2-Player Starter Deck: Yuya & Declan

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This article is about the TCG Starter Deck. For the OCG equivalent, see Duelist Entry Deck VS.
2-Player Starter Deck: Yuya & Declan
2-Player Starter Deck: Yuya & Declan
  • 2-Player Starter Deck Yuya & Declan
FrenchDeck de Démarrage pour 2 Joueurs Yuya & Declan
German2-Player Starter Deck Yuya & Declan
ItalianStarter Deck per 2 Giocatori Yuya & Declan
PortugueseDeck Inicial para 2-Duelistas Yuya & Declan
SpanishBaraja de Principiante para 2 Jugadores Yuya & Declan
Set information
TypeStarter Deck
  • YS15-EN (en)
  • YS15-FR (fr)
  • YS15-DE (de)
  • YS15-IT (it)
  • YS15-PT (pt)
  • YS15-SP (sp)
Number of cards42
Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (eu)
  • May 28, 2015
English (oc)
  • May 28, 2015
French, German,
Italian, Spanish
  • May 28, 2015
  • May 29, 2015

2-Player: Yuya & Declan

2-Player Starter Deck Yuya & Declan is a Starter Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). This Deck is the European TCG equivalent of Duelist Entry Deck VS in the OCG. For the American equivalents see Saber Force Starter Deck and Dark Legion Starter Deck.


  • Each 2-Player Starter Deck Yuya & Declan contains 2 21-card Decks that can be played against each other or combined as a full Deck.


Each 2-Player Starter Deck Yuya & Declan contains:

  • 2 Preconstructed Decks of 21 cards
  • 1 Beginner's Guide
  • 2 Deluxe Game Mats

The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



Yuya Deck
Card numberNameRarityCategory
YS15-ENY00"Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Monster
YS15-ENY01"Alexandrite Dragon"CommonNormal Monster
YS15-ENY02"Mystical Elf"CommonNormal Monster
YS15-ENY03"Odd-Eyes Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
YS15-ENY04"Cyber Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
YS15-ENY05"Herald of Creation"CommonEffect Monster
YS15-ENY06"Mirage Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
YS15-ENY07"Maha Vailo"CommonEffect Monster
YS15-ENY08"Ancient Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
YS15-ENY09"DUCKER Mobile Cannon"CommonFlip monster
YS15-ENY10"Skelengel"CommonFlip monster
YS15-ENY11"The Calculator"CommonEffect Monster
YS15-ENY12"Dark Hole"Super RareNormal Spell
YS15-ENY13"Mystical Space Typhoon"CommonQuick-Play Spell
YS15-ENY14"Rush Recklessly"CommonQuick-Play Spell
YS15-ENY15"Black Pendant"CommonEquip Spell
YS15-ENY16"Malevolent Nuzzler"CommonEquip Spell
YS15-ENY17"Trap Hole"CommonNormal Trap
YS15-ENY18"Pinpoint Guard"CommonNormal Trap
YS15-ENY19"Call of the Haunted"CommonContinuous Trap
YS15-ENY20"Negate Attack"CommonCounter Trap
Declan Deck
Card numberNameRarityCategory
YS15-END00"D/D/D Dragon King Pendragon"Ultra RareEffect Monster
YS15-END01"Beast of Talwar"CommonNormal Monster
YS15-END02"Archfiend Soldier"CommonNormal Monster
YS15-END03"Vice Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
YS15-END04"Goblin Elite Attack Force"CommonEffect Monster
YS15-END05"Axe Dragonute"CommonEffect Monster
YS15-END06"Mad Archfiend"CommonEffect Monster
YS15-END07"Fabled Ashenveil"CommonEffect Monster
YS15-END08"Theban Nightmare"CommonEffect Monster
YS15-END09"Bright Star Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
YS15-END10"Exploder Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
YS15-END11"Grave Squirmer"CommonEffect Monster
YS15-END12"Smashing Ground"CommonNormal Spell
YS15-END13"Mystical Space Typhoon"CommonQuick-Play Spell
YS15-END14"Axe of Despair"CommonEquip Spell
YS15-END15"Banner of Courage"CommonContinuous Spell
YS15-END16"Mirror Force"Super RareNormal Trap
YS15-END17"Magic Cylinder"CommonNormal Trap
YS15-END18"Dust Tornado"CommonNormal Trap
YS15-END19"Mask of Weakness"CommonNormal Trap
YS15-END20"Call of the Haunted"CommonContinuous Trap

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