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A Type (しゅぞく Shuzoku, also written in text as <Type name>ぞく) is a characteristic of a Monster Card. All monsters have one Type, such that monsters of the same Type can be grouped together (in a similar way to Attributes) and support cards can grant various effects to a specific Type of monster.

There are 25 different Types in the TCG and OCG. Two of these types are highly exclusive: the Divine-Beast-Type is shared only by the Egyptian Gods, and was originally considered illegal until their tournament-legal versions were released; and the Creator God-Type is exclusive to "Holactie the Creator of Light". A 26th Type, Immortal, only appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses. There are 29 different Types in Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel; the Divine-Beast and Creator God-Types have not appeared, while six new Types (Cyborg, High Dragon, Magical Knight, Celestial Warrior, Omega Psychic, and Galaxy) have appeared in the real-life card game.

"Type" is different from "type" (with a lowercase "t"), which refers to the three main types of cards: Monster, Spell, and Trap.

From "Starter Deck: Link Strike" onward, the word "-Type" was removed from card texts. However, its OCG counterpart retains the word ぞく. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links uses "-Type" in most cards' texts, even in texts that never included it in the TCG, and the international release of Yu-Gi-Oh! RUSH DUEL: Dawn of the Battle Royale!! uses "Type" without the hyphen in card texts (including removing the hyphen from the flavor text of "Summoned Skull") as well as "Attribute", even though "Attribute" was never used in that way in TCG texts.


These Types exist within the OCG and TCG.

Type Japanese name Vector Sprite
Aqua みず
Beast けもの
Beast-Warrior じゅうせん
Creator God そうぞうしん
Cyberse サイバース
Dinosaur きょうりゅう
Divine-Beast げんしんじゅう
Dragon ドラゴン
Fairy てん使
Fiend あく
Fish さかな
Insect こんちゅう
Machine かい
Plant しょくぶつ
Psychic サイキック
Pyro ほのお
Reptile ちゅうるい
Rock がんせき
Sea Serpent かいりゅう
Spellcaster ほう使つか
Thunder いかずち
Warrior せん
Winged Beast ちょうじゅう
Wyrm げんりゅう
Zombie アンデット

Rush Duel[edit]

Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel has featured all Types from the OCG/TCG except for Divine-Beast and Creator God. Rush Duel also features a new Type, Galaxy (ギャラクシー), introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! by Yudias Velgear. Additionally, Fusion Monsters in Rush Duel introduce several new Types that are thematically fusions of other Types in the OCG/TCG:

The Magical Knight Type first appeared in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 37: "To the Death!!", when Dark Yugi summoned "Gaia the Fierce Knight" and Seto Kaiba commented that it was "the strongest card in the Magical Knight Type". For the English release of the manga, Viz Media translated it as Warrior instead, and when "Gaia" was printed in the OCG, its Type was changed to Warrior.


? is used for some Monster Tokens in some mediums to indicate the Token's Type is variable.


??? is used to indicate that a monster's Type is unknown; in the OCG/TCG it is only used for newly-announced monsters whose Type has not yet been revealed.


Charisma (カリスマ) is a Type used only as a joke, and only used for "Charisma Token".

Several one-off Types have appeared in the anime:

Immortal-DOR.png Immortal is a Type appearing in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses.

The Duelists of the Roses also lists PowerUp-DOR.png Power Up, Ritual-DOR.png Ritual, Spell-DOR.png Spell and Trap-DOR.png Trap as a Type.

Yokai (ようかい) is a Type appearing only in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Carddass adds the Types Black Magic, White Magic, Sea Beast, Illusion Magic, and Dragon Magic.

Type line[edit]

On cards, the Type line is the first line in the lore/effect box, printed above the card text. This line lists the monster's Type, any Abilities, and any other monster types such as Tuner, Pendulum, or Effect.


Type eg1.png
  • 【<Type name>ぞく
  • 【<Type name>ぞくチューナー】(obsolete)
    • Eg:【ドラゴンぞく・チューナー】
  • 【<Type name>ぞく/チューナー】
    • Eg:【ドラゴンぞく/チューナー】
Type eg2 obsolete.png
  • 【<Type name>ぞくこう】 (obsolete)
    • Eg:【ドラゴンぞくこう
Type eg2.png
Type eg3 obsolete.png
  • 【<Type name>ぞく・<Ability>/チューナー】 (obsolete)
    • Eg:【ドラゴンぞくシンクロ/チューナー】
Type eg3.png
  • 【<Type name>ぞく/<Ability>/チューナー】
    • Eg:【ドラゴンぞく/シンクロ/チューナー】
  • 【<Type name>ぞく・<Ability>/こう】 (obsolete)
    • Eg:【ドラゴンぞく・チューナー/こう
  • 【<Type name>ぞく/<Ability>/こう
    • Eg:【ドラゴンぞく/チューナー/こう
  • 【<Type name>ぞく/<Ability>/チューナー/こう

Traditional Chinese[edit]

Type eg1 zh.png
  • 【<Type name>族】
    • Eg:【族】
  • 【<Type name>族・協調
    • Eg:【龍族・協調】
Type eg2 zh.png
  • 【<Type name>族・效果
    • Eg:【龍族・效果】
  • 【<Type name>族・<Ability>/協調】
    • Eg:【龍族・同步/協調】
  • 【<Type name>族・<Ability>/效果】
    • Eg:【龍族・協調/效果】


Type eg1 ko.png
  • [<Type name>족]
    • Eg: [드래곤족]
  • [<Type name>족/튜너]
    • Eg: [드래곤족/튜너]
Type eg2 ko.png
  • [<Type name>족/효과]
    • Eg: [드래곤족/효과]
  • [<Type name>족/<Ability>/튜너]
  • [<Type name>족/<Ability>/효과]
    • Eg: [드래곤족/튜너/효과]
  • [<Type name>족/<Ability>튜너/효과]


All TCG cards follow the English layout for the Type line. Since the introduction of "Starter Deck: Link Strike", Normal Monsters now have "monster Type/Normal" added to differentiate them from Effect Monsters.

Type eg1 en.png
  • [<Type>/Normal]
  • [<Type>/Tuner/Effect]
    • Eg: [Dragon/Tuner/Effect]
Type eg2 en.png
  • [<Type>/Effect]
    • Eg: [Dragon/Effect]
  • [<Type>/<monster card type>/Effect]
  • [<Type>/<monster card type>/Tuner/Effect]
    • Eg: [Dragon/Synchro/Tuner/Effect]
  • [<Type>/<Ability>/Effect]
    • Eg: [Dragon/Tuner/Effect]
  • [<Type>/<Ability>/Tuner/Effect]
    • Eg: [Dragon/Flip/Tuner/Effect]