Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 114

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 114
"Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" activates its effect.



Yami ni Kagayaku Chōginga

Japanese translation

The Supergalaxy Shining in the Darkness


All Duel Hands on Deck

Episode number


Japanese air date

July 17, 2016

English air date

October 27, 2017

Gallery Japanese
Japanese opening


English opening

Can you Feel the Power

Japanese ending


English ending

Can you Feel the Power


Tsutomu Kamishiro


Kang-min Lee


Tsukasa Sunaga

Animation director

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"All Duel Hands on Deck", known as "The Supergalaxy Shining in the Darkness" in the Japanese version, is the one-hundredth and fourteenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. It first aired in Japan on July 17, 2016 and in Canada on October 27, 2017. It became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on June 13, 2017.

Yusho Sakaki and the others board the ship heading towards Duel Academy. On the ship, a match between Kite Tenjo and Dennis McField begins. The two Duelists, who were both Yusho's students, fight fiercely for what they believe in and the people they want to protect.


Zuzu calls Yuya's name as she runs up to him with Gong and Sylvio. Yuya responds, but Zuzu immediately grabs him by the wrist and she tells him to follow her. She explains that Yuya's father is heading to the harbor, much to Yuya's surprise.

On the boat to Duel Academy, Yusho tells Alexis that this is fine and he suggests that she disembark. Alexis refuses, wishing to stay with her instructor. Yusho reassures her that he'll be fine; once he reaches Duel Academy he can talk some sense into Leo Akaba. Dennis reminds them that he told them that wouldn't happen; Yusho will never make it to Duel Academy. Yusho and Alexis look to the side in shock, and Dennis comments that Yusho pulled a dirty trick, but he's got nowhere left to run now.

Yuya, Zuzu, Gong and Sylvio all reach the pier just in time to see the boat halfway to the horizon. Sylvio curses that they were too late, and Yuya asks Zuzu if she's sure that Yusho was on it. Zuzu replies that he should be. Yuya turns and he runs, stating that they can still catch the ship. Sylvio asks how, and Yuya points out that they can use a boat. Gong agrees that even a fishing boat would be good enough, and there should be one around that they can board. Gong runs off as well, while Zuzu looks after the ship.

Seagulls fly past as Alexis states that she'll take Dennis on if he wants a Duel. Dennis replies that a traitor like Alexis should back off; he'll seal her into a card later. He has to settle things with his teacher first, and even though Yusho successfully escaped him before, this time he's surrounded by an ocean so he can't run away. He tells Yusho to face him, and Yusho narrows his eyes. Kite declares that he'll take this Duel, and Yusho is surprised to see his student. Dennis asks who Kite is and he tells him not to butt in. Kite declares that he's come to rescue Lulu in Shay's place. Dennis muses that Kite is another one of Yusho's students and a friend of Shay. Kite warns Dennis that if Kite beats him, he'll force him to show Kite where Lulu is. Dennis is incredulous at the idea of losing, pointing out that Kite is part of the group who were destroyed by Duel Academy.

Kite replies that they were not destroyed; the army of Duel Academy have stood down and are rebuilding in the Xyz Dimension as per the orders of Commander-in-Chief Aster Phoenix. Yusho is surprised that Aster has stood down, and Kite explains that Aster opened his heart after his Duel with Yusho's son Yuya. Yuya reminded Kite, who had been fighting Duel Academy alone, how important comrades are, which is why Kite will fight; so he can rescue Shay's sister. Dennis replies that he gets it, lamenting that Aster's heart softened in front of Yuya's temptation and he turned traitor, and he agrees to Duel Kite, commenting angrily that beating up one of Yusho's students in front of him should be fun. He suggests that they let these spectators watch a fantastic Entertainment Duel by Yusho Sakaki's students. Alexis asks if this is okay as Dennis backs away, and Yusho replies that it is and it's his duty as a teacher to watch this. Dennis tells everyone to enjoy this, a Super Gorgeous Stage Show that is rarely seen on top-class passenger lines; the Dueltainment Show. The passengers are confused by the concept as Dennis declares that it's a grand duel between the students of Yusho Sakaki; himself, Dennis, and the day's heel, Kite. Kite is annoyed at being declared the heel and he warns Dennis not to mess around, activating his Duel Disk. Dennis complains that Kite is boring and he asks if Kite is really Yusho's student; he can't make smiles with that scary face. Kite tells him to come at him, and Dennis agrees, snapping his fingers and crying "Duel!" along with Kite.

Dennis declares that he'll start with a magnificent opening, and he uses the Scale 2 "Performage Bubble Gardna" and the Scale 5 "Performage Candy Crafter" to Set the Pendulum Scale, allowing him to simultaneously Summon monsters from Levels 3 to 4. He Pendulum Summons "Performage Hat Tricker" and "Performage Flame Eater", and Alexis recognizes the two Level 4 monsters and she observes that this is just like before. Dennis agrees that Alexis and Yusho in the front row already know that he can't Duel without this guy, and he overlays the Level 4 "Hat Tricker" and "Flame Eater" and he chants, "Show must go on! Artisan of the air, swing across the stage with grace! Xyz Summon! Appear now! Rank 4! Performage Trapeze Magician!" The Pendulum-Xyz Summon attracts the attention of the passengers, and Dennis ends his turn, passing play to Kite and asking him to try and make it interesting.

Kite declares his turn and draws, then since his opponent controls a monster that was Special Summoned from the Extra Deck and Kite controls no monsters, he Special Summons "Cipher Twin Raptor" from his hand. Then he Normal Summons "Cipher Wing" and activates its effect, Tributing it to increase the Levels of all "Cipher" monsters he controls by 4, increasing the Level of "Cipher Twin Raptor" to 8. Kite explains that "Cipher Twin Raptor" can be treated as two materials for an Xyz Summon, so he overlays his Level 8 "Cipher Twin Raptor", chanting, "Galaxy shining in the darkness! Embody the demon god of revenge and become my very servant! Xyz Summon! Descend! Rank 8! Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon!" The crowd are quite impressed and Dennis agrees; commenting that Kite's chant of "demon god of revenge" was nice and praising his role as the heel. If Kite attacks "Trapeze Magician" with "Galaxy-Eyes" he'll destroy Dennis's monster, but that would be a boring Entertainment Duel. Kite has to use more of that wow factor to surprise the people.

Kite warns Dennis that since they took Lulu away, Kite will do the same to Dennis's monster. He activates the "Cipher Subjection" effect of "Cipher Dragon", detaching an Overlay Unit to negate the effects of "Trapeze Magician" and gain control of it, treating it as "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon". "Trapeze Magician" moves to Kite's side of the field, and light surrounds it, taking the form of "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" as it increases to 3000 ATK. Dennis is impressed that even the appearance of his monster changed, but then he realizes that Kite doesn't have a monster to attack and is going to attack him. Kite declares his Battle Phase and he attacks Dennis directly with the first "Cipher Dragon's" "Cipher Stream of Destruction". Dennis responds with the effect of the "Performage String Figure" in his hand, Special Summoning it to take the attack. Instead of being destroyed, it redirects the light stream to explode as fireworks in the sky, wowing the crowd. Dennis tells the crowd to behold; "String Figure" can't be destroyed by the battle and negated all of the battle damage. The crowd cheer, and then Dennis activates the Pendulum Effect of "Candy Crafter", which showers him with candy that transforms into energy and increases Dennis's LP by 1000; an effect that can be activated at the end of the Battle Phase if the ATK of Dennis's "Performages" is lower than the ATK of Kite's monsters. He admits that Kite saved him; had Kite just attacked "Trapeze Magician" then Dennis would have been in trouble. Kite simply Sets a card and ends his turn, explaining that the effect of "Cipher Dragon" ends and control of "Trapeze Magician" returns to Dennis. As the ATK of "Trapeze Magician" returns to normal, Dennis welcomes his monster home and he states that the real show is beginning. He asks the crowd if he should show off his full power and put on a great show for his teacher and the spectators and he smiles nastily.

He declares his turn and draws, then he Summons "Performage Damage Juggler". Then Dennis activates the effect of "String Figure", which allows him to perform a Fusion Summon without a Fusion Spell, and he fuses "Damage Juggler" with "String Figure" and he chants, "Acrobat that freely manipulates even the pain! Merge with the infinitely form-changing strings that connect people, and become a new witch that spurs the sky! Fusion Summon! Appear, Level 7! Performage Trapeze Witch!" He comments that "Trapeze Magician's" partner has finally appeared, allowing it to show off its true abilities, and he detaches an Overlay Unit from "Trapeze Magician" to activate its effect, allowing it to attack twice this turn. Kite notes that he sees; Dennis is going to use the effect of "Trapeze Witch" to lower the ATK of "Cipher Dragon" and then finish him off with repeated attacks. Dennis agrees, and he notes that it's to be expected of Yusho Sakai's student. Dennis whispers that if Kite could figure that out, he must have a counter plan, and Kite immediately activates his Set Trap Card, "Cipher Deterrent", targeting "Cipher Dragon". It will prevent "Cipher Dragon" from being destroyed for the rest of the turn and if Dennis attacks it, the ATK of "Cipher Dragon" will double during the End Phase.

Dennis gasps that it's an amazing Trap...or at least, that's what he would say if he was surprised; he expected something like this. Kite asks what he means, and Dennis points out that Kite is a wanted man, and thus there's loads of data on him in the Duel Academy database. He comments that he's seen data on Kite's Duels, and everything that he's done so far has been predictable. Kite is furious at being called predictable and Dennis claims that Kite has been dancing in his palm since they started. He detaches the other Overlay Unit from "Trapeze Magician" to allow "Trapeze Witch" to attack twice as well and he tells his audience to watch this magnificent trapeze show. Both "Trapeze" monsters leap into the sky and swing from their staffs as Dennis asks his audience to enjoy these two well-coordinated monsters dashing across the sky.

First, "Trapeze Magician" attacks "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon", and the effect of "Trapeze Witch" reduces the ATK of the monster that it's battling by 600 since a "Performage" monster is attacking, and "Trapeze Witch" releases a burst of stars that reduce the ATK of "Galaxy-Eyes" to 2400. Then the attack of "Trapeze Magician" connects with a square kick in the chin to "Cipher Dragon". Kite reminds Dennis that the effect of "Cipher Deterrent" will prevent the destruction of "Cipher Dragon", and Dennis counters that Kite will still take the damage, reducing him to 3900 LP. Dennis notes that Kite would barely have felt 100 damage, but he sinisterly wonders how it will go from the second attack onwards. He attacks with "Trapeze Magician" again, and "Trapeze Magician" lets go of its staff to lock wrists with "Trapeze Witch", launching another kick and reducing the ATK of "Galaxy-Eyes" to 1800. Alexis gasps that "Galaxy-Eyes" lost another 600 ATK because of the effect of "Trapeze Witch", and Dennis tells Kite that even though "Cipher Dragon" can't be destroyed, he'll still take damage; 700 this time. Kite falls to 3200 LP. Dennis states that it isn't over yet, and this time he attacks with "Trapeze Witch". The crowd gasp in wonder as the ATK of "Cipher Dragon" falls another 600 to 1200, and Dennis states that "Trapeze Witch" has 2400 ATK, so the math is simple; Kite will take 1200 damage. "Trapeze Witch" kicks off "Galaxy-Eyes" and releases a burst of hearts that blast both it and Kite backwards screaming, reducing Kite to 2000 LP. Alexis and Yusho both gasp in horror as Kite struggles to his feet and glares at Dennis in rage. Dennis praises his rage-filled eyes and he claims that he's trembling. Up above, "Trapeze Witch" backflips from grasping the wrists of "Trapeze Magician" and grabs her own staff. Dennis wonders how long Kite can stare at him with those eyes, and Kite tells him to shut up since he hasn't finished attacking yet, and he tells Dennis to come at him. Dennis takes him up on that, launching his final repeated attack with "Trapeze Witch". "Trapeze Witch" somersaults from her staff, and Dennis explains that the ATK of "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" will be lowered by 600, so Kite will take 1800 damage. The ATK of "Galaxy-Eyes" falls to 600 and "Trapeze Witch" kicks off it, causing an explosion of light to fling Kite to the edge of the ship and reduce him to 200 LP. Dennis ends his turn, and he and his monsters take a bow. Kite struggles up and he reminds Dennis that the effect of "Cipher Deterrent" will double the ATK of "Cipher Dragon" during the End Phase, to 1200.

Kite weakly declares his turn and he draws Saya's "Little Fairy". He wonders if his comrades' wills are telling him to aim higher, and he remembers Shay, Saya, and Allen. Kite declares that he's fighting with his comrades' wills behind him, and Dennis whispers "Comrades..." and he smiles in regret. Kite Summons "Little Fairy", and Yusho recognizes it as Saya's card. Dennis is also shocked, given that Kite has not been recorded as using the card before. Kite tells Dennis that a predictable Duel based on data would be boring, wouldn't it? In Dennis's own words, entertainment has to surprise people, so an unpredictable Duel would be far more enjoyable. He activates the effect of "Little Fairy", discarding a card to increase its Level by one, to 4. Then he activates the effect of the "Cipher Etranger" that he sent to his Graveyard, which allows him to add a "Rank-Up-Magic" Spell Card from his Deck to his hand. Kite adds "Rank-Up-Magic Cipher Ascension" and he immediately activates it, using a "Cipher" Xyz Monster he controls as Xyz Material to Xyz Summon a monster one Rank higher. He overlays the Rank 8 "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon", which disappears into an Overlay Network of pure light, and he chants, "Rank-Up Xyz Evolution! Galaxy shining in the darkness! Release the eternal unchanging light, and become a beacon that illuminates the future! Descend! Rank 9! Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon!" ("Say farewell to Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon, and hello to a monster of even greater galactic power! Go! Rank-Up Xyz Evolution! Now bear witness as the same fantastic powers that forged the universe forge this most mighty creature! Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon!" in the dub.) The three-headed "Galaxy-Eyes" appears with 4500 ATK, and Yusho is shocked at the Rank 9, while Alexis calls it amazing, and Dennis gasps in shock.

Kite explains that a monster Xyz Summoned using "Cipher Ascension" gains 500 ATK (for each Level 4 monster he controls), increasing the ATK of "Neo Galaxy-Eyes" to 5000, much to the shock of the crowd, who call it a divine monster. Kite proceeds to activate the "Cipher Super Subjection" effect of "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" by detaching all of its Overlay Units; negating the effects of all monsters that Dennis controls and allowing Kite to control them while treating them as "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon". Both "Trapeze Magician" and "Trapeze Witch" transfer to Kite's field, becoming cloaked in light that takes the form of "Neo Cipher Dragon" and rising to 5000 ATK, thoroughly impressing the crowd. Dennis replies that Kite is bluffing; the monsters that he takes control of cannot attack directly, leaving only two of Kite's monsters to attack. Even if he attacks with the 5000 ATK "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" and the 800 ATK "Little Fairy" Dennis can halve the damage with the Pendulum Effect of "Bubble Gardna". Kite realizes that even if he attacks, Dennis will still have LP left, and Dennis confirms it.

Kite smiles and he asks if Dennis really thinks so, much to Dennis's shock. He activates the Continuous Spell Card "Cipher Interference" and then attacks directly with "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon". He explains that the effect of "Cipher Interference" will double the ATK of a "Cipher" monster he controls when it attacks since he controls another monster with the same name, and the ATK of "Neo Galaxy-Eyes" doubles to 10000. He orders the "Cipher Stream of Devestation" attack of "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon", and "Neo Galaxy-Eyes" blasts a massive light stream at Dennis, who can only gasp in shock as he is blasted off his feet and his LP is reduced to zero. "Neo Galaxy-Eyes" fades, as does Kite's Duel Disk blade.

The crowd watch in a shocked silence, and Dennis can't even bring himself to say anything until Yusho begins clapping and the crowd join in. Dennis sits up and he curses that he's lost to an Xyz user twice now, and Yusho walks over to him and he asks him what he's doing; it's rude if Dennis doesn't respond to all this applause from his spectators. Dennis closes his eyes with a smile and he replies that applause is only for those who win; a loser like Dennis doesn't deserve it. Yusho mutters that Dennis doesn't get it, he didn't lose. These cheers are for Kite and Dennis, the two of them made so many people smile. He offers his hand to Dennis, telling him that he can come with him, and he can make so many more people smile; Duel Academy can change. Dennis's shoulders shake and he replies that he can't do that. He leaps to his feet and wards Yusho off, lamenting that he's betrayed Yuya and Shay and can't be their comrade anymore. Kite advances on him, and Dennis reassures him that he'll tell him where Lulu is and that Rin girl too as he backs to the prow of the ship. Alexis remembers that Rin is who Yugo was looking for, and Dennis reveals that they are in the towers; Rin is in Duel Academy's eastern tower, and Lulu at the top of the western tower. As he backs away and Yusho pursues him, Kite gasps, and Dennis laments that he can never go back to Duel Academy; he's spoiled the Professor's greatest secret after all. He reassures them that he'll pray for their success, and asks Yusho to tell Yuya that his time with the Lancers was truly fun.

With that, Dennis turns his Duel Disk on his wrist so that it points at himself, and Kite asks what he's doing in horror as Yusho and Alexis gasp in shock. Dennis declares an illusion; for his last act of entertainment, give him a round of applause – as he turns himself into a card. He backflips off the ship's prow and Kite screams, "STOP IT!" "DENNIS!" Yusho cries. But it's too late; Dennis has activated the function of his Duel Disk, and he vanishes in a flash of purple light. A glowing card flutters through the air and Yusho catches it and closes his eyes sadly.

Back at the pier, Yuya meets up with Sylvio and Gong, asking if they've had any luck. Gong replies that he hasn't, and Sylvio mutters that they're not going anywhere. Zuzu joins them and laments that it's no use; there's nothing down here either. Sylvio asks if there isn't anyone who will help them and a shadow falls over him. Celina stands above them, and Yuya happily says her name. Celina tells them to follow her if they need a boat.

Featured Duel: Kite Tenjo vs. Dennis McField[edit]

Turn 1: Dennis
Dennis activates "Performage Bubble Gardna" (Right Pendulum Scale.png 2) and "Performage Candy Crafter" (Left Pendulum Scale.png 5) in his Pendulum Zones. Dennis Pendulum Summons "Performage Hat Tricker" (1100/1100) and "Performage Flame Eater" (1200/1600) in Attack Position. He then overlays his two Level 4 monsters to Xyz Summon "Performage Trapeze Magician" (2500/2000) in Attack Position.

Turn 2: Kite
As his opponent controls a monster that was Special Summoned from the Extra Deck and he controls no monsters, Kite Special Summons "Cipher Twin Raptor" (1600/800) from his hand in Attack Position via its own effect. Kite Normal Summons "Cipher Wing" (1400/1200). He activates its effect, Tributing it to increase the Levels of all "Cipher" monsters he controls by 4 ("Twin Raptor" 4 → 8). "Twin Raptor" can be treated as two Overlay Units for an Xyz Summon, so Kite overlays his 1 Level 8 monster treated as 2 to Xyz Summon "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" (3000/2500) in Attack Position. He activates the effect of "Cipher Dragon", detaching an Overlay Unit to take control of an opponent's monster until the End Phase. That monster's name will be treated as "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon", but it cannot attack directly. Kite takes control of "Trapeze Magician". "Cipher Dragon" attacks directly, but Dennis activates the effect of the "Performage String Figure" in his hand, Special Summoning it (0/0) in Attack Position, with it becoming the new attack target. "String Figure" cannot be destroyed by battle and Dennis takes no battle damage. As a monster that Kite controls have higher ATK than the total ATK of all "Performage" monsters Dennis controls, Dennis activates the Pendulum Effect of "Candy Crafter", gaining 1000 LP (Dennis: 4000 → 5000). Kite Sets a card.

Turn 3: Dennis
Dennis Normal Summons "Performage Damage Juggler" (1500/1500). He then activates the effect of "String Figure" to Fusion Summon a Fusion Monster using monsters he controls. Dennis fuses "Damage Juggler" and "String Figure" on his field to Fusion Summon "Performage Trapeze Witch" (2400/1800). Dennis activates the effect of "Trapeze Magician", detaching an Overlay Unit to let a monster he controls attack twice during the same Battle Phase this turn. Dennis targets "Trapeze Magician". Kite activates his face-down "Cipher Deterrent", which prevents a "Cipher" monster he controls from being destroyed by battle this turn, and if it battles this turn, its ATK will be doubled during the End Phase. Dennis activates the effect of "Trapeze Magician" again, detaching an Overlay Unit and targeting "Trapeze Witch". "Trapeze Magician" attacks "Cipher Dragon" twice. Dennis activates the effect of "Trapeze Witch", as a "Performage" monster attacked an opponent's monster. Dennis can decrease the attacked monster's ATK by 600 ("Cipher Dragon": 3000 → 2400 → 1800, Kite 4000 → 3900 → 3200). "Trapeze Witch" attacks "Cipher Dragon" twice ("Cipher Dragon": 1800 → 1200 → 600, Kite 3200 → 2000 → 200). At the End Phase, "Cipher Deterrent" doubles the ATK of "Cipher Dragon" ("Cipher Dragon" 600 → 1200).

Turn 4: Kite
Kite draws and subsequently Normal Summons "Little Fairy" (800/800). He activates the effect of "Little Fairy", sending a card from his hand to the Graveyard to increase its Level by 1. He sends "Cipher Etranger" (3 → 4). As "Cipher Etranger" was sent to the Graveyard, its effect activates, letting Kite add a "Rank-Up-Magic" card from his Main Deck to his hand. Kite adds "Rank-Up-Magic Cipher Ascension". He activates "Cipher Ascension", allowing him to Rank-Up a "Cipher" Xyz Monster he controls by using it as the Overlay Unit for a "Cipher" Xyz Monster 1 Rank higher than it. Kite overlays "Cipher Dragon", performing an Rank-Up Xyz Evolution to Xyz Summon "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" (4500/3000) in Attack Position. The other effect of "Cipher Ascension" increase the ATK of the Summoned monster by 500 for each Level 4 or higher monster Kite controls ("Neo Cipher Dragon" 4500 → 5000). Kite activates the effect of "Neo Cipher Dragon", detaching an Overlay Unit to gain control of all monsters his opponent controls and treat them as "Neo Cipher", but their effects will be negated and they cannot attack this turn. Kite takes control of "Trapeze Magician" and "Trapeze Witch". Kite activates "Cipher Interference". "Neo Cipher Dragon" attacks directly, with "Cipher Interference" doubling its ATK, as he controls another "Cipher" monster with the same name. ("Neo Cipher Dragon": 5000 → 10000, Dennis: 5000 → 0).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.