World Superstars

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World Superstars
World Superstars
  • World Superstars
FrenchLes Superstars Mondiales
GermanWorld Superstars
ItalianSuperstar Mondiali
PortugueseEstrelas Globais
SpanishSuperestrellas Mundiales
Set information
TypeBooster Pack
  • WSUP-EN (en)
  • WSUP-FR (fr)
  • WSUP-DE (de)
  • WSUP-IT (it)
  • WSUP-PT (pt)
  • WSUP-SP (sp)
Number of cards52
Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • April 17, 2015
English (eu)
  • April 16, 2015
English (oc)
  • April 16, 2015
French, German,
Italian, Spanish
  • April 16, 2015
  • April 17, 2015
Spanish (lat-am)
  • April 17, 2015

World Superstars is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG).



There are 24 packs per box and 5 cards per pack (4 Super Rares and 1 Prismatic Secret Rare). The set contains 52 cards, including:



Card numberNameRarityCategory
WSUP-EN001"Chronomaly Nebra Disk"Prismatic Secret RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN002"Number 36: Chronomaly Chateau Huyuk"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
WSUP-EN003"Heraldic Beast Amphisbaena"Super RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN004"Number 18: Heraldry Patriarch"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
WSUP-EN005"Augmented Heraldry"Super RareField Spell
WSUP-EN006"Gagaga Sister"Prismatic Secret RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN007"Number 55: Gogogo Goliath"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
WSUP-EN008"Dodododraw"Super RareNormal Spell
WSUP-EN009"Galaxy-Eyes Cloudragon"Super RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN010"Galaxy Soldier"Prismatic Secret RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN011"Photon Stream of Destruction"Super RareQuick-Play Spell
WSUP-EN012"Tachyon Transmigration"Prismatic Secret RareCounter Trap
WSUP-EN013"Battlin' Boxer Shadow"Super RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN014"Number 79: Battlin' Boxer Nova Kaiser"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
WSUP-EN015"Jolt Counter"Super RareCounter Trap
WSUP-EN016"Heroic Challenger - Assault Halberd"Super RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN017"Heroic Challenger - Thousand Blades"Super RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN018"Star Seraph Scepter"Prismatic Secret RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN019"Star Seraph Scale"Super RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN020"Star Seraph Sovereignty"Prismatic Secret RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN021"Numeral Hunter"Prismatic Secret RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN022"Number 86: Heroic Champion - Rhongomyniad"Prismatic Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
WSUP-EN023"Humhumming the Key Djinn"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
WSUP-EN024"Onomatopia"Prismatic Secret RareField Spell
WSUP-EN025"Marshalling Field"Prismatic Secret RareContinuous Trap
WSUP-EN026"Number F0: Utopic Future"Prismatic Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
WSUP-EN027"Gagaga Samurai"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
WSUP-EN028"Gagaga Mancer"Super RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN029"Guard Go!"Super RareNormal Trap
WSUP-EN030"Hi-Five the Sky"Prismatic Secret RareNormal Trap
WSUP-EN031"The Door of Destiny"Prismatic Secret RareContinuous Trap
WSUP-EN032"Elemental HERO Blazeman"Prismatic Secret RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN033"Naturia Gaiastrio"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
WSUP-EN034"Mecha Phantom Beast Jaculuslan"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
WSUP-EN035"Ghostrick Angel of Mischief"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
WSUP-EN036"Flowerbot"Super RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN037"Humpty Grumpty"Super RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN038"Dragoroar"Super RareQuick-Play Spell
WSUP-EN039"Planckton"Super RareNormal Trap
WSUP-EN040"Guerilla Kite"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
WSUP-EN041"Wattsychic Fighter"Super RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN042"Earthshattering Event"Prismatic Secret RareContinuous Spell
WSUP-EN043"Ghostrick Break"Super RareNormal Trap
WSUP-EN044"P.M. Captor"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
WSUP-EN045"Spiritual Whisper"Super RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN046"Xyz-Raypierce"Super RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN047"Heavy Knight of the Flame"Super RareGemini monster
WSUP-EN048"BOXer"Super RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN049"Kabuki Dragon"Super RareEffect Monster
WSUP-EN050"Pendulum Impenetrable"Prismatic Secret RareQuick-Play Spell
WSUP-EN051"Legendary Dragon of White"Prismatic Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
WSUP-EN052"Legendary Magician of Dark"Prismatic Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster


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