Structure Deck: Spirit Charmers

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Structure Deck: Spirit Charmers
Structure Deck: Spirit Charmers
  • Structure Deck: Spirit Charmers
FrenchDeck de Structure : Les Charmeuses Spirituelles
GermanStructure Deck: Spirit Charmers
ItalianStructure Deck: Ammaliatrici di Spiriti
PortugueseDeck Estrutural: Encantadoras Espirituais
SpanishBaraja de Estructura: Encantadoras de Espíritus
Set information
TypeStructure Deck
  • SDCH-EN (en)
  • SDCH-FR (fr)
  • SDCH-DE (de)
  • SDCH-IT (it)
  • SDCH-PT (pt)
  • SDCH-SP (sp)
Number of cards46
Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • November 20, 2020
English (eu)
  • October 22, 2020
English (oc)
  • October 22, 2020
French, German,
Italian, Spanish
  • October 22, 2020
  • October 22, 2020

Spirit Charmers

Structure Deck: Spirit Charmers is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. It is the 50th Deck in the TCG's Structure Deck series, following Structure Deck: Sacred Beasts.

In North America, this set was originally scheduled to be released on October 23, 2020.[1] However, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, its release was delayed until November 20, 2020.[2] No official reason was provided for the delay.[3]


Each Structure Deck: Spirit Charmers contains:




Card numberNameRarityCategoryPrint
SDCH-ENT01"Token" (Aussa and Wynn)Super RareTokenNew artwork
SDCH-ENT02"Token" (Hiita and Eria)Super RareTokenNew artwork
SDCH-ENT03"Token" (Hiita and Aussa)Super RareTokenNew artwork
SDCH-ENT04"Token" (Eria and Wynn)Super RareTokenNew artwork
SDCH-ENT05"Token" (Charmers and their Familiars)Super RareTokenNew artwork

Variant art cards[edit]

Preconstructed Deck[edit]

Card numberNameRarityCategoryPrint
SDCH-EN001"Aussa the Earth Charmer"CommonFlip monsterReprint
SDCH-EN002"Eria the Water Charmer"CommonFlip monsterReprint
SDCH-EN003"Hiita the Fire Charmer"CommonFlip monsterReprint
SDCH-EN004"Wynn the Wind Charmer"CommonFlip monsterReprint
SDCH-EN005"Awakening of the Possessed - Nefariouser Archfiend"Ultra RareEffect MonsterNew
SDCH-EN006"Awakening of the Possessed - Greater Inari Fire"Ultra RareEffect MonsterNew
SDCH-EN007"Nefarious Archfiend Eater of Nefariousness"CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SDCH-EN008"Jigabyte"CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SDCH-EN009"Inari Fire"CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SDCH-EN010"Ranryu"CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SDCH-EN011"Fairy Tail - Sleeper"CommonFlip monsterReprint
SDCH-EN012"Fairy Tail - Rella"CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SDCH-EN013"Fairy Tail - Luna"CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SDCH-EN014"Witchcrafter Golem Aruru"CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SDCH-EN015"Dark Doriado"CommonEffect Pendulum MonsterReprint
SDCH-EN016"Witch of the Black Forest"CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SDCH-EN017"Effect Veiler"CommonEffect Tuner monsterReprint
SDCH-EN018"Denko Sekka"CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SDCH-EN019"Grand Spiritual Art - Ichirin"Ultra RareField SpellNew
SDCH-EN020"Awakening of the Possessed"CommonContinuous SpellReprint
SDCH-EN021"Raigeki"Super RareNormal SpellReprint
SDCH-EN022"Secret Village of the Spellcasters"CommonField SpellReprint
SDCH-EN023"Spellbook of Knowledge"CommonNormal SpellReprint
SDCH-EN024"Terraforming"CommonNormal SpellReprint
SDCH-EN025"Book of Eclipse"CommonQuick-Play SpellReprint
SDCH-EN026"Twin Twisters"CommonQuick-Play SpellReprint
SDCH-EN027"Dark Ruler No More"CommonNormal SpellReprint
SDCH-EN028"Possessed Partnerships"Super RareNormal TrapNew
SDCH-EN029"Unpossessed"CommonContinuous TrapReprint
SDCH-EN030"Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane"CommonNormal TrapReprint
SDCH-EN031"Spiritual Water Art - Aoi"CommonNormal TrapReprint
SDCH-EN032"Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai"CommonNormal TrapReprint
SDCH-EN033"Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi"CommonNormal TrapReprint
SDCH-EN034"Metaverse"CommonNormal TrapReprint
SDCH-EN035"Dimensional Barrier"CommonNormal TrapReprint
SDCH-EN036"Solemn Warning"CommonCounter TrapReprint
SDCH-EN037"Familiar-Possessed - Aussa"CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SDCH-EN038"Familiar-Possessed - Eria"CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SDCH-EN039"Familiar-Possessed - Hiita"CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SDCH-EN040"Familiar-Possessed - Wynn"CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SDCH-EN041"Spirit Charmers"Ultra RareQuick-Play SpellNew

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