Premium Pack Vol.5

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Premium Pack Vol.5
Premium Pack Vol.5
  • Premium Pack Vol.5
Korean프리미엄 팩 Vol.5
Set information
TypeBooster pack
Part of seriesPremium Pack
  • PP05-KR (kr)
Number of cards30
Cover cardElemental HERO The Shining
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • July 3, 2010

Premium Pack Vol.5

Premium Pack Vol.5 is a Korean pack, containing a number of cards that were released as promos in the Japanese OCG, that were previously unreleased in Korean. The set contains 30 Ultra Rare cards, 6 of which are also avalible as Secret Rares.


The set includes 30 cards or 36 in the Master Set. This is comprised of:



Premium Pack Vol.5
1st Edition galleries
Unlimited Edition galleries
Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategory
PP05-KR001"Cosmo Queen""코스모 퀸"Ultra RareNormal Monster
PP05-KR002"Goddess of Whim""변덕스런 여신"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP05-KR003"Ido the Supreme Magical Force""초마신 이도"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP05-KR004"Violet Witch""바이올렛 마녀"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP05-KR005"Kasha""화차"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
PP05-KR006"Elemental HERO Gaia""엘리멘틀 히어로 가이아"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
PP05-KR007"Archlord Kristya""대천사 크리스티아"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
PP05-KR008"Darklord Asmodeus""타락천사 아스모디우스"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP05-KR009"Koa'ki Meiru Bergzak""코아키메일 베르그자크"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP05-KR010"Darklord Desire""타락천사 디자이어"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP05-KR011"Genesis Dragon""창세룡"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP05-KR012"Ice Queen""얼음 여왕"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP05-KR013"Elemental HERO Ice Edge""엘리멘틀 히어로 아이스에지"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP05-KR014"Shutendoji""주탄동자"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP05-KR015"Orichalcos Shunoros""오리컬코스 슈노로스"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP05-KR016"Guardian Eatos""가디언 에아토스"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
PP05-KR017"Darkness Neosphere""다크니스 네오스피어"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP05-KR018"Clear Vice Dragon""클리어 바이스 드래곤"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP05-KR019"Clear World""클리어 월드"Ultra RareField Spell
PP05-KR020"Elemental HERO The Shining""엘리멘틀 히어로 더 샤이닝"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
PP05-KR021"Quick-Span Knight""퀵 스파나이트"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster
PP05-KR022"Armored Bee""아머드 비"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP05-KR023"Great Poseidon Beetle""포세이돈 왕투구"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP05-KR024"Cyber Larva""사이버 라바"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP05-KR025"Lion Alligator""라이오 앨리게이터"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP05-KR026"Spawn Alligator""스파운 앨리게이터"Ultra RareEffect Monster
PP05-KR027"Elemental HERO Great Tornado""엘리멘틀 히어로 Great그 레 이 트 TORNADO토 네 이 도"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
PP05-KR028"Parallel World Fusion""평행 세계 융합"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Normal Spell
PP05-KR029"Dragonic Tactics""드래고닉 택틱스"Ultra RareNormal Spell
PP05-KR030"Court of Justice""코트 오브 저스티스"Ultra RareContinuous Spell