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Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENSゆうおう SEVENSセブンスYūgiō Sebunsu

Anime series
Directed by

Nobuhiro Kondo



  • Japan TV Tokyo
  • United States Disney XD, Hulu[1]
Original run

April 4th, 2020 — March 27th, 2022

No. of episodes


Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS is the seventh Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series and the sixth main spin-off series. It began airing in Japan on April 4, 2020.[2] An English dub began production in early 2021,[3] and has been announced for an official release in the United States beginning June 6, 2022 on Disney XD and June 7, 2022 on Hulu.[4][1]

The series stars Yuga Ohdo as the main protagonist. Like many previous series, SEVENS introduces and focuses on a new type of Dueling: Rush Duel. SEVENS also introduces a new type of Summoning, Maximum Summoning, although in comparison to the new Summoning methods introduced in previous series, it is comparatively rare and was only introduced at the climax of the Maximum arc.

Starting from the second season, SEVENS introduces a new twist on Fusion Summoning. SEVENS introduces several new Types, but these Types so far are exclusive to Fusion Monsters.

It was succeeded by Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!.



The Japanese SEVENS logo

In the not-so-distant future, Goha City is governed by its largest corporation, "Goha Enterprises", everything from schooling, to Dueling rules, to much of daily life.

Yuga is a fifth-grader who attends Goha #7 Elementary and develops inventions every day that he calls "Roads". Yuga, who thinks the way Duels are run by adults are way too rigid and uncool, decides to change this world which is too cramped for kids, and battles with his road "Rush Duel" while believing in his creations.. In the days that follow, Luke from the next class over hears the rumor of a "King of Duels". Investigating this with Yuga, they run into a mysterious person standing before an important monument... in order to be recognized as a King of Duels, you've gotta win Duels within a limited time.

The story of Yuga and Luke, two young boys about to overturn the world of rigid unfun Duels with a new style is about to begin!![5]



The Yu-Gi-Oh! anime's long-running animation studio Studio Gallop are no longer the head animators for the series; Bridge now serve as the primary animation studio. Longtime Duel compositor Masahiro Hikokubo is still composing the series' Duels.[2]

The characters are designed by Kazuko Tadano and Hiromi Matsushita.[2] The change in animation studio and character designers in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS marked a distinct visual change from the franchise's previous style. The overall character designs are generally simpler and rounder in comparison to the previous series' more angular designs. One of the more obvious visual differences is the visibility of the outline of a character's eye beneath their hair, though there are exceptions.


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