Structure Deck: The Blue-Eyed Dragon's Thundering Descent

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This article is about the OCG Structure Deck. For the TCG Structure Deck, see Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Structure Deck.
Structure Deck: The Blue-Eyed Dragon's Thundering Descent
Structure Deck: The Blue-Eyed Dragon's Thundering Descent
Japaneseストラクチャーデッキ -せいがんりゅうごうりん
Baseストラクチャーデッキ -青眼龍轟臨-
Furiganaストラクチャーデッキ -せいがんりゅうごうりん-
RōmajiSutorakuchā Dekki - Seiganryū Gōrin -
KoreanSTRUCTURE DECK스트럭처 덱 —푸른 눈의 백룡의 강림—
Base textSTRUCTURE DECK —푸른 눈의 백룡의 강림—
Hangul스트럭처 덱 —푸른 눈의 백룡의 강림—
Revised RomanizationSeuteureokcheo Dek: Pureun Nun-ui Baengnyong-ui Gangnim
Traditional Chinese基本组 青眼龍轟臨 STRUCTURE DECK
Simplified Chinese主题卡组 青眼龙轰临
PinyinJīběnzǔ Qīngyǎnlóng Hōnglín
JyutpingGei1 bun2 zou2 Cing1 ngaan5 lung4 Gwang1 lam4
Set information
TypeStructure Deck
  • SD25-JP (jp)
  • SD25-TC (tc)
  • SD25-SC (sc)
  • SD25-KR (kr)
Number of cards
  • 41 (JP, KR, TC)
  • 44 (SC)
Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Related sets
Special EditionStructure Deck: The Blue-Eyed Dragon's Thundering Descent Special Set
Release dates
  • June 15, 2013
Traditional Chinese
  • April 1, 2014
Simplified Chinese
  • September 26, 2020
  • September 26, 2013

The Blue-Eyed Dragon's Thundering Descent

Structure Deck: The Blue-Eyed Dragon's Thundering Descent is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is the twenty-fifth deck in the OCG's Structure Deck series (thirty-third including the Character Structure Decks), following Structure Deck: Onslaught of the Fire Kings. The TCG equivalent of this deck is Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Structure Deck.


The Deck is centered around the iconic "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and its various support cards.


Each Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese Structure Deck contains:

Each Simplified Chinese Structure Deck contains:



Structure Deck: The Blue-Eyed Dragon's Thundering Descent
1st Edition galleries

Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategoryQuantity
SD25-JP001"Blue-Eyes White Dragon"青眼の白龍ブルーアイズ・ホワイト・ドラゴンUltra RareNormal Monster1
SD25-JP002"Rabidragon"「ラビードラゴン」CommonNormal Monster1
SD25-JP003"Alexandrite Dragon"「アレキサンドライドラゴン」CommonNormal Monster1
SD25-JP004"Flamvell Guard"「ガード・オブ・フレムベル」CommonNormal Tuner monster1
SD25-JP005"Maiden with Eyes of Blue"あお乙女おとめSuper RareEffect Tuner monster1
SD25-JP006"Rider of the Storm Winds"ぼうふうりゅう防人さきもりRareEffect Tuner monster1
SD25-JP007"Darkstorm Dragon"「ダークストーム・ドラゴン」CommonGemini monster1
SD25-JP008"Genesis Dragon"創世竜ジェネシックドラゴンCommonEffect Monster1
SD25-JP009"Mirage Dragon"「ミラージュ・ドラゴン」CommonEffect Monster1
SD25-JP010"Divine Dragon Apocralyph"しんりゅう アポカリプス」CommonEffect Monster1
SD25-JP011"Hardened Armed Dragon"「ハードアームドラゴン」CommonEffect Monster1
SD25-JP012"The White Stone of Legend"伝説の白石ホワイト・オブ・レジェンドCommonEffect Tuner monster1
SD25-JP013"Kaibaman"せいかた カイバーマン」CommonEffect Monster1
SD25-JP014"Herald of Creation"そうせいげんしゃCommonEffect Monster1
SD25-JP015"Kaiser Sea Horse"「カイザー・シーホース」CommonEffect Monster1
SD25-JP016"Honest"「オネスト」CommonEffect Monster1
SD25-JP017"Shining Angel"「シャインエンジェル」CommonEffect Monster2
SD25-JP018"Maxx "C""ぞうしょくするジーCommonEffect Monster1
SD25-JP019"Level Eater"「レベル・スティーラー」CommonEffect Monster1
SD25-JP020"Dragon Shrine"りゅうれいびょうSuper RareNormal Spell1
SD25-JP021"Silver's Cry"ぎんりゅうごうほうRareQuick-Play Spell1
SD25-JP022"Burst Stream of Destruction"ほろびの爆裂疾風弾バーストストリームCommonNormal Spell1
SD25-JP023"Dragon Ravine"りゅうけいこくCommonField Spell1
SD25-JP024"Terraforming"「テラ・フォーミング」CommonNormal Spell1
SD25-JP025"A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon"きょりゅうばたき」CommonNormal Spell1
SD25-JP026"Trade-In"「トレード・イン」CommonNormal Spell1
SD25-JP027"Cards of Consonance"調ちょうほうさつCommonNormal Spell1
SD25-JP028"White Elephant's Gift"うまほねたいCommonNormal Spell1
SD25-JP029"Symbols of Duty"せんせんふっかつだいしょうCommonEquip Spell1
SD25-JP030"One for One"「ワン・フォー・ワン」CommonNormal Spell1
SD25-JP031"Monster Reborn"しゃせいCommonNormal Spell1
SD25-JP032"Soul Exchange"「クロス・ソウル」CommonNormal Spell1
SD25-JP033"Enemy Controller"「エネミーコントローラー」CommonQuick-Play Spell1
SD25-JP034"Castle of Dragon Souls"りゅうこんしろRareContinuous Trap1
SD25-JP035"Fiendish Chain"「デモンズ・チェーン」CommonContinuous Trap1
SD25-JP036"Kunai with Chain"くさりきブーメラン」CommonNormal Trap1
SD25-JP037"Damage Condenser"「ダメージ・コンデンサー」CommonNormal Trap1
SD25-JP038"Call of the Haunted"「リビングデッドのごえCommonContinuous Trap1
SD25-JP039"Champion's Vigilance"おうじゃかんCommonCounter Trap1
SD25-JP040"Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon"そうがんぎんりゅうUltra RareEffect Synchro Monster1


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