Structure Deck: Joey

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This article is about the Japanese preconstructed Deck. For the TCG, Korean and Asian-English preconstructed Deck, see Starter Deck: Joey.
Structure Deck: Joey
Structure Deck: Joey
Japaneseストラクチャーデッキ -じょううちへん
Baseストラクチャーデッキ -城之内編-
Furiganaストラクチャーデッキ -じょうのうちへん-
RōmajiSutorakuchā Dekki - Jōnouchi-hen -
TranslatedStructure Deck - Jonouchi Edition -
Set information
  • JY (jp)
Number of cards56
Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • October 25, 2001


Structure Deck: Joey is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is the second deck in the OCG's Structure Deck series, following Structure Deck: Yugi.


The Deck contains cards used by Joey Wheeler in the anime.

A random die is also included in this product, colored either blue or red, with the "1" pip side represented by an Eye of Anubis.

It introduces "Luminous Soldier" and "Command Knight" to the OCG.

One card is visible through the cover's window. Three different cards are possible as the visible card: "Panther Warrior", "Luminous Soldier", and "Jinzo".


Each Structure Deck: Joey contains 56 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



Structure Deck: Joey
Unlimited Edition galleries
Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategoryQty
JY-01"Red-Eyes Black Dragon"真紅眼の黒竜レッドアイズ・ブラックドラゴンCommonNormal Monster1
JY-02"Swordsman of Landstar"「ランドスターのけんSuper RareNormal Monster1
JY-03"Luminous Soldier"たいようせんUltra RareEffect Monster1
JY-04"Command Knight"「コマンド・ナイト」Ultra RareEffect Monster1
JY-05"Panther Warrior"しっこくひょうせんパンサーウォリアー」CommonEffect Monster1
JY-06"Jinzo"じんぞうにんげん-サイコ・ショッカー」CommonEffect Monster1
JY-07"Time Wizard"ときじゅつCommonEffect Monster1
JY-08"Battle Warrior"かくとうせんアルティメーター」CommonNormal Monster1
JY-09"Alligator's Sword"「ワイバーンのせんCommonNormal Monster1
JY-10"Baby Dragon"「ベビードラゴン」CommonNormal Monster2
JY-11"Axe Raider"「アックス・レイダー」CommonNormal Monster1
JY-12"Copycat"「ものマネげんそうCommonEffect Monster1
JY-13"Rocket Warrior"「ロケットせんCommonEffect Monster1
JY-14"Gearfried the Iron Knight"てつ ギア・フリード」CommonEffect Monster1
JY-15"Hayabusa Knight"はやぶさCommonEffect Monster1
JY-16"Goblin Attack Force"「ゴブリンとつげきたいCommonEffect Monster1
JY-17"Karate Man"「カラテマン」CommonEffect Monster1
JY-18"Sangan"「クリッター」CommonEffect Monster1
JY-19"Witch of the Black Forest"くろもりのウィッチ」CommonEffect Monster1
JY-20"Penguin Soldier"「ペンギン・ソルジャー」CommonFlip monster1
JY-21"Goddess with the Third Eye"しんがんがみCommonEffect Monster2
JY-22"Scapegoat"「スケープ・ゴート」CommonQuick-Play Spell1
JY-23"Axe of Despair"「デーモンのおのCommonEquip Spell1
JY-24"Pot of Greed"ごうよくつぼCommonNormal Spell1
JY-25"Giant Trunade"「ハリケーン」CommonNormal Spell2
JY-26"Polymerization"ゆうごうCommonNormal Spell2
JY-27"Dark Hole"「ブラック・ホール」CommonNormal Spell1
JY-28"Graceful Dice"てん使のサイコロ」CommonQuick-Play Spell1
JY-29"Skull Dice"あくのサイコロ」CommonNormal Trap1
JY-30"Trap Hole"としあなCommonNormal Trap2
JY-31"Kunai with Chain"くさりきブーメラン」CommonNormal Trap1
JY-32"Graverobber"はからし」CommonNormal Trap1
JY-33"Call of the Haunted"「リビングデッドのごえCommonContinuous Trap1
JY-34"Dust Tornado"じんおおたつまきCommonNormal Trap2
JY-35"Fairy's Hand Mirror"てん使かがみCommonNormal Trap1
JY-36"Magical Arm Shield"「マジックアーム・シールド」CommonNormal Trap1
JY-37"Thousand Dragon"千年竜サウザンド・ドラゴンCommonFusion Monster1
JY-38"Alligator's Sword Dragon"「ドラゴンにるワイバーン」CommonEffect Fusion Monster1
JY-39"Rock Ogre Grotto #1"がんくつじんオーガ・ロック」CommonNormal Monster1
JY-40"Armored Lizard"鎧蜥蜴アーマー・リザードCommonNormal Monster1
JY-41"Garoozis"「ガルーザス」CommonNormal Monster1
JY-42"Tiger Axe"「タイガー・アックス」CommonNormal Monster1
JY-43"Milus Radiant"「ミリス・レディエント」CommonEffect Monster1
JY-44"Shield & Sword"みぎたてひだりけんを」CommonNormal Spell1
JY-45"Gaia Power"「ガイアパワー」CommonField Spell1
JY-46"Fusion Sage"ゆうごうけんじゃCommonNormal Spell1
JY-47"Nobleman of Crossout"まっさつ使CommonNormal Spell2
JY-48"Fake Trap"にせもののわな」CommonNormal Trap1
JY-49"Ultimate Offering"だいしょうCommonContinuous Trap1