Duel Starter Deck

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Duel Starter Deck
Duel Starter Deck
Traditional Chinese決鬥始動組
PinyinJuédòu Shǐdòngzǔ
Set information
TypeStarter Deck
  • ST14-TC (tc)
Number of cards42
Cover cardNumber 39: Utopia
Release dates
Traditional Chinese
  • January 29, 2014

Duel Starter Deck is a Starter Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is the first Starter Deck to be printed in Traditional Chinese, marking the debut of Traditional Chinese sets in the OCG, as well as the first official Chinese sets.[1]

Despite sharing the same set ID prefix with the Japanese Starter Deck 2014, which introduces cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V era, this set introduces cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL era and earlier.


Each Chinese Duel Starter Deck contains 42 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



Unlimited Edition galleries
Traditional Chinese
Card numberEnglish nameTraditional Chinese nameRarityCategoryQuantity
ST14-TC001"Giga Gagagigo"「吉咖・咖咖吉哥」CommonNormal Monster1
ST14-TC002"Gene-Warped Warwolf"「基因改造狼人」RareNormal Monster1
ST14-TC003"Alien Shocktrooper"「外星人士兵」CommonNormal Monster1
ST14-TC004"Warrior Dai Grepher"「戰士 傣・古雷法」CommonNormal Monster1
ST14-TC005"V-Tiger Jet"「V–猛虎噴射機」CommonNormal Monster1
ST14-TC006"Giant Soldier of Stone"「岩石巨兵」CommonNormal Monster1
ST14-TC007"Charcoal Inpachi"「大木炭18」CommonNormal Monster1
ST14-TC008"Gogogo Golem"「隆隆隆石魔」CommonEffect Monster2
ST14-TC009"Gogogo Giant"「隆隆隆巨人」RareEffect Monster2
ST14-TC010"Goblindbergh"「格布林德伯格」CommonEffect Monster1
ST14-TC011"Kagetokage"「影子蜥蜴」CommonEffect Monster1
ST14-TC012"Gale Lizard"「爆風蜥蜴」CommonFlip monster1
ST14-TC013"Marauding Captain"「衝鋒隊長」CommonEffect Monster1
ST14-TC014"Shine Knight"「閃光騎士」CommonEffect Monster1
ST14-TC015"Yomi Ship"「黃泉擺渡船」CommonEffect Monster1
ST14-TC016"Trap Master"「陷阱大師」CommonFlip monster1
ST14-TC017"Morphing Jar"「變形壺」CommonFlip monster1
ST14-TC018"Milus Radiant"「金毛終結犬」CommonEffect Monster1
ST14-TC019"Xyz Energy"「超量能量」CommonNormal Spell1
ST14-TC020"Generation Force"「世代之力」CommonNormal Spell1
ST14-TC021"Reinforcement of the Army"「增援」RareNormal Spell1
ST14-TC022"Mystical Space Typhoon"「氣旋」CommonQuick-Play Spell1
ST14-TC023"Fissure"「地裂」CommonNormal Spell1
ST14-TC024"Tribute to The Doomed"「給死者的奠儀」CommonNormal Spell1
ST14-TC025"Star Changer"「星級轉換」CommonQuick-Play Spell1
ST14-TC026"Goblin Thief"「盜賊哥布林」CommonNormal Spell1
ST14-TC027"Lucky Iron Axe"「幸運鐵斧頭」CommonEquip Spell1
ST14-TC028"Banner of Courage"「勇氣的旗印」CommonContinuous Spell1
ST14-TC029"Utopian Aura"「皇之波動」CommonNormal Trap1
ST14-TC030"Pinpoint Guard"「精準防禦」CommonNormal Trap1
ST14-TC031"Xyz Effect"「超量效應」CommonNormal Trap1
ST14-TC032"Xyz Soul"「超量之魂」CommonNormal Trap1
ST14-TC033"Trap Hole"「陷坑」CommonNormal Trap1
ST14-TC034"Sakuretsu Armor"「炸裂裝甲」CommonNormal Trap1
ST14-TC035"Dust Tornado"「沙塵大龍捲」CommonNormal Trap1
ST14-TC036"Rising Energy"「能量提升」CommonNormal Trap1
ST14-TC037"Shadow Spell"「闇之咒縛」CommonContinuous Trap1
ST14-TC038"Magic Jammer"「魔法干擾」CommonCounter Trap1
ST14-TC039"Number 39: Utopia"「No.39 希望皇霍普」Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster1
ST14-TC040"King of the Feral Imps"「蠻惡之王」Super RareEffect Xyz Monster1


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