Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown

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Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown
Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown
  • Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown
FrenchSuper Deck de Démarrage: La Confrontation de l'Espace-Temps
GermanSuper Starter: Space-Time Showdown
ItalianSuper Starter: Resa dei Conti dello Spazio-Tempo
PortugueseSuper Deck Inicial: Confronto Espaço-Tempo
SpanishSúper Baraja de Principiante: La Confrontación del Espacio-Tiempo
Set information
TypeStarter Deck
  • YS14-EN (en)
  • YS14-FR (fr)
  • YS14-DE (de)
  • YS14-IT (it)
  • YS14-PT (pt)
  • YS14-SP (sp)
Number of cards50
Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • July 11, 2014
English (eu)
  • July 10, 2014
English (oc)
  • July 10, 2014
French, German,
Italian, Spanish
  • July 10, 2014
  • July 11, 2014
Spanish (lat-am)
  • July 11, 2014

Space-Time Showdown

Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown is a Starter Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the eighth Deck in the TCG's annual Starter Deck series (eighteenth overall), following Starter Deck: Yugi Reloaded and Starter Deck: Kaiba Reloaded. This Deck is the TCG equivalent of Starter Deck 2014 in the OCG.


  • Each European Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown contains 1 additional pack (1 pack contains 10 cards out of 15 different cards) in total including 1 Ultra Rare "Dark Hole" and 1 Ultra Rare "Odd-Eyes Dragon".


Each Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown contains 40 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:

In addition, it also contains:



Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown

Card numberNameRarityCategory
YS14-EN001"Wattaildragon"CommonNormal Monster
YS14-EN002"Luster Dragon"CommonNormal Monster
YS14-EN003"Hunter Dragon"CommonNormal Monster
YS14-EN004"Millennium Shield"CommonNormal Monster
YS14-EN005"Dark Blade"CommonNormal Monster
YS14-EN006"Warrior Dai Grepher"CommonNormal Monster
YS14-EN007"Chamberlain of the Six Samurai"CommonNormal Monster
YS14-EN008"Mystical Elf"CommonNormal Monster
YS14-EN009"Stargazer Magician"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
YS14-EN010"Timegazer Magician"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
YS14-EN011"Aether, the Empowering Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
YS14-EN012"Ventdra, the Empowered Warrior"CommonEffect Monster
YS14-EN013"Arnis, the Empowered Warrior"CommonEffect Monster
YS14-EN014"Terratiger, the Empowered Warrior"CommonEffect Monster
YS14-EN015"Hydrotortoise, the Empowered Warrior"CommonFlip monster
YS14-EN016"Golden Dragon Summoner"CommonEffect Monster
YS14-EN017"Blue Dragon Summoner"CommonEffect Monster
YS14-EN018"Red Sparrow Summoner"CommonEffect Monster
YS14-EN019"White Tiger Summoner"CommonEffect Monster
YS14-EN020"Green Turtle Summoner"CommonFlip monster
YS14-EN021"Sorcerous Spell Wall"CommonField Spell
YS14-EN022"Supply Squad"CommonContinuous Spell
YS14-EN023"Lightning Vortex"CommonNormal Spell
YS14-EN024"Mystical Space Typhoon"CommonQuick-Play Spell
YS14-EN025"Ego Boost"CommonQuick-Play Spell
YS14-EN026"Axe of Despair"CommonEquip Spell
YS14-EN027"Lucky Iron Axe"CommonEquip Spell
YS14-EN028"Monster Reincarnation"CommonNormal Spell
YS14-EN029"Dark Factory of Mass Production"CommonNormal Spell
YS14-EN030"Poison of the Old Man"CommonQuick-Play Spell
YS14-EN031"Trap Hole"CommonNormal Trap
YS14-EN032"Sakuretsu Armor"CommonNormal Trap
YS14-EN033"Raigeki Break"CommonNormal Trap
YS14-EN034"Dust Tornado"CommonNormal Trap
YS14-EN035"Shadow Spell"CommonContinuous Trap
YS14-EN036"A Hero Emerges"CommonNormal Trap
YS14-EN037"Soul Resurrection"CommonContinuous Trap
YS14-EN038"Jar of Greed"CommonNormal Trap
YS14-EN039"Magic Jammer"CommonCounter Trap
YS14-EN040"Seven Tools of the Bandit"CommonCounter Trap


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