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Card type



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Kādo no Shurui


card type, or sometimes type of card

A card type (with a lowercase "t") refers to the three main types of cards: Monster, Spell, and Trap.

The term is distinct from monster Types (with a capital "T"). Cards that check card types, such as "Ordeal of a Traveler", usually specify "Monster, Spell, or Trap" in parentheses to avoid confusion.

Outside of the OCG/TCG, several card types outside of the above three have been featured: Virus, Trap Spell/Spell Trap, Illusion, and Equip in the manga; and Ritual in some older video games.

In some card texts (such as "Dimensional Barrier"), the term "monster card type" is used alongside a set of options in parentheses to refer to some subset of Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Pendulum and Link.