Six Style - Dual Wield

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Six Style - Dual Wield
Rokubuha Nitōryū
Faction of the Brave Six - Two-Sword Style
Card type Trap
Property Normal
Password 75525309
Effect types


If the only monster you control is 1 "Six Samurai" monster in face-up Attack Position: Target 2 cards your opponent controls; return those targets to the hand.

English sets


2011-05-06EXVC-EN073Extreme VictoryCommon
2012-06-21SDWA-EN040Samurai Warlords Structure DeckCommon

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Other languages

Language NameCard text
French Six Styles - Double Lame

Si le seul monstre que vous contrôlez est 1 monstre "Six Samouraïs" en Position d'Attaque face recto : ciblez 2 cartes contrôlées par votre adversaire ; renvoyez les cibles à la main.

German Sechs-Stil - Beidhändigkeit

Falls das einzige Monster, das du kontrollierst, 1 „Sechs Samurai“-Monster in offener Angriffsposition ist: Wähle 2 Karten, die dein Gegner kontrolliert; gib die gewählten Ziele auf die Hand zurück.

Italian Stile Sei - Doppia Arma

Se l'unico mostro che controlli è 1 mostro "Sei Samurai" scoperto in Posizione di Attacco: scegli come bersaglio 2 carte controllate dal tuo avversario; fai ritornare quei bersagli nella mano.

Portuguese Seis Estilos - Dupla Empunhadura

Se o único monstro que você controla é um monstro "Seis Samurai" com a face para cima: escolha 2 cards que seu oponente controla; devolva os alvos à mão.

Spanish Seis Estilos - Dos Armas

Si el único monstruo que controlas es 1 monstruo "Seis Samuráis" en Posición de Ataque boca arriba: selecciona 2 cartas que controle tu adversario; devuelve esos objetivos a la mano.

Japanese ろくとうりゅう


Rokubuha Nitōryū
Faction of the Brave Six - Two-Sword Style
Korean 여섯 무파 이도류

자신 필드 위에 존재하는 몬스터가, 앞면 공격 표시로 존재하는 "여섯 무사" 라는 이름이 붙은 몬스터 1장뿐일 경우에 발동할 수 있다. 상대 필드 위에 존재하는 카드 2장을 선택하고 주인의 패로 되돌린다.

Sets in other languages


ReleaseNumberSetFrench nameRarity
2011-05-05EXVC-FR073Extreme VictoryVictoire AbsolueCommon
2012-06-21SDWA-FR040Samurai Warlords Structure DeckSeigneur de Guerre Samouraï Deck de StructureCommon


ReleaseNumberSetGerman nameRarity
2011-05-05EXVC-DE073Extreme VictoryExtreme VictoryCommon
2012-06-21SDWA-DE040Samurai Warlords Structure DeckSamurai Warlords Structure DeckCommon


ReleaseNumberSetItalian nameRarity
2011-05-05EXVC-IT073Extreme VictoryVittoria EstremaCommon
2012-06-21SDWA-IT040Samurai Warlords Structure DeckI Samurai Signori della Guerra Structure DeckCommon


ReleaseNumberSetSpanish nameRarity
2011-05-05EXVC-SP073Extreme VictoryVictoria ExtremaCommon
2012-06-21SDWA-SP040Samurai Warlords Structure DeckSeñores de la Guerra Samurái Baraja de EstructuraCommon


ReleaseNumberSetJapanese nameRarity
2011-02-11EXVC-JP073Extreme Victoryエクストリーム・ビクトリーCommon


ReleaseNumberSetKorean nameRarity
2011-06-10EXVC-KR073Extreme Victory익스트림 빅토리Common

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