Samurai Warlords Structure Deck

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Samurai Warlords Structure Deck
Samurai Warlords Structure Deck
  • Samurai Warlords Structure Deck
FrenchSeigneur de Guerre Samouraï Deck de Structure
GermanSamurai Warlords Structure Deck
ItalianI Samurai Signori della Guerra Structure Deck
SpanishSeñores de la Guerra Samurái Baraja de Estructura
Set information
TypeStructure Deck
  • SDWA-EN (en)
  • SDWA-FR (fr)
  • SDWA-DE (de)
  • SDWA-IT (it)
  • SDWA-SP (sp)
Number of cards41
Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • June 26, 2012
English (eu)
  • June 21, 2012
English (oc)
  • June 21, 2012
French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • June 21, 2012
Spanish (lat-am)
  • June 26, 2012

Samurai Warlords

Samurai Warlords Structure Deck is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the twenty-second Deck in the TCG's Structure Deck series, following Dragons Collide Structure Deck.

Official description[edit]

And finally, on June 26 we’re coming out with another new idea – a whole new take on Structure Decks!

Most of our Structure Decks introduce a new theme, or put a twist on an old theme, but this Structure Deck is designed to give you a jumping off point to play one of the most popular tournament Decks of the past year: The Six Samurai!

The Samurai Warlords Structure Deck comes with 41 cards, including a brand new Six Samurai Xyz Monster! And it’s packed with some of the hottest Six Samurai cards ever released, from "Great Shogun Shien" and "Legendary Six Samurai - Kizan" to "Six Samurai United" and "Musakani Magatama".

And of course it comes with great cards that work in ANY deck, like "Dark Hole" and "Fiendish Chain".

If you’re a casual player who hasn’t jumped on the tournament wagon yet, Samurai Warlords will give you a great place to start.

-- Kevin Tewart


This Structure Deck is based on the "Six Samurai" archetype. It includes 1 new "Six Samurai" Xyz Monster and many reprints of past cards.


Each Samurai Warlords Structure Deck contains:



Card numberNameRarityCategory
SDWA-EN001"Chamberlain of the Six Samurai"CommonNormal Monster
SDWA-EN002"Grandmaster of the Six Samurai"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-EN003"The Six Samurai - Yariza"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-EN004"The Six Samurai - Zanji"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-EN005"The Six Samurai - Nisashi"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-EN006"The Six Samurai - Yaichi"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-EN007"The Six Samurai - Kamon"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-EN008"The Six Samurai - Irou"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-EN009"Great Shogun Shien"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-EN010"Shien's Footsoldier"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-EN011"Enishi, Shien's Chancellor"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-EN012"Spirit of the Six Samurai"CommonUnion monster
SDWA-EN013"Future Samurai"CommonGemini monster
SDWA-EN014"The Immortal Bushi"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-EN015"Hand of the Six Samurai"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-EN016"Legendary Six Samurai - Kizan"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-EN017"Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-EN018"Legendary Six Samurai - Kageki"Super RareEffect Monster
SDWA-EN019"Shien's Squire"CommonEffect Tuner monster
SDWA-EN020"Shien's Daredevil"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-EN021"Elder of the Six Samurai"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-EN022"Shien's Advisor"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-EN023"Dark Hole"CommonNormal Spell
SDWA-EN024"The A. Forces"CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-EN025"Reinforcement of the Army"CommonNormal Spell
SDWA-EN026"The Warrior Returning Alive"CommonNormal Spell
SDWA-EN027"Cunning of the Six Samurai"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SDWA-EN028"Six Samurai United"CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-EN029"Gateway of the Six"CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-EN030"Shien's Smoke Signal"Super RareNormal Spell
SDWA-EN031"Temple of the Six"CommonField Spell
SDWA-EN032"Shien's Dojo"CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-EN033"Rivalry of Warlords"CommonContinuous Trap
SDWA-EN034"Return of the Six Samurai"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-EN035"Double-Edged Sword Technique"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-EN036"Fiendish Chain"CommonContinuous Trap
SDWA-EN037"Musakani Magatama"CommonCounter Trap
SDWA-EN038"Shien's Scheme"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-EN039"Six Strike - Thunder Blast"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-EN040"Six Style - Dual Wield"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-EN041"Shadow of the Six Samurai - Shien"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster

Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
SDWA-FR001"Chamberlain of the Six Samurai""Chambellan des Six Samouraïs"CommonNormal Monster
SDWA-FR002"Grandmaster of the Six Samurai""Grand Maître des Six Samouraïs"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-FR003"The Six Samurai - Yariza""Les Six Samouraïs - Yariza"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-FR004"The Six Samurai - Zanji""Les Six Samouraïs - Zanji"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-FR005"The Six Samurai - Nisashi""Les Six Samouraïs - Nisashi"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-FR006"The Six Samurai - Yaichi""Les Six Samouraïs - Yaichi"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-FR007"The Six Samurai - Kamon""Les Six Samouraïs - Kamon"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-FR008"The Six Samurai - Irou""Les Six Samouraïs - Irou"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-FR009"Great Shogun Shien""Grand Shogun Shien"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-FR010"Shien's Footsoldier""Fantassin de Shien"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-FR011"Enishi, Shien's Chancellor""Enishi, Chancelier de Shien"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-FR012"Spirit of the Six Samurai""Esprit des Six Samouraïs"CommonUnion monster
SDWA-FR013"Future Samurai""Samouraï du Futur"CommonGemini monster
SDWA-FR014"The Immortal Bushi""Bushi Immortel"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-FR015"Hand of the Six Samurai""Envoyé des Six Samouraïs"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-FR016"Legendary Six Samurai - Kizan""Six Samouraïs Légandaires - Kizan"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-FR017"Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi""Six Samouraïs Légendaires - Enishi"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-FR018"Legendary Six Samurai - Kageki""Six Samouraïs Légendaires - Kageki"Super RareEffect Monster
SDWA-FR019"Shien's Squire""Ecuyer de Shien"CommonEffect Tuner monster
SDWA-FR020"Shien's Daredevil""Légionnaire de Shien"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-FR021"Elder of the Six Samurai""Ancien des Six Samouraïs"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-FR022"Shien's Advisor""Conseiller de Shien"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-FR023"Dark Hole""Trou Noir"CommonNormal Spell
SDWA-FR024"The A. Forces""Les Forces A."CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-FR025"Reinforcement of the Army""Renfort de l'Armée"CommonNormal Spell
SDWA-FR026"The Warrior Returning Alive""Le Guerrier Réincarné"CommonNormal Spell
SDWA-FR027"Cunning of the Six Samurai""Ruse des Six Samouraïs"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SDWA-FR028"Six Samurai United""Union des Six Samouraïs"CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-FR029"Gateway of the Six""Portail des Six"CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-FR030"Shien's Smoke Signal""Signaux de Fumée de Shien"Super RareNormal Spell
SDWA-FR031"Temple of the Six""Temple des Six"CommonField Spell
SDWA-FR032"Shien's Dojo""Dojo de Shien"CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-FR033"Rivalry of Warlords""Rivalité des Seigneurs de Guerre"CommonContinuous Trap
SDWA-FR034"Return of the Six Samurai""Le Retour des Six Samouraïs"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-FR035"Double-Edged Sword Technique""Technique de la Double Lame"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-FR036"Fiendish Chain""Chaîne Démoniaque"CommonContinuous Trap
SDWA-FR037"Musakani Magatama""Musakani Magatama"CommonCounter Trap
SDWA-FR038"Shien's Scheme""Stratégie de Shien"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-FR039"Six Strike - Thunder Blast""Rafale Six - Explosion de Tonnerre"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-FR040"Six Style - Dual Wield""Six Styles - Double Lame"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-FR041"Shadow of the Six Samurai - Shien""Shien, Ombre des Six Samouraïs"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster

Card numberEnglish nameGerman nameRarityCategory
SDWA-DE001"Chamberlain of the Six Samurai""Kammerherr der Sechs Samurai"CommonNormal Monster
SDWA-DE002"Grandmaster of the Six Samurai""Großmeister der Sechs Samurai"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-DE003"The Six Samurai - Yariza""Die Sechs Samurai - Yariza"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-DE004"The Six Samurai - Zanji""Die Sechs Samurai - Zanji"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-DE005"The Six Samurai - Nisashi""Die Sechs Samurai - Nisashi"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-DE006"The Six Samurai - Yaichi""Die Sechs Samurai - Yaichi"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-DE007"The Six Samurai - Kamon""Die Sechs Samurai - Kamon"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-DE008"The Six Samurai - Irou""Die Sechs Samurai - Irou"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-DE009"Great Shogun Shien""Großer Shogun Shien"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-DE010"Shien's Footsoldier""Shiens Fußsoldaten"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-DE011"Enishi, Shien's Chancellor""Enishi, Shiens Kanzler"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-DE012"Spirit of the Six Samurai""Geist der Sechs Samurai"CommonUnion monster
SDWA-DE013"Future Samurai""Zukunftssamurai"CommonGemini monster
SDWA-DE014"The Immortal Bushi""Der unsterbliche Bushi"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-DE015"Hand of the Six Samurai""Hand der Sechs Samurai"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-DE016"Legendary Six Samurai - Kizan""Legendäre Sechs Samurai - Kizan"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-DE017"Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi""Legendäre Sechs Samurai - Enishi"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-DE018"Legendary Six Samurai - Kageki""Legendäre Sechs Samurai - Kageki"Super RareEffect Monster
SDWA-DE019"Shien's Squire""Shiens Knappe"CommonEffect Tuner monster
SDWA-DE020"Shien's Daredevil""Shiens Draufgänger"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-DE021"Elder of the Six Samurai""Ältester der Sechs Samurai"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-DE022"Shien's Advisor""Shiens Berater"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-DE023"Dark Hole""Schwarzes Loch"CommonNormal Spell
SDWA-DE024"The A. Forces""Die verbündeten Truppen"CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-DE025"Reinforcement of the Army""Verstärkung für die Armee"CommonNormal Spell
SDWA-DE026"The Warrior Returning Alive""Der lebendig heimkehrende Krieger"CommonNormal Spell
SDWA-DE027"Cunning of the Six Samurai""Gerissenheit der Sechs Samurai"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SDWA-DE028"Six Samurai United""Sechs Samurai vereint"CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-DE029"Gateway of the Six""Portal der Sechs"CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-DE030"Shien's Smoke Signal""Shiens Rauchzeichen"Super RareNormal Spell
SDWA-DE031"Temple of the Six""Tempel der Sechs"CommonField Spell
SDWA-DE032"Shien's Dojo""Shiens Dojo"CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-DE033"Rivalry of Warlords""Rivalität der Kriegsherren"CommonContinuous Trap
SDWA-DE034"Return of the Six Samurai""Rückkehr der sechs Samurai!"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-DE035"Double-Edged Sword Technique""Technik des zweischneidigen Schwerts"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-DE036"Fiendish Chain""Teuflische Kette"CommonContinuous Trap
SDWA-DE037"Musakani Magatama""Musakani Magatama"CommonCounter Trap
SDWA-DE038"Shien's Scheme""Shiens Komplott"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-DE039"Six Strike - Thunder Blast""Sechserangriff - Donnerschlag"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-DE040"Six Style - Dual Wield""Sechs-Stil - Beidhändigkeit"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-DE041"Shadow of the Six Samurai - Shien""Schatten der Sechs Samurai - Shien"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster

Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategory
SDWA-IT001"Chamberlain of the Six Samurai""Ciambellano dei Sei Samurai"CommonNormal Monster
SDWA-IT002"Grandmaster of the Six Samurai""Gran Maestro dei Sei Samurai"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-IT003"The Six Samurai - Yariza""I Sei Samurai - Yariza"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-IT004"The Six Samurai - Zanji""I Sei Samurai - Zanji"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-IT005"The Six Samurai - Nisashi""I Sei Samurai - Nisashi"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-IT006"The Six Samurai - Yaichi""I Sei Samurai - Yaichi"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-IT007"The Six Samurai - Kamon""I Sei Samurai - Kamon"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-IT008"The Six Samurai - Irou""I Sei Samurai - Irou"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-IT009"Great Shogun Shien""Grande Shogun Shien"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-IT010"Shien's Footsoldier""Soldato Semplice di Shien"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-IT011"Enishi, Shien's Chancellor""Enishi, Cancelliere di Shien"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-IT012"Spirit of the Six Samurai""Spirito dei Sei Samurai"CommonUnion monster
SDWA-IT013"Future Samurai""Samurai Futuro"CommonGemini monster
SDWA-IT014"The Immortal Bushi""Bushi l'Immortale"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-IT015"Hand of the Six Samurai""Mano dei Sei Samurai"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-IT016"Legendary Six Samurai - Kizan""Kizan - Sei Samurai Leggendario"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-IT017"Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi""Enishi - Sei Samurai Leggendario"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-IT018"Legendary Six Samurai - Kageki""Kageki - Sei Samurai Leggendario"Super RareEffect Monster
SDWA-IT019"Shien's Squire""Scudiero di Shien"CommonEffect Tuner monster
SDWA-IT020"Shien's Daredevil""Temerario di Shien"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-IT021"Elder of the Six Samurai""Anziano dei Sei Samurai"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-IT022"Shien's Advisor""Consigliere di Shien"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-IT023"Dark Hole""Buco Nero"CommonNormal Spell
SDWA-IT024"The A. Forces""Le Truppe A."CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-IT025"Reinforcement of the Army""Rinforzi dell'Esercito"CommonNormal Spell
SDWA-IT026"The Warrior Returning Alive""Il Guerriero Sopravvissuto"CommonNormal Spell
SDWA-IT027"Cunning of the Six Samurai""Astuzia dei Sei Samurai"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SDWA-IT028"Six Samurai United""I Sei Samurai Uniti"CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-IT029"Gateway of the Six""Portale dei Sei"CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-IT030"Shien's Smoke Signal""Segnale di Fumo di Shien"Super RareNormal Spell
SDWA-IT031"Temple of the Six""Tempio dei Sei"CommonField Spell
SDWA-IT032"Shien's Dojo""Dojo di Shien"CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-IT033"Rivalry of Warlords""Rivalità dei Signori della Guerra"CommonContinuous Trap
SDWA-IT034"Return of the Six Samurai""Il Ritorno dei Sei Samurai!"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-IT035"Double-Edged Sword Technique""Tecnica della Spada Bilama"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-IT036"Fiendish Chain""Catena Demoniaca"CommonContinuous Trap
SDWA-IT037"Musakani Magatama""Musakani Magatama"CommonCounter Trap
SDWA-IT038"Shien's Scheme""Piano di Shien"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-IT039"Six Strike - Thunder Blast""Sei Colpi - Attacco di Tuono"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-IT040"Six Style - Dual Wield""Stile Sei - Doppia Arma"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-IT041"Shadow of the Six Samurai - Shien""Shien - Ombra dei Sei Samurai"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster

Card numberEnglish nameSpanish nameRarityCategory
SDWA-SP001"Chamberlain of the Six Samurai""Chambelán de los Seis Samurais"CommonNormal Monster
SDWA-SP002"Grandmaster of the Six Samurai""Gran Maestro de los Seis Samuráis"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-SP003"The Six Samurai - Yariza""Los Seis Samuráis - Yariza"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-SP004"The Six Samurai - Zanji""Los Seis Samuráis - Zanji"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-SP005"The Six Samurai - Nisashi""Los Seis Samuráis - Nisashi"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-SP006"The Six Samurai - Yaichi""Los Seis Samuráis - Yaichi"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-SP007"The Six Samurai - Kamon""Los Seis Samuráis - Kamon"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-SP008"The Six Samurai - Irou""Los Seis Samuráis - Irou"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-SP009"Great Shogun Shien""Gran Shogun Shien"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-SP010"Shien's Footsoldier""Soldado de Infantería de Shien"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-SP011"Enishi, Shien's Chancellor""Enishi, el Canciller de Shien"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-SP012"Spirit of the Six Samurai""Espíritu de los Seis Samuráis"CommonUnion monster
SDWA-SP013"Future Samurai""Samurái del Futuro"CommonGemini monster
SDWA-SP014"The Immortal Bushi""Bushi el Inmortal"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-SP015"Hand of the Six Samurai""Mano de los Seis Samuráis"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-SP016"Legendary Six Samurai - Kizan""Seis Samuráis Legendarios - Kizan"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-SP017"Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi""Seis Samuráis Legendarios - Enishi"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-SP018"Legendary Six Samurai - Kageki""Seis Samuráis Legendarios - Kageki"Super RareEffect Monster
SDWA-SP019"Shien's Squire""Escudero de Shien"CommonEffect Tuner monster
SDWA-SP020"Shien's Daredevil""El Temerario de Shien"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-SP021"Elder of the Six Samurai""Anciano de los Seis Samurais"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-SP022"Shien's Advisor""Consejero de Shien"CommonEffect Monster
SDWA-SP023"Dark Hole""Agujero Oscuro"CommonNormal Spell
SDWA-SP024"The A. Forces""Las Fuerzas A."CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-SP025"Reinforcement of the Army""Refuerzo del Ejército"CommonNormal Spell
SDWA-SP026"The Warrior Returning Alive""El Guerrero Volviendo Con Vida"CommonNormal Spell
SDWA-SP027"Cunning of the Six Samurai""Astucia de los Seis Samuráis"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SDWA-SP028"Six Samurai United""Los Seis Samuráis Unidos"CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-SP029"Gateway of the Six""Portal de los Seis"CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-SP030"Shien's Smoke Signal""Señal de Humo de Shien"Super RareNormal Spell
SDWA-SP031"Temple of the Six""Templo de los Seis"CommonField Spell
SDWA-SP032"Shien's Dojo""El Dojo de Shien"CommonContinuous Spell
SDWA-SP033"Rivalry of Warlords""Rivalidad de los Señores de la Guerra"CommonContinuous Trap
SDWA-SP034"Return of the Six Samurai""El Regreso de los Seis Samuráis!"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-SP035"Double-Edged Sword Technique""Técnica de la Espada de Doble Filo"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-SP036"Fiendish Chain""Cadena Demoníaca"CommonContinuous Trap
SDWA-SP037"Musakani Magatama""Musakani Magatama"CommonCounter Trap
SDWA-SP038"Shien's Scheme""El Plan de Shien"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-SP039"Six Strike - Thunder Blast""Ataque de los Seis - Explosión del Trueno"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-SP040"Six Style - Dual Wield""Seis Estilos - Dos Armas"CommonNormal Trap
SDWA-SP041"Shadow of the Six Samurai - Shien""Sombra de los Seis Samuráis - Shien"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster