Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 117

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 117
"Windwitch - Crystal Bell" looms over Yugo and his destroyed Duel Runner.



Kiba o muku Suzu no Ne

Japanese translation

The Sinister Bell's Chime


Grip of the Parasite

Episode number


Japanese air date

August 7th, 2016

English air date

November 17, 2017

Gallery Japanese
Japanese opening


English opening

Can you Feel the Power

Japanese ending


English ending

Can you Feel the Power


Tsutomu Kamishiro


Yoshitaka Koyama


Masahiro Takada

Animation director

Satoshi Kamino

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"Grip of the Parasite", known as "The Sinister Bell's Chime" in the Japanese version, is the one hundred and seventeenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. It first aired in Japan on August 7th, 2016 and in Canada on November 17, 2017. It became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on November 14, 2017.

Yugo and Rin happily reunite. Suddenly, Rin challenges Yugo to a Duel! Despite being childhood friends who grew up and Dueled together in New Domino City, Yugo senses that something is wrong with the monster that Rin Summoned.


Yugo apologizes to Rin for being late. He claims that he was planning on saving her earlier, but he figured that he should win the Friendship Cup first, as he promised Rin (In the dub, Yugo says it must have been terrible being locked up, but not as much as missing him). Rin continues to hug Yugo, and she says that doesn't matter to her and she demands that Yugo Duel her right now. (In the dub, she states that she's pleased that he's here; because she can do this.) Yugo reacts in surprise, and then he is suddenly thrown out of the Eastern Tower's window with a scream.

Screams echo over Duel Academy (in the dub, Kite does not scream) as Kite has also just been thrown from the Western Tower, and he sees "Raidraptor - Rise Falcon" flying towards him. Kite manages to right himself and he lands on the Winged Beast, and spots Shay and Aster running towards him. "Rise Falcon" brings Kite down to the ground safely and dissipates as Kite and Shay reach him. Kite asks why the pair are here, and Shay replies that he survived thanks to Aster and they both traveled to the Fusion Dimension together after he heard that Yuya and the others were on their way. Aster winks and he explains that Shay said that he wanted to rescue his little sister with his own hands. Shay explains that Aster said that Lulu was in this tower and he asks what happened up in the tower.

Kite replies that he was pushed - by Lulu. He remembers Lulu's smile after she pushed him from the tower, and he claims that Lulu has changed. Shay protests that it's impossible, and he yells his sister's name and runs up the stairs. Aster tries to explain to Shay that Lulu is most likely being controlled, but Shay doesn't listen. Kite asks Aster what he means, and Aster explains that he's heard that the Professor has a Duelist who can control people's minds (in the dub, he names him as the Doktor). Kite realizes in shock that if Lulu is being controlled, then the girl at the other tower may be as well. Kite explains to Aster that there is someone called Yugo at the Eastern tower. He tells Aster to go and meet him to warn him about this, while Kite will follow Shay, and he quickly pursues Shay.

Yugo remembers him and Rin working on their Duel Runner together.

Yugo has landed and he groans in pain, wondering what that was. Ho his utter horror he realizes that he's landed on his Duel Runner, and he panics and heaves it back to he checks to make sure that it's okay, lamenting that of all things he had to be shoved onto their important Duel Runner, begging it to be okay (to the point that in the dub, he claims that he'd prefer to have landed on the pavement). Rin walks up, telling Yugo to ignore that stupid thing and Duel her, activating a Duel Academy Duel Disk. Yugo asks if Rin has forgotten how they put their feelings into the Duel Runner. Since they couldn't buy one, they decided to build one from scratch (his first designs rather shocking Rin). They studied things together, and they used the money that they'd saved up to buy the parts one at a time. They built it piece by piece, planning to use it to win the Friendship Cup together and climb to the top through Dueling. He asks if Rin forgot, and Rin flippantly dismisses the statement and she repeats her challenge. Yugo angrily agrees, retrieving his helmet and donning it, admitting that they used to settle arguments back then through Dueling too. He states that if she wants to do this, then they will and he climbs onto his Duel Runner and he activates his Duel Disk, and both Duelists cry "Duel!"

Rin stands alongside her two "Windwitch - Ice Bell".

Rin warns Yugo that she's coming, activating the Spell Card "Chime of the Wind", which lets her Special Summon a "Windwitch" monster with the same name as a monster in her hand. She declares "Windwitch - Ice Bell" and Special Summons it, and then she Normal Summons another "Windwitch - Ice Bell". She activates its effect, allowing her to inflict 500 points of damage to Yugo on the turn it is Normal or Special Summoned, and since she controls two she uses the effect twice. The first "Ice Bell" materializes her wand and blasts Yugo with a gust of wind, reducing him to 3500 LP. Then the second one strikes, reducing Yugo to 3000 LP. Yugo gasps that it's cold, and notes that when they were kids she used the effect on him hundreds of times, but the effect feels colder then before. Rin then Special Summons the Tuner monster "Windwitch - Snow Bell" from her hand since she controls at least two face-up "Windwitch" monsters. She tunes the Level 1 "Snow Bell" with the two Level 3 "Ice Bells", and she chants "Midwinter wind. Make ice and snow my power and blow through! Synchro Summon! Appear! Level 7! Windwitch - Winter Bell!" Rin activates the effect of "Winter Bell", targeting a Level 4 or lower "Windwitch" monster in her Graveyard and activating its effect as that of "Winter Bell". She chooses "Ice Bell" and "Winter Bell" rings before blasting another gale at Yugo, inflicting another 500 points of damage and reducing him to 2500 LP. Rin Sets a card and she ends her turn, and she tells Yugo that it's his turn now and suggests that they fight on the stage that she is adept at. She leaps onto "Windwitch - Winter Bell" and tells Yugo to follow her, riding it down the stairs. Yugo tells her to wait and he asks where Rin is going as he gives chase on his Duel Runner. (In the dub, she challenges Yugo to catch her if he can, and Yugo retorts that of course she can.)

Yugo notes that it's strange that Rin isn't listening to him no matter what he says. He muses that it's like she's a completely different person, and he notes that she was using the Duel Academy Duel Disk and wonders if Duel Academy did something to her whilst she was kidnapped. He looks at his Runner's monitor and admits that Rin is as ruthless as before to have already dealt 1500 damage. He wonders if something has been done to Rin or whether she has really changed, and he decides that the only way to know is to win this Duel. Yugo declares his turn and he draws and Normal Summons "Speedroid Horse Stilts". He activates its effect, allowing him to Special Summon another "Speedroid" monster from his hand, and he Special Summons the Tuner monster Speedroid Tri-Eyed Dice. He tunes the Level 3 "Tri-Eyed Dice" with the Level 4 "Horse Stilts" and he chants, "Spread those wondrous and beautiful wings, and strike down your enemies at the speed of light! Synchro Summon! Appear now! Level 7! Clear Wing Synchro Dragon!" Yugo reminds Rin how much she loved the Dragon; how she loved to watch it fly more than anything and said that if Yugo had it, then he could win. He remembers Rin cheering him on in a Turbo Duel back in the Synchro Dimension and he calls Rin's name. Rin ignores him again and she activates her Trap Card, Lost Wind, negating the effect of "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" and halving its ATK. Black wind blasts "Clear Wing", reducing it to 1250 ATK and dulling its wing blades. Yugo asks in horror why Rin reduced "Clear Wing" to this state.

Watching on a screen beside Leo Akaba, the long-haired old man laughs and he replies that it's because it's ugly. He explains to Leo that the Parasite Monsters that he created reside inside the host's brain, allowing him to collect their memories and analyze them. It has a deep relationship with the host, so there's no effort involved. He asks Leo what he thinks; the Parasite Monsters are programmed to make them loyal to Leo alone. Leo address the man as "Doktor" and he admits that he recognizes the results, but warns the Doktor that the girls are essential to the Arc Project and they must not be harmed. The Doktor replies that the brainwashed bracelet girls need ways to defend themselves precisely because of this, and he reassures Leo that his Parasite Monsters are perfect. Leo turns to another screen, watching as Yusho and Alexis make their way to the castle.

Declan explains to the Lancers about the two people he found within his father's files.

Meanwhile, on the Lancers' speedboat, Yuya has explained to his fellow Lancers about Yusho and why he is going to Duel Academy, much to Declan's surprise. Crow asks why Yuya's father would go to Duel Academy anyway, and Declan explains that it's probably something to do with what Yusho said to him three years ago. Yuya and Gong ask what he means, and Declan explains that he secretly crossed dimensions three years ago and went to Duel Academy; where he learned that Leo Akaba intended to use the power of Dueling to control the Four Dimensions. He enlisted Yusho's help to stop Duel Academy, and Yusho agreed but went into Declan's teleporter without telling anyone and vanished. Yuya muses that his father is doing what he had attempted to do three years ago. Declan adds that three years ago, he met a girl named Celina and that three years later, after meeting Yuya and Zuzu Boyle, a memory resurfaced, something that he found in Leo Akaba's files - Revival Zero.

Yuya repeats the term and Gong mulls it over and he asks what it means. Declan admits that he has no idea either, and he explains he found two people in two files which belonged to Leo Akaba. Crow asks, "two people", and Declan explains that one was Celina and the other was... Riley realizes who Declan is talking about, and Declan confirms that he is indeed talking about Yuri, the boy from the Fusion Dimension that they met, and he explains that he is the one who shares Yuya's face. Declan agrees that Yuya's theory about the Four Dimensions and the four girls with the same face being connected to the Arc Project is probably correct. There's no mistaking that Revival Zero is another part of Leo Akaba's plan, and if Yuri is involved, then Yuya is as well. Yuya is shocked to learn that he is part of Duel Academy's plan, as is Yuto to realize that they both are. Declan notes that Yuri is the only one operating behind the scenes, and notes that it's good if they think that he's cautious. However, now that all the girls have been caught, Leo's plan is closer to completion. But no matter what happens, the Lancers have to believe in one another's strength and fight until the very end. Yuya stands up and he stares at Duel Academy as they approach the island.

Back at the Eastern Tower, Yugo tells Rin that he doesn't know whether Duel Academy have done anything to her while she was here, but she's not the Rin that he knows. If she's really forgotten, then he'll use his Dueling to make her remember, and he Sets a card to end his turn. The watching Doktor laughs and wishes Yugo good luck with that, laughing as Rin smirks. Rin draws "Fusion Parasite" and immediately declares her Battle Phase, attacking "Clear Wing" with "Winter Bell". "Winter Bell" fires several icicles at "Clear Wing" but Yugo negates the attack by banishing "Tri-Eyed Dice" from the Graveyard via its own effect, and "Tri-Eyed Dice" appears, its eyes glow red, and it expands into a triangular shield of energy that blocks the icicles. Rin replies that she expected that and she activates the Quick-Play Spell Card, "Call of the Windwitch", which lets her Special Summon a monster from her hand with a Level lower than a monster she controls, targeting "Winter Bell". She Special Summons the Level 1 "Fusion Parasite" from her hand. Yugo is disgusted by the nasty monster, and he asks how Rin obtained that monster. Rin replies that since "Fusion Parasite" was Special Summoned, she can Fusion Summon using monsters she controls without using a "Polymerization" card. Yugo is shocked that Rin is Fusion Summoning, and Rin jumps off "Winter Bell" as she fuses "Winter Bell" and "Fusion Parasite". She chants, "Sound of the wind running through a snowfield of midwinter. Become one with the inner voice, and give a more violent echo! Fusion Summon!" As she clasps her hands in Duel Academy's Fusion pose, dark energy surrounds her, and she chants, "Appear, bell of crystal echoing solemnly! Windwitch - Crystal Bell!" Yugo is shocked to see that Rin has a Fusion Monster, and Rin lands on "Crystal Bell" as she explains that since "Fusion Parasite" was used for a Fusion Summon, it equips itself to "Crystal Bell". The Parasite Monster clasps over "Crystal Bell's" heart, and "Crystal Bell's" eyes glow pink. (The scene of "Fusion Parasite" clamping onto "Crystal Bell" is omitted in the dub.)

Yugo asks in horror if Rin is actually working for Duel Academy. The watching Doktor smiles and says she is, of her own accord even. The Rin he knows is gone. Rin attacks "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" with her "Crystal Bell", and "Crystal Bell" blasts three dark twisters at "Clear Wing", destroying it and reducing Yugo to 950 LP. The attack blasts him and his Duel Runner off the stairs, the Runner landing on its front wheel and throwing Yugo off (the moment that Yugo's body bounces from the ground due to impact is cut from the dub), before slamming into the ground and sliding across it with a harsh screech.

Yugo's Duel Runner is destroyed.

Yugo struggles up as a washer bounces in front of him. He runs to the destroyed wreck of his Duel Runner, the Duel Disk jarred loose and on the ground and he falls to his knees in horror (in the dub, he also adds that it's not under warranty). He slams the ground and he sobs as Rin floats down with "Crystal Bell", telling Yugo to stand up and reminding Yugo that the Duel isn't over. With tears in his eyes, Yugo screams, "YOU! You've forgotten about them?! The dreams that we put into this Duel Runner?! Our hope! Our future! Remember?!". (In the dub, Yugo is less emotional, and more incensed that Rin is dismissing the Duel Runner that they built as a hunk of junk.) He remembers riding the Duel Runner with Rin in the Synchro Dimension and he begs her to remember those feelings, those days where they were chasing their dream. Rin ignores him, and she coldly activates the effect of "Crystal Bell", much to Yugo's shock, targeting a monster in her Graveyard and activating its effect. She chooses "Ice Bell" again, dealing 500 points of damage to Yugo. "Crystal Bell" rings and she generates a twister, blasting Yugo backwards and reducing him to 450 LP

Yugo engages his Duel Disk, vowing to return Rin to normal.

Rin jumps off her monster and she notes that Yugo now only has 450 LP; Rin is still at full and his Duel Runner is destroyed, so it's obvious that he has no chance of winning, right? Yugo lifts his head, revealing that his visor has cracked over his left eye. Rin smiles and she tells him to hurry up and surrender. Yugo struggles to his knees and he replies that he doesn't know how to surrender, apologizing for his stubborn nature. Rising to his feet, Yugo explains that it's why he's been travelling dimensions for her. He walks forward to pick up his Duel Disk, declaring that he's finally found her - there's no way that he'll ever give up when he's come so far. He slams his Duel Disk onto his arm and vows to bring Rin back to normal no matter what. He tosses his helmet aside and he tells Rin to end her turn, as it's his turn now, and Rin does. (In the dub, Yugo states that the real Rin would call him a loser for giving up, and he isn't a loser; Rin replies that Yugo soon will be.)

The Doktor agrees that Yugo is a stubborn boy and he wonders what he can do in this situation. Yugo declares his turn and he draws "Speedroid Red-Eyed Dice", and he cries that it's here. He Normal Summons the Tuner monster, and then he activates the Spell Card "Shadow Stepper", targeting the Level 8 "Crystal Bell" and Special Summoning an Extra Deck monster from his Graveyard that has a Level equal or less than that of the targeted monster with its effects negated. He resurrects "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon", and tunes the Level 1 "Red-Eyed Dice" with the Level 7 "Clear Wing". He chants, "Shine the wings that store the holy light, and strike down your enemies with its radiance! Synchro Summon! Come forth! Level 8! Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon!" Yugo attacks "Crystal Bell" with "Crystal Wing". "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon" spears through the sky and Yugo activates the effect of "Crystal Wing" as it is battling a Level 5 or higher monster, increasing its ATK by that of the opposing monster. "Crystal Wing's" wing blades glow as its ATK increases to 5800. Yugo comments that a Fusion Monster doesn't suit Rin, and he declares that he'll crush that fake crystal bell with his real crystal wings (in the dub, he states that he'll 86 the monster).

Rin activates the effect of "Crystal Bell", allowing her to choose a monster in either player's Graveyard and use its effect until the End Phase. She chooses "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon", much to Yugo's shock; when a Level 5 or higher monster activates its effect, she can negate that activation and destroy that monster. "Crystal Bell" blasts a tornado at "Crystal Wing", but Yugo snaps that it's not happening; the effect of "Crystal Wing" negates the effect of "Crystal Bell" and destroys it. Blades sprout from "Crystal Wing's" shoulders and surround "Crystal Wing" in light, dissipating the tornado. Rin flinches in shock, and then she responds by sending "Fusion Parasite" to the Graveyard to negate the destruction of "Crystal Bell". "Fusion Parasite" dissolves into black smoke (the close up shot of "Crystal Bell's" chest is omitted from the dub), and "Crystal Bell" generates a blue spherical shield to protect itself. Yugo continues his attack, and "Crystal Wing" punctures the shield and destroys "Crystal Bell", destroying it and blasting Rin backwards. Rin screams as she bounces across the ground and her LP falls to 1000.

Yugo runs over to Rin and he asks if she's okay. He holds her in his arms, begging her to pull herself together and open her eyes. Rin whispers Yugo's name as she opens her eyes, and Yugo begins rejoicing that Rin is back. Rin smiles, and Yugo hugs her tightly as tears pour down his face (in the dub, he expresses his relief that they don't have to fight anymore.)

Rin slowly declares that when "Crystal Bell" is destroyed, she can Special Summon "Winter Bell" and "Fusion Parasite" from her Graveyard. (In the dub, she asks why they don't have to fight; they're still in the middle of a Duel.) Yugo looks at Rin in horror and whispers her name. Rin shoves Yugo away and she sways on her feet as she declares that she will fuses them together to Fusion Summon a second "Crystal Bell" via the effect of "Fusion Parasite". "Winter Bell" and "Fusion Parasite" are Special Summoned from her Graveyard and then fuse into "Crystal Bell", and "Fusion Parasite" equips itself to "Crystal Bell" once more as Yugo watches in disbelief (once again, the close up shot of "Crystal Bell's" chest is omitted from the dub).

Rin smiles as she prepares to win.

The Doktor comments that unfortunately, his Parasite Monsters are just as stubborn as Yugo; no, even more so. Yugo looks at Rin as she smiles while surrounded by a dark aura (the panning shot of" Crystal Bell's" upper body is cut from the dub), and he wonders if the Parasite Monster that she Summoned is controlling Rin (In the dub, Yugo also remarks that Rin would never use "Fusion Parasite" in her Deck as she hates bugs). Rin totters again and her eyes widen as she activates the effect of "Crystal Bell" once more to activate the effect of "Ice Bell" from her Graveyard, inflicting 500 points of damage to Yugo, and she smiles madly. Yugo steps forward and he calls Rin's name, but another tornado blasts him backwards, reducing his LP to zero. "Crystal Wing" and "Crystal Bell" both dissolve, and the voice of the Doktor orders Rin to return to Duel Academy; the Professor is waiting for her. Rin obeys and walks away, leaving the unconscious and injured Yugo on the ground.

Something inside Celina's ear...

Zuzu is thrown into a cell and the door is slammed shut, and she runs to the door and she calls Celina's name. She asks Celina why she is doing this when she had been fighting alongside the Lancers in New Domino City. Celina, her eyes widened, replies that the Lancers will lose and all is for the Professor's sake. She walks away, and as Zuzu gasps Celina's name, a small tail flickers in Celina's ear...

Outside Duel Academy, the Lancers have landed and made their way to a mountain. Sylvio asks if they are supposed to climb it, and Sora replies that they are; the Professor's lab is closer to here than the harbor. Crow grins and he comments that it's interesting that they're charging straight in. Yuya whispers, "Zuzu...Dad...", and Declan declares, "Let's go!" The Lancers all agree, and they charge towards the cliff.

Featured Duel: Yugo vs. Rin[edit]

Rin vs. Yugo.

Turn 1: Rin
Rin activates "Chime of the Wind", which lets her reveal a Level 4 or lower "Windwitch" monster in her hand to Special Summon another copy of that monster from her Deck. She reveals "Windwitch - Ice Bell" and Special Summons another copy of it (1000/1000) in Attack Position. She Normal Summons the revealed "Ice Bell" (1000/1000). Rin activates the effect of each "Ice Bell", as they were Normal or Special Summoned this turn, inflicting 500 damage to Yugo for each (Yugo: 4000 → 3500 → 3000). As Rin controls two or more "Windwitch" monsters, she Special Summons "Windwitch - Snow Bell" (100/100) from her hand via its own effect, since she controls 2 or more "Windwitch" monsters. She tunes her two Level 3 "Ice Bells" with her Level 1 Tuner monster "Snow Bell" to Synchro Summon "Windwitch - Winter Bell" (2400/2000) in Attack Position. Rin activates the effect of "Winter Bell", which allows it to copy the effect of a "Windwitch" monster in the Graveyard until the End Phase. She targets "Ice Bell", and activates its effect. (Yugo: 3000 → 2500). Rin Sets a card.

Turn 2: Yugo
Yugo draws and subsequently Normal Summons "Speedroid Horse Stilts" (1100/1100). As it was Normal Summoned, he activates its effect, which lets him Special Summon a Level 4 or lower "Speedroid" monster from his hand, but only "Speedroid" monsters can attack this turn. He Special Summons "Speedroid Tri-Eyed Dice" (300/1500). He tunes his Level 4 "Horse Stilts" with the Level 3 Tuner monster "Tri-Eyed Dice" to Synchro Summon "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" (2500/2000). As Yugo Special Summoned a monster, Rin activates her face-down "Lost Wind", negating that monster's effects and halving its ATK ("Clear Wing": 2500 → 1250). Yugo Sets a card.

Turn 3: Rin
Rin draws "Fusion Parasite". "Winter Bell" attacks "Clear Wing", but Yugo activates the effect of the "Tri-Eyed Dice" in his Graveyard, banishing it to negate the attack. Rin activates the Quick-Play Spell Card "Call of the Windwitch", which lets her Special Summon a monster from her hand with a lower Level than a "Windwitch" she controls. She targets "Winter Bell" and Special Summons "Fusion Parasite" (0/0). As it was Special Summoned, Rin activates its effect, which lets her Fusion Summon using it and a monster she controls or in her hand as Fusion Materials, and it can be substituted for any Fusion Material. After the Fusion Summon, "Fusion Parasite" will be equipped to the Summoned monster; if that monster would be destroyed by battle or card effect, "Fusion Parasite" can be destroyed instead. She fuses "Winter Bell" and "Fusion Parasite", treated as "Winter Bell" (with the former counts as a "Windwitch" monster) to Fusion Summon "Windwitch - Crystal Bell" (2800/2400) in Attack Position. "Crystal Bell" attacks and destroys "Clear Wing" (Yugo: 2500 → 950). Rin activates the effect of "Crystal Bell" to let it copy the effect of a monster in either player's Graveyard until the End Phase. Rin copies the effect of "Ice Bell" to inflict 500 damage to Yugo (Yugo: 950 → 450).

Turn 4: Yugo
Yugo draws and subsequently Normal Summons "Speedroid Red-Eyed Dice" (100/100). He activates "Shadow Stepper", which lets him Special Summon a monster from his Graveyard that was originally Special Summoned from the Extra Deck with a lower Level than the Level of an opponent's monster. He targets "Crystal Bell" and Special Summons "Clear Wing" (2500/2000). Yugo tunes the Level 7 "Clear Wing" with the Level 1 Tuner monster "Red-Eyed Dice" to Synchro Summon "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon" in Attack Position (3000/2500). "Crystal Wing" attacks "Crystal Bell" and as "Crystal Wing" is battling an opponent's Level 5 or higher monster, Yugo activates the effect of "Crystal Wing", increasing its ATK by the ATK of the attack target during damage calculation ("Crystal Wing" 3000 → 5800). At this moment, Rin activates the first effect of "Crystal Bell" to let it copy the effect of a monster in either player's Graveyard. Rin chooses "Clear Wing" and activates the effect: as the effect of a Level 5 or higher monster on the field was activated, the effect is negated, the monster destroyed and "Crystal Bell" will gain ATK equal to that monster's ATK. As a monster activated its effect, Yugo activates the effect of "Crystal Wing" to negate that monster's effect and destroy it. As "Crystal Bell" would be destroyed, Rin destroys "Fusion Parasite" instead. The effect and attack continue and "Crystal Bell" is destroyed. (Rin: 4000 → 1000).

As "Crystal Bell" was destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, Rin activates its effect, letting her Special Summon a "Winter Bell" in her Graveyard and a Level 4 or lower monster from her Graveyard. She Special Summons "Winter Bell" (2400/2000) and "Fusion Parasite" (0/0). As "Fusion Parasite" was Special Summoned, Rin activates its effect, letting her Fusion Summon using it and monsters she controls or in her hand as Fusion Material, then equip itself to the Summoned monster. She fuses "Winter Bell" with "Fusion Parasite", treated as a "Windwitch" monster by its own effect, to Fusion Summon a second copy of "Crystal Bell" (2800/2400) in Attack Position. She activates the effect of "Crystal Bell" to copy the effect of the "Ice Bell" in her Graveyard, inflicting 500 damage to Yugo (Yugo: 450 → 0).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  1. a b This card can be seen in his hand when is thrown backwards by the effect of "Windwitch - Ice Bell" when it used via the effect of "Windwitch - Crystal Bell" for the first time.