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A Type (しゅぞく Shuzoku, also written in text as <Type name>ぞく) is a characteristic of a Monster Card. All monsters have one Type, such that monsters of the same Type can be grouped together (in a similar way to Attributes) and support cards can grant various effects to a specific Type of monster.

There are 25 different Types in the TCG and OCG. Two of these types are highly exclusive: the Divine-Beast-Type is shared only by the Egyptian Gods, and was originally considered illegal until their tournament-legal versions were released; and the Creator God-Type is exclusive to "Holactie the Creator of Light". A 26th Type, Immortal, only appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses.

"Type" is different from "type" (with a lowercase "t"), which refers to the three main types of cards: Monster, Spell, and Trap.

From "Starter Deck: Link Strike" onward, the word "-Type" was removed from card texts. However, its OCG counterpart retains the word ぞく. However, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links uses "-Type" in most cards' texts, even in texts that never included it in the TCG.


These Types exist within the OCG and TCG.

Type Vector Sprite
Aqua - Aqua
Beast Beast
Beast-Warrior Beast-Warrior -
Creator God Creator God - - - - - - - -
Cyberse - - - - - - - - - -
Dinosaur -
Divine-Beast Divine-Beast - - - -
Dragon Dragon
Fairy Fairy -
Fiend Fiend -
Fish Fish -
Insect Insect -
Machine Machine -
Plant Plant -
Psychic Psychic - - - -
Pyro Pyro -
Reptile Reptile -
Rock Rock -
Sea Serpent Sea Serpent -
Spellcaster Spellcaster
Thunder Thunder -
Winged Beast Winged Beast -
Wyrm Wyrm - - - - - - -
Zombie Zombie


? is used for some Monster Tokens in some mediums to indicate the Token's Type is variable.


??? is used to indicate that a monster's Type is unknown; in the OCG/TCG it is only used for newly-announced monsters whose Type has not yet been revealed.


Immortal-DOR.png Immortal is a Type appearing in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses.

The Duelists of the Roses also lists PowerUp-DOR.png Power Up, Ritual-DOR.png Ritual, Spell-DOR.png Spell and Trap-DOR.png Trap as a Type.

Yokai is a Type appearing only in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga.

Human is a Type appearing only in a character's fantasy in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Carddass adds the Types Black Magic, White Magic, Sea Beast, Illusion Magic, and Dragon Magic.

Type line[edit]

On cards, the Type line is the first line in the lore/effect box, printed above the card text. This line lists the monster's Type, any Abilities, and any other monster types such as Tuner, Pendulum, or Effect.


Type eg1.png
  • 【<Type name>ぞく
  • 【<Type name>ぞくチューナー】(obsolete)
    • Eg:【ドラゴンぞく・チューナー】
  • 【<Type name>ぞく/チューナー】
    • Eg:【ドラゴンぞく/チューナー】
Type eg2 obsolete.png
  • 【<Type name>ぞくこう】 (obsolete)
    • Eg:【ドラゴンぞくこう
Type eg2.png
Type eg3 obsolete.png
  • 【<Type name>ぞく・<Ability>/チューナー】 (obsolete)
    • Eg:【ドラゴンぞくシンクロ/チューナー】
Type eg3.png
  • 【<Type name>ぞく/<Ability>/チューナー】
    • Eg:【ドラゴンぞく/シンクロ/チューナー】
  • 【<Type name>ぞく・<Ability>/こう】 (obsolete)
    • Eg:【ドラゴンぞく・チューナー/こう
  • 【<Type name>ぞく/<Ability>/こう
    • Eg:【ドラゴンぞく/チューナー/こう
  • 【<Type name>ぞく/<Ability>/チューナー/こう

Traditional Chinese[edit]

Type eg1 zh.png
  • 【<Type name>族】
    • Eg:【族】
  • 【<Type name>族・協調
    • Eg:【龍族・協調】
Type eg2 zh.png
  • 【<Type name>族・效果
    • Eg:【龍族・效果】
  • 【<Type name>族・<Ability>/協調】
    • Eg:【龍族・同步/協調】
  • 【<Type name>族・<Ability>/效果】
    • Eg:【龍族・協調/效果】


Type eg1 ko.png
  • [<Type name>족]
    • Eg: [드래곤족]
  • [<Type name>족/튜너]
    • Eg: [드래곤족/튜너]
Type eg2 ko.png
  • [<Type name>족/효과]
    • Eg: [드래곤족/효과]
  • [<Type name>족/<Ability>/튜너]
  • [<Type name>족/<Ability>/효과]
    • Eg: [드래곤족/튜너/효과]
  • [<Type name>족/<Ability>튜너/효과]


All TCG cards follow the English layout for the Type line. Since the introduction of "Starter Deck: Link Strike", Normal Monsters now have "monster Type/Normal" added to differentiate them from Effect Monsters.

Type eg1 en.png
  • [<Type>/Normal]
  • [<Type>/Tuner/Effect]
    • Eg: [Dragon/Tuner/Effect]
Type eg2 en.png
  • [<Type>/Effect]
    • Eg: [Dragon/Effect]
  • [<Type>/<monster card type>/Effect]
  • [<Type>/<monster card type>/Tuner/Effect]
    • Eg: [Dragon/Synchro/Tuner/Effect]
  • [<Type>/<Ability>/Effect]
    • Eg: [Dragon/Tuner/Effect]
  • [<Type>/<Ability>/Tuner/Effect]
    • Eg: [Dragon/Flip/Tuner/Effect]