
  • HISU-EN (en)
  • HISU-FR (fr)
  • HISU-DE (de)
  • HISU-IT (it)
  • HISU-PT (pt)
  • HISU-SP (sp)
Number of cards60
Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • November 16, 2018
English (eu)
  • November 15, 2018
English (oc)
  • November 15, 2018
French, German,
Italian, Spanish
  • November 15, 2018
  • November 15, 2018

Hidden Summoners

Hidden Summoners is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG).


Each pack contains 5 cards. The set contains 60 cards:



Card numberNameRarityCategoryPrint
HISU-EN001"Matriarch of Nephthys"Super RareEffect MonsterNew
HISU-EN002"Disciple of Nephthys"Secret RareEffect MonsterNew
HISU-EN003"Chronicler of Nephthys"Super RareEffect MonsterNew
HISU-EN004"Defender of Nephthys"Super RareEffect MonsterNew
HISU-EN005"Devotee of Nephthys"Secret RareEffect Ritual MonsterNew
HISU-EN006"Cerulean Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys"Secret RareEffect Ritual MonsterNew
HISU-EN007"Nephthys, the Sacred Preserver"Secret RareEffect Link MonsterNew
HISU-EN008"Nephthys, the Sacred Flame"Secret RareEffect Link MonsterNew
HISU-EN009"Rebirth of Nephthys"Super RareRitual SpellNew
HISU-EN010"Last Hope of Nephthys"Super RareNormal SpellNew
HISU-EN011"Awakening of Nephthys"Super RareContinuous TrapNew
HISU-EN012"Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys"Super RareEffect MonsterReprint
HISU-EN013"Hand of Nephthys"Super RareEffect MonsterReprint
HISU-EN014"Prank-Kids Fansies"Super RareEffect MonsterNew
HISU-EN015"Prank-Kids Lampsies"Super RareEffect MonsterNew
HISU-EN016"Prank-Kids Dropsies"Super RareEffect MonsterNew
HISU-EN017"Prank-Kids Rocket Ride"Super RareEffect Fusion MonsterNew
HISU-EN018"Prank-Kids Weather Washer"Super RareEffect Fusion MonsterNew
HISU-EN019"Prank-Kids Battle Butler"Secret RareEffect Fusion MonsterNew
HISU-EN020"Prank-Kids Dodo-Doodle-Doo"Secret RareEffect Link MonsterNew
HISU-EN021"Prank-Kids Bow-Wow-Bark"Super RareEffect Link MonsterNew
HISU-EN022"Prank-Kids Rip-Roarin-Roaster"Secret RareEffect Link MonsterNew
HISU-EN023"Prank-Kids Place"Secret RareField SpellNew
HISU-EN024"Prank-Kids Pranks"Super RareContinuous SpellNew
HISU-EN025"Prank-Kids Pandemonium"Super RareQuick-Play SpellNew
HISU-EN026"Prank-Kids Plan"Super RareContinuous TrapNew
HISU-EN027"Dakki, the Graceful Mayakashi"Secret RareEffect Tuner monsterNew
HISU-EN028"Tsukahagi, the Poisonous Mayakashi"Super RareEffect Tuner monsterNew
HISU-EN029"Hajun, the Winged Mayakashi"Secret RareEffect MonsterNew
HISU-EN030"Shafu, the Wheeled Mayakashi"Secret RareEffect MonsterNew
HISU-EN031"Yasha, the Skeletal Mayakashi"Super RareEffect MonsterNew
HISU-EN032"Oboro-Guruma, the Wheeled Mayakashi"Secret RareEffect Synchro MonsterNew
HISU-EN033"Tsuchigumo, the Poisonous Mayakashi"Secret RareEffect Synchro MonsterNew
HISU-EN034"Tengu, the Winged Mayakashi"Secret RareEffect Synchro MonsterNew
HISU-EN035"Yoko, the Graceful Mayakashi"Secret RareEffect Synchro MonsterNew
HISU-EN036"Gashadokuro, the Skeletal Mayakashi"Secret RareEffect Synchro MonsterNew
HISU-EN037"Yuki-Onna, the Ice Mayakashi"Secret RareEffect Link MonsterNew
HISU-EN038"Mayakashi Return"Secret RareNormal SpellNew
HISU-EN039"Mayakashi Metamorphosis"Super RareNormal TrapNew
HISU-EN040"Night's End Sorcerer"Super RareEffect Tuner monsterReprint
HISU-EN041"Shiranui Spectralsword"Super RareEffect Tuner monsterReprint
HISU-EN042"Preparation of Rites"Super RareNormal SpellReprint
HISU-EN043"Ultra Polymerization"Super RareNormal SpellReprint
HISU-EN044"De-Synchro"Super RareNormal SpellReprint
HISU-EN045"Phoenix Wing Wind Blast"Super RareNormal TrapReprint
HISU-EN046"Thunder Dragon"Super RareEffect MonsterReprint
HISU-EN047"Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands"Super RareEffect MonsterReprint
HISU-EN048"Shiranui Spiritmaster"Super RareEffect MonsterReprint
HISU-EN049"Shiranui Samurai"Super RareEffect MonsterReprint
HISU-EN050"Tatsunoko"Super RareEffect Tuner Synchro MonsterReprint
HISU-EN051"Gold Sarcophagus"Secret RareNormal SpellReprint
HISU-EN052"Fulfillment of the Contract"Super RareEquip SpellReprint
HISU-EN053"Re-Fusion"Super RareEquip SpellReprint
HISU-EN054"Ritual Foregone"Super RareNormal SpellReprint
HISU-EN055"Onslaught of the Fire Kings"Super RareNormal SpellReprint
HISU-EN056"Circle of the Fire Kings"Super RareQuick-Play SpellReprint
HISU-EN057"Flash Fusion"Super RareQuick-Play SpellReprint
HISU-EN058"Fusion Recycling Plant"Super RareField SpellReprint
HISU-EN059"Rivalry of Warlords"Super RareContinuous TrapReprint
HISU-EN060"Gozen Match"Super RareContinuous TrapReprint

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