Structure Deck: Mechanized Madness

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This article is about the TCG Structure Deck. For the OCG Structure Deck, see Structure Deck R: Machiners Command.
Structure Deck: Mechanized Madness
Structure Deck: Mechanized Madness
  • Structure Deck: Mechanized Madness
FrenchDeck de Structure : La Folie Mécanisée
GermanStructure Deck: Mechanized Madness
ItalianStructure Deck: Follia Meccanizzata
PortugueseDeck Estrutural: Loucura Mecanizada
SpanishBaraja de Estructura: Locura Mecanizada
Set information
TypeStructure Deck
  • SR10-EN (en)
  • SR10-FR (fr)
  • SR10-DE (de)
  • SR10-IT (it)
  • SR10-PT (pt)
  • SR10-SP (sp)
Number of cards42
Cover cardMachina Citadel
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • April 17, 2020
English (eu)
  • April 16, 2020
English (oc)
  • April 16, 2020
French, German,
Italian, Spanish
  • April 16, 2020
  • April 16, 2020

Mechanized Madness

Structure Deck: Mechanized Madness is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. It is the 48th Deck in the TCG's Structure Deck series, following Structure Deck: Shaddoll Showdown.


Each Structure Deck: Mechanized Madness contains:



Structure Deck: Mechanized Madness

Card numberNameRarityCategoryQuantity
SR10-EN001"Machina Citadel"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
SR10-EN002"Machina Air Raider"Super RareEffect Monster1
SR10-EN003"Machina Irradiator"CommonEffect Monster1
SR10-EN004"Machina Fortress"CommonEffect Monster1
SR10-EN005"Machina Gearframe"CommonUnion monster1
SR10-EN006"Machina Peacekeeper"CommonUnion monster1
SR10-EN007"Machina Force"CommonEffect Monster1
SR10-EN008"Machina Megaform"CommonEffect Monster1
SR10-EN009"Machina Cannon"CommonEffect Monster1
SR10-EN010"Machina Soldier"CommonEffect Monster1
SR10-EN011"Machina Sniper"CommonEffect Monster1
SR10-EN012"Machina Defender"CommonFlip monster1
SR10-EN013"Commander Covington"CommonEffect Monster1
SR10-EN014"Jizukiru, the Star Destroying Kaiju"CommonEffect Monster1
SR10-EN015"Snow Plow Hustle Rustle"CommonEffect Monster1
SR10-EN016"Genex Ally Birdman"CommonEffect Tuner monster1
SR10-EN017"Scrap Recycler"CommonEffect Monster1
SR10-EN018"Torque Tune Gear"CommonUnion Tuner monster1
SR10-EN019"Righty Driver"CommonEffect Tuner monster1
SR10-EN020"Lefty Driver"CommonEffect Monster1
SR10-EN021"Deskbot 001"CommonEffect Tuner monster1
SR10-EN022"Deskbot 003"CommonEffect Monster1
SR10-EN023"Machina Redeployment"Super RareNormal Spell1
SR10-EN024"Machina Defense Perimeter"CommonContinuous Spell1
SR10-EN025"Machina Armored Unit"CommonContinuous Spell1
SR10-EN026"Iron Call"CommonNormal Spell1
SR10-EN027"Iron Draw"CommonNormal Spell1
SR10-EN028"Magnet Reverse"CommonQuick-Play Spell1
SR10-EN029"Limiter Removal"CommonQuick-Play Spell1
SR10-EN030"Ties of the Brethren"CommonNormal Spell1
SR10-EN031"Pot of Avarice"CommonNormal Spell1
SR10-EN032"Cosmic Cyclone"CommonQuick-Play Spell1
SR10-EN033"Supply Squad"CommonContinuous Spell1
SR10-EN034"Machina Overdrive"CommonNormal Trap1
SR10-EN035"Cyber Summon Blaster"CommonContinuous Trap1
SR10-EN036"Back to the Front"CommonNormal Trap2
SR10-EN037"Trap Trick"CommonNormal Trap1
SR10-EN038"Begone, Knave!"CommonContinuous Trap1
SR10-EN039"Solemn Strike"CommonCounter Trap1
SR10-EN040"Machina Possesstorage"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
SR10-EN041"Unauthorized Reactivation"Super RareQuick-Play Spell1

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