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Flip monster

"Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter"
"Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter"



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Flip monsters (Japanese: リバースモンスター Ribāsu Monsutā "Reverse Monster"), formerly Flip Effect Monsters (リバースこうモンスター Ribāsu Kōka Monsutā "Reverse Effect Monster"), are Effect Monsters with the ability "Flip".

Most Flip monsters have a Trigger Effect that activates upon being flipped face-up, which is called a Flip effect; a few exceptional Flip monsters do not have such an effect, but instead have other effects that apply after being flipped face-up.

The "Charmer", "Penguin", "Krawler", "Prediction Princess", "Shaddoll", "Subterror", "Tindangle", and "Worm" archetypes, as well as the Jar series, are primarily based on Flip monsters.


Originally, Flip Effect Monsters were simply monsters that had a Flip Effect.

In the early Japanese OCG, Flip monsters were interchangeably referred to as either "Flip monsters" (リバースモンスター) or "Flip Effect Monsters" (リバースこうモンスター). The first Flip monster support/anti-support was released in Curse of Anubis—of the two anti-support cards released ("Nobleman of Crossout" and "Ceasefire"), one card referred to them as a "Flip monsters" while the other referred to them as "Flip Effect Monsters". Starting with Structure Deck: Kaiba Volume 2, they were consistently referred to as "Flip Effect Monsters". In the TCG, they had been consistently referred to as "Flip Effect Monsters" during this period.

Starting in Starter Deck 2014 (in the OCG) and Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown (in the TCG), Flip became classified as an ability, and the word "Flip" began to be written on the cards' Type/Ability line. At the same time, they were renamed to "Flip monsters" in both the OCG and TCG (returning to their original Japanese name).


Flip effects[edit]

A Flip effect is a type of Trigger Effect that is preceded by "FLIP:". This kind of effect meets its activation timing when the Flip monster on the field is flipped from face-down to a face-up (even during the Damage Step).

Flip effects are exclusive to Flip monsters. While there are non-Flip monsters that have effects that activate when they are flipped face-up, these are not Flip effects.

A small number of Flip monsters do not have a flip effect. However, they all have an equivalent effect that applies after they are flipped face-up in place of it. These equivalent effects include Continuous Effects that only apply if the card was flipped face-up, and effects with delayed or conditional effects that require them being flipped face-up as a precondition.