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Extra Pack (series)


Extra Pack

Japanese (ruby)


Japanese (romanized)


The Extra Packs (エクストラパック Ekusutorapakku) are a series of packs in the OCG that introduce cards to the Japanese and Korean OCG that were previously exclusive to the TCG, and to introduce cards to the other OCG region that were booster pack region-exclusives.

From the first one, up to Volume 4 they used a sequential prefix EXP1 to EXP4, but starting from the 2012 one Japan changed to a yearly numeration EP12 thinking ahead once they'd eventually reach the tenth one. But Korea stuck with the sequential numeration up to the sixth one EXP6. It was until the seventh that they also switched to a more convenient yearly numeration EP14, and it has been like that since then.

The Extra Pack sets so far include: