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Gemini monster

"Infinity Dark" being Normal Summoned a second time in the artwork of "Super Double Summon"
"Infinity Dark" being Normal Summoned a second time in the artwork of "Super Double Summon"


デュアル(モンスター)[Notes 1]

Japanese (romanized)


Japanese (translated)

Dual (Monster)


Gemini (monster)

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Gemini monsters (Japanese: デュアルモンスター Dyuarumonsutā "Dual Monster") are Effect Monsters with the ability "Gemini". Gemini monsters are treated as Normal Monsters with no usable effects when first placed on the field, but can gain usable effects if they are Normal Summoned while already face-up on the field.

Gemini monsters debuted in Tactical Evolution. The "Chemicritter" archetype is heavily focused on, and almost completely composed of, Gemini monsters. The "Red-Eyes" archetype also contains several Gemini monsters.


Shared effects[edit]

All Gemini monsters share the following two effects:

Gemini monsters treated as Normal Monsters can be Normal Summoned while already face-up on the field (this Normal Summon is referred to as a Gemini Summon in some video games). Normal Summoning a face-up Gemini monster is still a Summon, so it can be negated by cards and effects that negate Normal Summons. Unlike when being Normal Summoned from the hand, Tributes are not required to Normal Summon a Level 5 or higher Gemini monster that is already on the field.

Cards and effects that are targeting or affecting the Gemini monster (such as Equip Spell Cards) remain in effect after the Summon. If a Gemini monster that has gained its effects is flipped face-down, it will become treated as a Normal Monster again when it is flipped back up.

Some card effects (such as "Supervise" and "Superalloy Beast Raptinus") allow Gemini monsters to gain their effects without being Normal Summoned. If these effects stop applying, Gemini monsters that only gained their effects due to one of these card effects (i.e. had not been Normal Summoned while face-up on the field) lose their effects again.

Playing style[edit]

Gemini monsters require the player using their once-per-turn Normal Summon to grant an already summoned monster its effects. Since all non-Gemini effect monsters do not require such a cost to "unlock" their effects, the effects that Gemini monsters provide must outweigh their opportunity cost for the trade to be valuable. Unfortunately, due to their often old designs, most Gemini monsters do not have powerful enough effects to make up for their Normal Summon cost.

Because of their hefty costs and weak effects, most Gemini playstyles heavily depend on Gemini support cards to offset their costs and enable certain power cards that specifically require Gemini monsters. Key Gemini support cards include:

  • "Gemini Spark", a Quick-Play Spell that can be used to make a 2-for-2 trade of tributing 1 Gemini monster, destroying 1 opposing card, and drawing a card; it can be used to dodge some targeted effects to maximize advantage.
  • Cards that immediately grant Gemini monsters their effects, such as "Supervise" and "Superalloy Beast Raptinus"
  • "Catalyst Field", which grants Tribute-free Normal Summons, double Normal Summons, and removal effects for Gemini decks
  • "Chemicritter", which provides general support to Gemini monsters
  • "Gemini Ablation", which Special Summons Gemini monsters from the Deck, with their effects enabled

Gemini monsters also benefit from some Normal Monster support, due to being treated as Normal Monsters while first summoned onto the field and in the GY. However, key Normal Monster consistency cards like "Unexpected Dai" do not work on Gemini monsters, because they are not treated as Normal Monsters in the hand or Deck.

Because many Gemini monsters belong to other archetypes, Gemini decks often benefit from other archetypal support as well.

Recommended cards[edit]

Neos Alius Beatdown[edit]

This is a historical Gemini-focused deck revolving around "Elemental HERO Neos Alius", who benefits from "HERO" support (e.g.: "E - Emergency Call") and Gemini support, specifically "Gemini Spark".


  • The heavy cost inherently involved within the Gemini playstyle means that Gemini decks are extremely fragile, and simple disruptions can often completely shut down the deck's ability to play, as each player only has 1 Normal Summon per turn.
  • Most Gemini monsters, even after being Normal Summoned and gaining their effects, have effects that are merely equal to the effects of other contemporary non-Gemini effect monsters, meaning that they do not make up the opportunity cost.


In the anime[edit]

Gemini monsters have made brief appearances in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, and Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS.


  • The shared effect to Normal Summon a Gemini monster already face-up on the field is referred to as a Gemini Summon (Dual Summon in Japanese) in some video games.

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  1. The parentheses here specify what part is not shown on the cards' Type/Ability line.