Structure Deck R: Lost Sanctuary

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Structure Deck R: Lost Sanctuary
Structure Deck R: Lost Sanctuary
Japaneseストラクチャーデッキアール -ロスト・サンクチュアリ-
BaseストラクチャーデッキR -ロスト・サンクチュアリ-
Furiganaストラクチャーデッキアール -ロスト・サンクチュアリ-
RōmajiSutorakuchā Dekki Āru - Rosuto Sankuchuari-
KoreanSTRUCTURE DECK스트럭처 덱 R - 잃어버린 성역 -
Base textSTRUCTURE DECK R - 잃어버린 성역 -
Hangul스트럭처 덱 R - 잃어버린 성역 -
Revised RomanizationSeuteureokcheo Dek R - Ilh-eobeolin Seong-yeog
Set information
TypeStructure Deck R
  • SR12-JP (jp)
  • SR12-KR (kr)
Number of cards48
Cover cardMajesty Hyperion
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • August 7, 2021
  • November 24, 2021

Lost Sanctuary

Structure Deck R: Lost Sanctuary is a Structure Deck R in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game. It is the 12th entry in the OCG's Structure Deck R series, following Structure Deck R: Dragunity Drive.

As with other products in the Structure Deck R series, it is based on an older Structure Deck, namely Structure Deck: Lost Sanctuary.


Each Structure Deck R: Lost Sanctuary contains:



Structure Deck R: Lost Sanctuary
Unlimited Edition galleries

Arrival of the Sun God Pack[edit]

Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategoryPrint
SR12-JPP01"Masterflare Hyperion"「マスターフレア・ヒュペリオン」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Synchro MonsterNew
SR12-JPP02"Protector of The Agents - Moon"だいこうしゃこの ムーン」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link MonsterNew
SR12-JPP03"The Sacred Waters in the Sky"てんくうせいすいSuper Rare
Secret Rare
Normal SpellNew
SR12-JPP04"The Agent of Mystery - Earth"しんだいこうしゃ アース」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Tuner monsterReprint
SR12-JPP05"The Agent of Creation - Venus"そうぞうだいこうしゃ ヴィーナス」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect MonsterReprint

Structure Deck[edit]

Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategoryPrint
SR12-JP001"Majesty Hyperion"「マジェスティ・ヒュペリオン」Ultra RareEffect MonsterNew
SR12-JP002"The Agent of Life - Neptune"いのちだいこうしゃ ネプチューン」Super RareEffect MonsterNew
SR12-JP003"Master Hyperion"「マスター・ヒュペリオン」Super RareEffect MonsterReprint
SR12-JP004"The Agent of Judgment - Saturn"さばきのだいこうしゃ サターン」CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SR12-JP005"The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury"えいだいこうしゃ マーキュリー」CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SR12-JP006"The Agent of Force - Mars"ちからだいこうしゃ マーズ」CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SR12-JP007"The Agent of Miracles - Jupiter"せきだいこうしゃ ジュピター」CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SR12-JP008"The Agent of Entropy - Uranus"だいこうしゃ ウラヌス」Normal Parallel RareEffect Tuner monsterReprint
SR12-JP009"Mystical Shine Ball"神聖なる球体ホーリーシャイン・ボールCommonNormal MonsterReprint
SR12-JP009"Mystical Shine Ball"神聖なる球体ホーリーシャイン・ボールNormal Parallel RareNormal MonsterReprint
SR12-JP010"Archlord Kristya"だいてん使クリスティア」CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SR12-JP011"Vanity's Ruler"虚無の統括者ヴァニティー・ルーラーCommonEffect MonsterReprint
SR12-JP012"Soul of Purity and Light"神聖なる魂ホーリーシャイン・ソウルCommonEffect MonsterReprint
SR12-JP013"Artifact Lancea"「アーティファクト-ロンギヌス」Normal Parallel RareEffect MonsterReprint
SR12-JP014"Zeradias, Herald of Heaven"てんくう使しゃ ゼラディアス」CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SR12-JP015"Spirit Sculptor"魂の造形家スピリット・スカルプターCommonEffect MonsterReprint
SR12-JP016"Barrier Statue of the Heavens"せんこうけっかいぞうCommonEffect MonsterReprint
SR12-JP017"Ret-time Reviver Emit-ter"きるしのびのシルキィ」Normal Parallel RareEffect Tuner monsterReprint
SR12-JP018"Herald of Orange Light"朱光の宣告者バーミリオン・デクレアラーCommonEffect Tuner monsterReprint
SR12-JP019"Cupid Volley"「ハイ・キューピット」CommonEffect MonsterReprint
SR12-JP020"Eva"「イーバ」Normal Parallel RareEffect MonsterReprint
SR12-JP021"Nibiru, the Primal Being"げんせいめいたいニビル」Normal Parallel RareEffect MonsterReprint
SR12-JP022"The Chorus in the Sky"てんくううたごえSuper RareNormal SpellNew
SR12-JP023"The Sanctuary in the Sky"てんくうせいいきNormal Parallel RareField SpellReprint
SR12-JP024"Cards from the Sky"てんくうほうさつCommonNormal SpellReprint
SR12-JP025"The Sanctum of Parshath"「パーシアスのしんいきCommonContinuous SpellReprint
SR12-JP026"Demise of the Land"しゅうえんCommonQuick-Play SpellReprint
SR12-JP027"Light of Redemption"きゅうえんこうCommonNormal SpellReprint
SR12-JP028"Creature Swap"きょうせいてんCommonNormal SpellReprint
SR12-JP029"Reasoning"めいすいCommonNormal SpellReprint
SR12-JP030"Pot of Desires"ごうよくどんよくつぼNormal Parallel RareNormal SpellReprint
SR12-JP031"Raigeki"「サンダー・ボルト」CommonNormal SpellReprint
SR12-JP032"Harpie's Feather Duster"「ハーピィのぼうきCommonNormal SpellReprint
SR12-JP033"Fallen Sanctuary"うしなわれたせいいきSuper RareContinuous TrapNew
SR12-JP034"Divine Punishment"しんばつCommonCounter TrapReprint
SR12-JP035"Miraculous Descent"せきこうりんCommonContinuous TrapReprint
SR12-JP036"Balance of Judgment"さばきのてんびんCommonNormal TrapReprint
SR12-JP037"Compulsory Evacuation Device"きょうせいだっしゅつそうCommonNormal TrapReprint
SR12-JP038"Ring of Destruction"かいりんCommonNormal TrapReprint
SR12-JP039"Typhoon"「タイフーン」CommonNormal TrapReprint
SR12-JP040"The Executor of the Underworld - Pluto"めいしっこうしゃ プルート」Super RareEffect Tuner Synchro MonsterNew
SR12-JP041"Herald of Pure Light"聖光の宣告者セイント・デクレアラーCommonEffect Xyz MonsterReprint
SR12-JP042"Celestial Knightlord Parshath"天空神騎士セレスティアルナイトロードパーシアス」CommonEffect Link MonsterReprint

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