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The D-Wheel (Duel Runner). The next evolution of the Duel Disk, this machine goes full throttle in a Riding (Turbo) Duel. Overflowing with speed and thrill this is the ultimate show and symbol of freedom.

— The phrase recited before the Japanese opening themes for the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime, during the Friendship Cup arcs.
A Duel Runner.

The Duel Runner, known as D-Wheel (D・ホイール, Di Hoīru) in the Japanese and German versions, is a special Duel Disk extension utilized for Turbo Duels. It was introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and also appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V and Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS.


Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's[edit]

In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Duel Runners were introduced by KaibaCorp as unique Duel Disk extensions which are used for Turbo Duels. They are equipped with a screen which shows Duel details such a the current field and Life Points. It can approach speeds of up to 220 kilometers (136.62 miles) per hour during a Turbo Duel. In addition, other equipment like the helmet visor serves to display various information, such as the stats of a monster.

In each Duel Runner, there are two specific cards integrated: the Field Spell Cards "Speed World" and "Speed World 2". If this card is activated then the Duel screen on the Runner will appear. Furthermore, all other information irrelevant to the Duel can be switched off. This card's activation automatically activates the Runner's Duel Disk. Sector Security is capable of forcibly activating the "Speed World" cards of other Duelists in order to force them into Turbo Duels.

Certain Duel Runners are known as "hybrid models". These Runners allow a Duel Disk to be attached to them, rather than have the Duel Disk connected directly to the interface. This allows a Duelist to use the same Duel Disk in both Ground and Turbo Duels.

There are also Duel Boards, customized skateboards built to allow children to participate in Turbo Duels.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL[edit]

A Speed Loader

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL manga, the Speed Field allows Duelists to compete in a Speed Duel, a type of Duel similar to a Turbo Duel. During a Speed Duel, both Duelist race around the track in Speed Loaders, a vehicle similar to a Duel Runner.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V[edit]

In Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Duel Runners are reintroduced into the series with the introduction of Yugo, a Synchro Duelist who resembles Yuya Sakaki. A new Field Spell Card, "Speed World Neo", is also introduced but it does not possess any kind of unique effects such as Speed Counters and the exclusive use of Speed Spell Cards. Turbo Duels are later combined with Action Duels via the Field Spell Card "Crossover Acceleration"; where Action Cards are placed at specific points on the track to be obtained.

Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS[edit]

Phoenix Whirlwind in the Goha Duel Museum

The Phoenix Whirlwind appears in the Goha Duel Museum. Yuro Goha uses a hovering machine that resembles a Speed Loader during his Turbo Rush Duel with Yuga Ohdo; Yuga rides a modified air-conditioning device he powered with Kaizo.

List of Duel Runners[edit]


Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time[edit]

English name Japanese name Owner Description Image
Yusei's first Duel Runner Yusei Fudo The first Duel Runner made by Yusei Fudo. Jack Atlas stole it from him along with "Stardust Dragon" before leaving his friends. According to Jack Atlas, it has since been destroyed.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2009: Stardust Accelerator, this runner was not actually destroyed, but instead was used to power an experiment in secret.

Yusei Go 遊星号ゆうせいごう Yusei Fudo Yusei Go is similar to the first one he made, but colored in red, which is known to be a rare color. It is a hybrid built mainly from refurbished scrap metal of older runners. It includes a Duel Disk in the design of a Battle City Duel Disk. The Disc along with most of the runner's parts, including the latest top of the line marketed KaibaCorp acceleration chip: the Skyline 30; were either scavenged or stolen from Sector Security. Has been modified by Yusei and Bruno with their new engine program in order to compete in the WRGP. Yusei believes this upgrade will also help him achieve Accel Synchro.
Phoenix Whirlwind ホイール・オブ・フォーチュン
Wheel of Fortune
Jack Atlas The Phoenix Whirlwind is a hybrid. It is the only Duel Runner of its kind in the world.

It was upgraded for the World Racing Grand Prix, being renamed the "Volcanic Wheel of Fortune" in Japanese.

Sector Security Duel Runner Sector Security A Duel Runner used by members of Sector Security, including Trudge. UshioD-Wheel.png
Hunter Pace's Duel Runner Hunter Pace Hunter Pace's Duel Runner is in the style of a chopper. MukuroEnjoD-Wheel.png
Bolt Tanner's Duel Runner Bolt Tanner
Unknown Duelist
Bolt Tanner used this Duel Runner when he was a pro duelist.

Greiger used a black version of this Duel Runner during a flashback before his duel with Yusei.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode 06565: "A New Threat, Part 1", an unknown Duelist using this Duel Runner when being chased by Ghost. The Duel Runner ended up being mangled.

Blister and Aero's Duel Runner Blister and Aero Blister and Aero used this Duel Runner in Tag Turbo Duels. Blister drove the bike with Aero in the sidecar. In a flashback, during a Duel the sidecar broke off and was destroyed, leaving the motorcycle part behind. SaigaandKyuji D-Wheel.png
The Beast Unannounced Greiger The Beast is a large, skull-adorned Duel Runner in the style of a dragster. Two of the four rear tires can be removed, revealing a set of blades mounted on each axle, similar to a war chariot.

It was remodeled after Greiger became a Dark Signer.

Blackbird ブラック・バード
Robert Pearson
Crow Hogan
Blackbird is a hybrid model. It can change into flight mode, where it unfolds a set of wings.

This Duel Runner originally belonged to Robert Pearson, who gave it to Crow before he died. The Blackbird has a secret compartment near the engine, which contained the "Black-Winged Dragon" card that Robert Pearson used. This compartment was unlocked via a password provided by the Crimson Dragon during Crow's Duel with Bolton.[1]

It was upgraded into the Volcanic for the World Racing Grand Prix.

Pursuit Bot Sector Security The Pursuit Bot is a massive armored van manned by two Sector Security officers, for use in Turbo Tag Duels. The Duel is shown on a large monitor in front of the officers. An eye-like probe detaches from the main van and follows the opponents to project the monsters. GiantSecurityD-Wheel.jpg
Rex Goodwin's Duel Runner Rex Goodwin Goodwin used this Duel Runner to fly over the incomplete Daedalus Bridge. This Duel Runner came to symbolize freedom. This is the inspiration for the flight mode on the Blackbird. DaedalusD-Wheel.jpg
Giganto L ギガントL
Giganto L
Kalin Kessler Kalin uses this Duel Runner as a Dark Signer in Shadow Turbo Duels. It appears to have been created with such duels in mind, as it is able to take far more punishment than the typical Duel Runner. It is the Duel Runner equivalent to a Dark Signer's Duel Disk, with the dragon wing at the back and the teeth in the front. KiryuD-Wheel.jpg
Minerva ミネルヴァ
Carly Carmine Carly uses this Duel Runner as a Dark Signer in Shadow Turbo Duels. The design is similar to Giganto L, but with different coloring and smaller tires. CarlyD-Wheel.jpg
Ghost's Duel Runner Ghost This Duel Runner was being tested by Sector Security, but was stolen by Primo for Ghost's use. GhostD-Wheel.png
Sturm und Drang Sherry LeBlanc Sherry LeBlanc's first Duel runner. It is a hybrid model. This Duel Runner resembles a horse, with the card spaces on its neck and its monitor having a royal theme.

Jakob threw this Duel Runner into the sea in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode 110110: "Primo's Plan, Part 5". Sherry obtained another Duel Runner when she joined Z-one, and is shown using it after being redeemed by Crow and Akiza.

Elsworth's Duel Runner Elsworth This Duel Runner's front has the design of an old-fashioned car.

Jakob destroyed it in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode 110110: "Primo's Plan, Part 5", but Elsworth is seen to own another in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode 117117: "The Distorted Past".

Dobocle's Duel Runner Dobocle Dobocle used this Duel Runner. It was destroyed by Meklord Emperor Wisel. BokuruD-Wheel.png
Terrible Omen T・666テリブル・オーメン
Terrible Omen
Primo This Duel Runner is not registered in Sector Security's database, which initially led them to believe that its rider was Ghost. PlacidoD-Wheel.png
Delta Eagle デルタ・イーグル
Delta Eagle
Vizor/Antinomy This Duel Runner's unusual design allows it to achieve incredible speeds far beyond that of a normal Duel Runner. To onlookers, the sudden burst of acceleration gives the impression that the Duel Runner has vanished completely. DarkGlassD-Wheel.png
Akiza Izinski's prototype Duel Runner Akiza Izinski This Duel Runner was built by Yusei and his friends as a gift for Akiza. Akiza uses it to learn how to drive. In the first part of her evaluation, she uses it to obtain her Turbo Duel license. Episode75 PIC57.jpg
Bloody Kiss ブラッディー・キッス
Bloody Kiss
Akiza Izinski Bloody Kiss is a hybrid model Duel Runner. It was remodeled from Akiza's prototype Duel Runner by Yusei, Jack and Crow for Akiza's qualification Duel. Akiza uses it in her first Turbo Duel against Trudge. The Team 5D's logo is added to it for the World Racing Grand Prix, although it was not otherwise upgraded. AkiD-Wheel.png
Turbo Duel exam Duel Runner Turbo Duel exam
Syd Barlow's gang
This model of Duel Runner is used by Turbo Duel examinees, although Akiza did not use it in her exam.

Syd Barlow's gang uses black variants of this model.

Test Duel Runner.jpg
Stolen Duel Runner New Domino City resident This Duel Runner belonged to a New Domino City resident, but was stolen by a member of Syd's gang. Stolen Duel Runner.jpg
Bruno's Duel Runner Bruno The Duel Runner that Bruno uses when not using Delta Eagle as Vizor. Several like it are also seen in a shop window in the Japanese ending theme "Close to you". Bruno's Duel Runner.jpg
Radley gang Duel Runner Radley's gang The Duel Runner used by members of Radley's gang. Ramon Gang Duel Runner.jpg
Lawton's Duel Runner Lawton This Duel Runner has a front in the shape of a drilling machine. It is very resilient, capable of withstanding a dynamite explosion. Lotten´s Duel Runner.jpg
PX3A Bolton The PX3A model is manufactured and sold by Bolton's company. It has boosters that allow it to gain more speed, and was built to go around turns easier. Bolton used it in his Duel against Crow Hogan. It is a new model, with it visible in commercials before Crow talks to Bolton. Bolton's Duel Runner.jpg
Monoceros モノケロス
Team Unicorn Monoceros are used by the Team Unicorn members, Andre, Breo, and Jean. They are built to resemble unicorns. Each team member's Monoceros has a different color horn: Andre's is blue, Breo's is green, and Jean's is red. Andore Duel Runner.jpg
Deep Fissure Beta ディープ・フィッシャー ベータ
Deep Fissure Beta
Hermann This Duel Runner was used by Hermann. Hermann Duel Runner.jpg
Deep Fissure Alpha ディープ・フィッシャー アルファ
Deep Fissure Alpha
Nicolas Similar to Deep Fissure Beta, but colored black with the tail section hanging down and the prongs either side of the wheel pointing up.

It was destroyed after a failed attempt to make Jack crash using the effect of "Doom Ray".

Deep Fissure Gamma ディープ・フィッシャー ガンマ
Deep Fissure Gamma
Hans Similar to Deep Fissure Beta and Deep Fissure Alpha, but with orange frills at the rear.
Team White Tiger's Duel Runner Team White Tiger A Duel Runner belonging to one of Team White Tiger's members. It is in the shape of a tiger. Team White Tiger's member Duel Runner.jpg
Team Lightning's Duel Runner Team Lightning A Duel Runner belonging to one of Team Lightning's members. Team Lightning's member Duel Runner.jpg
Team White Wind's Duel Runner Team White Wind A Duel Runner belonging to a member of Team White Wind. It has two bladewings and a blue canopy. White Wind one.png
Team Burning's Duel Runner Team Burning A Duel Runner belonging to a member of Team Burning. It has various flame decorations on it.
Greiger's second Duel Runner Greiger Greiger uses this Duel Runner when he reunites with Yusei and Jack, because his first Duel Runner, The Beast, was destroyed after his Duel with Crow. It is much smaller than The Beast, but has similar decor. It has a sidecar that is used by Greiger's siblings, Annie and Max. 5Dx111 Bommer's D-Wheel.jpg
Machine Day Breaker マシン デイ ブレイカー
Machine Day Breaker
Team Taiyo Team Taiyo built this Duel Runner from a near-junk by augmenting it with parts they found or taken from another non-functioning Duel Runner that was in the possession of Taro's father. After the Diablo nearly wrecked it, Yusei and Bruno repaired and improved it. Its computer monitor is fuzzy and pixelated, but works well otherwise. Taiyo Duel Runner.png
Valhallander ヴァルハランダー
Team Ragnarok These Duel Runners are used by Halldor, Brodor, and Dragan. Each member's Duel Runner has a different body color: Dragan's is dark blue, Brodor's is magenta, and Halldor's is white. Dragan's Duel Runner.jpg
Jakob's Duel Runner Jakob Jakob's Duel Runner is shaped like a chariot. Jose Duel runner.png
Trinidart Ouroboros トリニダート・ウロボロス
Trinidart Ouroboros
Aporia This Duel Runner is a fusion of Primo's Terrible Omen, Lester's Duel Board and Jakob's Duel Runner. It is the largest Duel Runner seen in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. Aporia Duel Runner.png
Future Duel Runner Johnny's opponent This Duel Runner is used by one of Johnny's opponents shortly before the Meklord invasion. It resembles the shape of a rocket. Future D-Wheel.jpg
Z-one's Duel Runner Z-one Z-one's hoverchair manifests two oversized arms and a proportionate Deck for Duels. The holograms simply appear out of the cards when he plays them. It is used for both Ground and Turbo Duels. 5Dx146 Z-one accessorized.jpg
Leo's Duel Runner Leo This Duel Runner is used by Leo in the epilogue of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode 154154: "Shining Forth to the Future". 5Dx154 Future Lua and Luca.jpg
Paradox's Duel Runner Paradox This Duel Runner has the ability to transform into a hovercraft and travel through time. It is a hybrid model. Paradox's Duel Runner.jpg

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V[edit]

Unlike previous Duel Runners, these machines incorporate the glowing holographic technology seen in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V into their frames (which resembles Ener-D) and wheels. More acrobatic maneuvers are possible with these Duel Runners; Yugo claims that it is difficult to fall off them, and they are even shown to remain upright while their occupants have left the seat. In the Friendship Cup, two standard models of Duel Runners, either streamlined (which itself has two variations) or sturdy, are provided to participants who do not own a Duel Runner of their own.

English name Japanese name Owner Description Image
TK2000PS[2] Yugo This Duel Runner is white in color. It has a "hornet" motif, adorned with several sharp gold and white elements with black stripes. According to Yugo, he and Rin built this Duel Runner for the sole purpose of competing in the Friendship Cup and Dueling against Jack Atlas. This Duel Runner is a hybrid model, though it retains the holographic frame technology common in Duel Runners. It resembles the body of "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon".

Rin destroyed this Duel Runner during the events of Episode 117 while she was under the influence of a Parasite Monster.

Yugo's Duel Runner.png
Phoenix Whirlwind (type-FSC) HOF-01/R Jack Atlas This version of Phoenix Whirlwind resembles the modified Phoenix Whirlwind that Jack used in the World Racing Grand Prix in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, but the Team 5D's logo is not present, instead featuring a Yellow A in the front. This Duel Runner's holographic frame is on the side next to the Duelist's wrist, as part of the Duel Disk. It has a flight mode, similar to the Blackbird's. Phoenix Whirlwind ARC-V.png
Duel Chaser Duel Runner Duel Chaser This Duel Runner, used by Duel Chasers, has enough space for two riders. It resembles the Sector Security Duel Runner from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. Security's Duel Runner.png
Blackbird Crow Hogan This version of Blackbird resembles the modified Blackbird that Crow used in the World Racing Grand Prix in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, but the Team 5D's logo is not present. This Duel Runner emits a yellow light from its the tires and the edge of its wings while active. Like in 5D's, it has a flight mode. Blackbird ARC-V.png
Shay Obsidian's Duel Runner Shay Obsidian This Duel Runner is a sturdy, dark purple Duel Runner. Shay's Duel Runner.png
Dennis McField's Duel Runner Dennis McField This Duel Runner is a streamlined, maroon Duel Runner. Dennis Duel Runner.png
Yuya Sakaki's Duel Runner Yuya Sakaki This Duel Runner is a streamlined, crimson Duel Runner. It resembles Yusei Go, primarily in the front. Yuya Duel Runner.png
Gong Strong's Duel Runner Gong Strong This Duel Runner is a sturdy, brownish-orange Duel Runner. Gongenzaka Duel Runner.png
Moon Shadow's Duel Runner Moon Shadow This Duel Runner is a sturdy, dark blue Duel Runner. Tsukikage Duel Runner.png
Shinji Weber's Duel Runner Shinji Weber This Duel Runner is a streamlined, dark yellow Duel Runner. Shinji Duel Runner.png
Zuzu Boyle's Duel Runner Zuzu Boyle This Duel Runner is a streamlined, pink Duel Runner. Yuzu Duel Runner.png
Chojiro Tokumatsu's Duel Runner Chojiro Tokumatsu This Duel Runner is a sturdy, dark green Duel Runner. Tokumatsu Duel Runner.png
Tony Zomboni's Duel Runner Tony Zomboni This Duel Runner is a sturdy, steel blue Duel Runner. Tony Duel Runner.png
Celina's Duel Runner Celina This Duel Runner is a streamlined, violet Duel Runner. Selena Duel Runner.png
Sylvio Sawatari's Duel Runner Sylvio Sawatari This Duel Runner is a sturdy, blue Duel Runner. Shingo Duel Runner.png
Damon Lopez's Duel Runner Damon Lopez This Duel Runner is a streamlined, yellow Duel Runner. Damon Lopez Duel Runner.png
Sergey Volkov's Duel Runner Sergey Volkov This Duel Runner is a black and gold Duel Runner with a chariot design, reminiscent of The Beast. Its Duel screen is red and black instead of the standard colors, and the blade appears to have a serrated edge. It can transform into a uni-pedal suit of powered armor. Sergey Duel Runner.png ArcV 093.png

Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS[edit]

Both Duel Runners and machines resembling Speed Loaders have been seen in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS.

English name Japanese name Owner Description Image
Phoenix Whirlwind Wheel of Fortune Goha Duel Museum This version of Phoenix Whirlwind resembles the modified Phoenix Whirlwind that Jack used in the World Racing Grand Prix in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. It appears in the Goha Duel Museum prior to the second Rush Duel between Yuga Ohdo and Nail Saionji. SEVENSPhoenixWhirlwind.png
Yuro's Speed Loader Yuro Goha A green and black hovering machine that Yuro uses to Turbo Duel. YurosSpeedLoader.png
Yuga's air conditioner Yuga Ohdo One of Yuga's "Roads", this is not a Duel Runner or a Speed Loader, but was constructed by Yuga for the purpose of drying out wet objects over a short period of time and is powered by Kaizo, who can also maneuver the machine. Yuga uses it for his Turbo Rush Duel with Yuro due to operating it at the time. Yugasairconditioner.png
Other hovering machines Yuro Goha Yuro offers these machines for Yuga to use to Turbo Rush Duel, though Yuga instead uses his air conditioner. SEVENSSpeedLoaders.png

Video game only[edit]

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Wheelie Breakers[edit]

In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Wheelie Breakers, some characters who do not have Duel Runners in the anime use virtual ones to duel in the Virtual Terminal Turbo Dueling system.

Owner Description Image
Akiza Izinski This Duel Runner is red and black. Akiza wears a helmet resembling her Black Rose mask. AkizaDuelRunner.png
Leo This small Duel Runner is light blue and has an aerial matching Leo's hairstyle. Its design is also similar to Leo's custom Duel Disk. Leo-DR-WB01.gif
Luna This small Duel Runner is pink and has a pair of aerials matching Luna's hairstyle. Luna-DR-WB01.gif
Mr. Armstrong This Duel Runner is a modified Sector Security Duel Runner. TakasuD-Wheel.gif
Gill Randsborg This Duel Runner has a medieval theme and resembles Gill's armor. LauncebeauxD-Wheel.jpg

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus[edit]

English name Japanese name Owner Description Image
Omega Hawk オメガ・ホーク
Omega Hawk
Misaki Misaki uses this Duel Runner while she is in her android form. Misaki is based on Bruno, and this Duel Runner is likewise based on Bruno's Delta Eagle. OmegaHawkD-Wheel-WC11.png


Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's[edit]

English name Japanese name Owner Description Image
Sect Ijuin's first Duel Runner Sect Ijuin This Duel Runner has an ant design. It was Sect's first Duel Runner. SectD-Wheel.jpg
Sect Ijuin's second Duel Runner Sect Ijuin This Duel Runner has a sleek design, similar to that of Delta Eagle, although its front is similar to Trinidart Ouroboros. It was Sect's second Duel Runner. Sect's Second D-Wheel.png
D-Horse Skeleton Knight The Skeleton Knight uses his D-Horse as his Duel Runner. HorseD-Wheel.jpg
Ran Kobayakawa's Duel Runner Ran Kobayakawa RanD-Wheel.jpg
Tiger Eyes' Duel Runner Tiger Eyes This Duel Runner has a tiger design. Tiger Eye's Duel Runner.png
Leo and Luna's Duel Runner Leo and Luna This Duel Runner is small, but has the latest technology. Its front resembles the head of "Power Tool Dragon". Twins d-wheel.png
Akiza Izinski's Duel Runner Akiza Izinski Aki's manga Duel Runner.png
Destiny Clown Lazar This Duel Runner has a big grinning face on the front. It is equipped with "D-Boost"—two turbines on its back which can considerately boost the speed temporarily.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Wheelie Breakers, this Duel Runner is colored purple.

Yeager's D-Wheel.png
Rex Goodwin's first Duel Runner Rex Goodwin This Duel Runner is a darker version of Jack's Phoenix Whirlwind. It is equipped with "D-Boost"—two turbines on its back which can considerately boost the speed temporarily. Goodwin's D-Wheel.png
Rex Goodwin's second Duel Runner Rex Goodwin Rex Goodwin uses this Duel Runner after obtaining the Ultimate God's powers. It is an ancient piece of technology from his time that is superior to other Duel Runners. It is capable of soaring. God Goowin's D-Wheel.png

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL[edit]

English name Japanese name Owner Description Image
Speed Loader Thunder Spark Speed Loaders are used in "Speed Duels", a type of Dueling similar to Turbo Duels that Thunder Spark engages in. The Speed Loader looks like a futuristic-model motorcycle. It can ride over the water. Spark's Speed Loader.jpg

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V[edit]

English name Japanese name Owner Description Image
TK2000PS[2] Yugo
Ren This Duel Runner is said to be equal in speed to Yugo's Duel Runner. Ren specifically chose it to handicap himself in order to have a fair fight. RensFirstDuelRunner.png
Ren This Duel Runner is a single-wheel model from the future. It is much faster than Ren's previous Duel Runner. RensSecondDuelRunner.png
Ren This Duel Runner is an older Duel Runner that Ren used before he could afford a high-performance model. RensOldDuelRunner.png


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