Structure Deck: Zombie Horde

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This article is about the TCG Structure Deck. For the OCG Structure Deck, see Structure Deck R: Undead World.
Structure Deck: Zombie Horde
Structure Deck: Zombie Horde
  • Structure Deck: Zombie Horde
FrenchDeck de Structure: La Horde de Zombies
GermanStructure Deck: Zombie Horde
ItalianStructure Deck: Orda Zombie
PortugueseDeck Estrutural: Horda Zumbi
SpanishBaraja de Estructura: Horda de Zombis
Set information
TypeStructure Deck
  • SR07-EN (en)
  • SR07-FR (fr)
  • SR07-DE (de)
  • SR07-IT (it)
  • SR07-PT (pt)
  • SR07-SP (sp)
Number of cards42
Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • November 2, 2018
English (eu)
  • November 1, 2018
English (oc)
  • November 1, 2018
French, German,
Italian, Spanish
  • November 1, 2018
  • November 1, 2018

Zombie Horde

Structure Deck: Zombie Horde is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the 43rd Deck in the TCG's Structure Deck series, following Structure Deck: Powercode Link. This Deck is the TCG equivalent of Structure Deck R: Undead World in the OCG.


Each Structure Deck: Zombie Horde contains:



Card numberNameRarityCategory
SR07-EN000"Tatsunecro"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
SR07-EN001"Doomking Balerdroch"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR07-EN002"Necroworld Banshee"Super RareEffect Monster
SR07-EN003"Glow-Up Bloom"Super RareEffect Tuner monster
SR07-EN004"Kasha"CommonEffect Monster
SR07-EN005"Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
SR07-EN006"Malevolent Mech - Goku En"CommonEffect Monster
SR07-EN007"Endless Decay"CommonEffect Monster
SR07-EN008"Paladin of the Cursed Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
SR07-EN009"Immortal Ruler"CommonEffect Monster
SR07-EN010"Zombie Master"CommonEffect Monster
SR07-EN011"Tristan, Knight of the Underworld"CommonEffect Monster
SR07-EN012"Mezuki"CommonEffect Monster
SR07-EN013"Gozuki"CommonEffect Monster
SR07-EN014"Shutendoji"CommonEffect Monster
SR07-EN015"Pyramid Turtle"CommonEffect Monster
SR07-EN016"Goblin Zombie"CommonEffect Monster
SR07-EN017"Isolde, Belle of the Underworld"CommonEffect Monster
SR07-EN018"Shiranui Solitaire"CommonEffect Monster
SR07-EN019"Uni-Zombie"CommonEffect Tuner monster
SR07-EN020"Marionette Mite"CommonEffect Monster
SR07-EN021"Beast of the Pharaoh"CommonEffect Monster
SR07-EN022"Scapeghost"CommonFlip Tuner monster
SR07-EN023"Zombie Necronize"CommonNormal Spell
SR07-EN024"Zombie Power Struggle"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR07-EN025"Zombie World"CommonField Spell
SR07-EN026"Overpowering Eye"CommonNormal Spell
SR07-EN027"Book of Life"CommonNormal Spell
SR07-EN028"Call of the Mummy"CommonContinuous Spell
SR07-EN029"Foolish Burial"CommonNormal Spell
SR07-EN030"Monster Gate"CommonNormal Spell
SR07-EN031"Dragged Down into the Grave"CommonNormal Spell
SR07-EN032"Burial from a Different Dimension"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR07-EN033"Shared Ride"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR07-EN034"Return of the Zombies"CommonNormal Trap
SR07-EN035"Haunted Shrine"CommonNormal Trap
SR07-EN036"Trap of the Imperial Tomb"CommonNormal Trap
SR07-EN037"Needlebug Nest"CommonNormal Trap
SR07-EN038"Metaverse"CommonNormal Trap
SR07-EN039"Anti-Spell Fragrance"CommonContinuous Trap
SR07-EN040"Mask of Restrict"CommonContinuous Trap
SR07-EN041"Red-Eyes Zombie Necro Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster